March 2, 2022

Pope Francis’ Lenten Message for 2022

Lent encourages us to let the Word of God penetrate our life … Lent offers us an ascetic and liturgical route which, while helping us to open our eyes to our weakness, opens our hearts to the merciful love of Christ… Lent, therefore, as a time of listening to the truth ... to convert to love, because the deep truth, the truth of God, is at the same time love.

By converting to the truth of God, we must necessarily be converted to love; a love that knows how to make its own the Lord's attitude of compassion and mercy...

… May Lent also be a time of fasting, penance and watchfulness of ourselves, and may we be convinced that the fight against sin is never-ending, because temptation is a daily reality....

through alms-giving and doing good to others, may Lent be an opportunity for sincere sharing with our brethren of the gifts that we have received, and of attention to the needs of the poorest and most abandoned people. 

For the full text from His Holiness Pope Francis, click here.

"Lent is a time for greater Love. " - St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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March 5, 2022

Missionaries of Charity Choose to Stay in Ukraine

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August 26, 2021

Missionaries of Charity and 14 disabled children from Kabul arrive at Rome airport

Religious sisters from the Missionaries of Charity and 14 disabled children from an orphanage in Afghanistan arrived safely at Rome’s international airport, fleeing the unrest in Kabul.