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I like mother Teresa because of her kind heart. My birthday and her birthday fall on the same date. and then the big reason why I like her is because of social service.


she was a selfless, tender-hearted, giving woman; she like myself had a heart for the poor and down-trodden; she will always be an inspiration to me. I love her very much. She deserves to be a saint.

There is no one else who had a heart so selfless toward others less fortunate.



I learned about Mother Teresa way back when I was in college in 1981. I was so inspired to become a missionary sister. I became one, but unfortunately I did not persevere. I became sick and had to leave the convent. Now I still think of mission life.


In 1990, after a tumor was removed from my cerebellum and during the first three months I had to learn how to walk, I could not find the reason why I had to undergo such pain and suffering. I would not listen to anyone trying to console me, I would not go to any support group or religious congregation promising that I would understand and probably be healed miraculously.

Then I heard that Mother Teresa was to undergo surgery due to her heart problem and she could die. Knowing how great she was and how much she had done to care for the poorest of the poor and she could die also, made me realize and I told myself, "Who am I to brood about what happened to me?" That incident made me grateful that I survived and have been thankful every waking morning that I am alive.


She is a unique person who had true morals in life. She is a role model to young and old and cared for all.



For seven years I lived in a beautiful village outside Monterrey, Mexico. For five years I attended to very poor victims of cancer, and it was the most beautiful offering I could remember for the glory of God. There were countless miracles of healings of the body, but especially of the spirit. Through this experience I can understand the joy of our sister in heaven, Mother Teresa, because those who have lost hope and sometimes faith regain it through Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a profound happiness and joy to serve the poorest and hopeless in our society!



Mother Teresa has helped many poor people. She has done a great service for our country. As I'm a social work student, I too want to help the poor people and to fulfill their needs and goals. Mother Teresa is my role model in my life.








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