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I am a Hindu girl but now I want to get converted to Roman Catholic. I am 22 years old and I am inspired by Mother Teresa and her works. I am crazy about her and I talk to her. I have collected her photos and books. I love her a lot and I know she loves me a lot. She is the meaning of love, peace and kindness.

I have decided to change my name to Deepa Agnes Teresa. Deepa is my own name, Agnes is Mother Teresa's childhood name and Teresa is her religious name. I want to be involved in helping the poor and needy in the name of Jesus Christ. I have accepted her as my path of life. I love her.



What a saint this generation has seen with its eyes!


She gives me inspiration. I feel good when hearing about her. I carry a replica of her around with me when traveling around, and pray to her when I am down.



In 1999, I was contemplating marriage to a woman much younger than myself. She was not Catholic at the time we met. We talked about our spirituality and our relationship with God. She had been searching for a religion that she could embrace Our Lord and found it through the Roman Catholic faith.

One evening we saw a special on a woman from Calcutta doing God's work and were taken by the genuine love she had for the poor. The program showed her helping a dying man from the streets and putting him in a bed. She was asked by a reporter, "Why do you help him; no one will care?" Mother Teresa replied, "He cares."

My wife enrolled in RCIA, received her sacraments (her Confirmation name is Teresa) and to this day we work in various charitable capacities with the sick and poor. Thank you, Mother Teresa, for your impact on our lives.


I don't exactly know why Mother Teresa inspired me so but because of her, I returned to college at age 37 and became a nurse. I was fortunate to be able to take my 83-year-old mother to Rome for Mother Teresa's beatification. What an unforgettable experience!



Mother Teresa was a living, shining example of how God wants us to live our lives. Until we eliminate the desire for money, objects and earthly things, this United States of America will continue to be poor. Mother Teresa said it better as she stated almost jokingly; "Eminence, do you think that it must be in New York that God has to declare himself bankrupt?"


My admiration for Mother Teresa goes back to 1999 when I read her autobiography in Spanish. Although hard to believe, at that time I was an executive in the U.S. Because of the inspiration from Mother Teresa's book I founded a charity in Venezuela called La Fundacion Potencial Humano. Our work is to help the poor with free medicine and job training. We work with the faculty of medicine at the University of Zulia.

Thousands of people walk away from their doctor's office here with prescriptions to save their lives, but they cannot find the money to buy the medicine. In the spirit of the work of Madre Teresa, we are helping to gift free medicine to those in extreme need.











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