Mother Teresa.

The Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center, established by the Missionaries of Charity, aims to promote and support authentic knowledge of, and devotion to, Mother Teresa by the study, development and dissemination of her work, spirituality and message.
Mother Teresa assisting a sick man in Washington, DC, in 1995

The whole of Mother Teresa’s life and labor bore witness to the joy of loving, the greatness and dignity of every human person, the value of little things done faithfully and with love, and the surpassing worth of friendship with God.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta (Gonxha Agnes Bojaxhiu) was born of Albanian parents in Skopje in 1910. Journeying as a missionary to India, she labored many years as a teacher before hearing the “call within the call,” “to give up all and follow Him into the slums—to serve Him in the poorest of the poor,” and so satiate the thirst of Jesus for love and the salvation of souls by founding the Missionaries of Charity. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 19 October 2003, and was canonized by Pope Francis on 4 September 2016.

Her legacy lives on today, across the globe, through the tireless work of the .

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March 5, 2022

Missionaries of Charity Choose to Stay in Ukraine

Staying true to the mission of Mother Teresa, some of our Sisters have made the courageous decision to stay behind in war torn Ukraine, and help those who are unable to leave.

March 2, 2022

Pope Francis’ Lenten Message for 2022

Lent encourages us to let the Word of God penetrate our life … Lent offers us an ascetic and liturgical route which, while helping us to open our eyes to our weakness, opens our hearts to the merciful love of Christ…

In Mother Teresa’s smile, words and deeds, Jesus again walked the streets of the world as the Good Samaritan.

Saint Pope John Paul II

All my life I have been begging. Then, one day, the sisters picked me up from the roads. Mother Teresa made me feel like a human being for the first time.

A Muslim resident of one of the Missionaries of Charity’s homes

This woman, strengthened by faith and aglow with hope, is a flame of charity. The world has turned to Mother Teresa for inspiration, and it has not been disappointed.

Ronald Reagan, Late President of the United States

When she walked into the room to greet me, I felt that I was indeed meeting a saint. Few people in our time exemplified so powerfully and yet simply the love and compassion of Christ.

Reverend Billy Graham, Internationally acclaimed Protestant Evangelist

Verily her life was not her own. To us she will always be the beautiful spirit who brought so much happiness and understanding to so many that needed it.

The Government of the Kingdom of Jordan

She leaves behind a shining example of charity, service and spiritual fortitude.

Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations

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