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I am inspired by her story because she loved others the way Jesus loved others and she changed the world for Christ. She put others above herself to make a difference in the world. I want to be like that.



I am a non-Catholic raised in a wealthy industrial family (athiest) by a Catholic nanny who was my guardian angel and teacher. She was present in my life as a 5-year-old girl when an emergency life-threatening tonsiliectomy caused a coronary/respiratory arrest. My Near Death Experience during the operation included both terror and a healing vision of a very tall man & woman in a flowing white gown. Parents told me the "dream" was just that--a dream--to be ignored and forgotten.

My nanny, however, with her devotion to her faith & Mother Teresa realized the little ward she cared for had seen a true vision. When she lost her job, she left her rosary & her love of Mother Teresa with me and I prayed the simple prayers she taught me through my tears in the night. It would be years later before I recognized that she saved my life and my budding faith. I am forever grateful for the grace that entered my life as a small child through the selfless love of a woman who adored Christ, Mary and Mother Teresa.

I still pray the Rosary. I am 60 years old and I believe my life has been a healing blessing to many many people I have touched--all credit I give to this wonderful woman and her inspiration from Teresa. There is great hope for the world--no matter what is ahead.



I am inspired by her because she helped the sick and the dying to live happy their last day.



I learned to know our Dearest Mother Blessed Teresa of Calcutta by reading a book "One Heart Full of Love" by Servant Publications. I was so touched by reading this book and begin to cry. Beforehand I didn't know her and her works of mercy to the poorest of the poor. Since then, my eyes are opened to our unfortunate brethren. I personally wrote Mother in India to thank her for being a model for everybody and to ask for her prayers.

One month before she went home to God, I received her letter with her business card and a miraculous medal which I will treasure the rest of my life. Mother Teresa: either be canonized or not, she's already a saint in our hearts.


I was inspired by the story of Mother Teresa and I decided to enter the seminary.



Once in our class in literature, we tackled the poem "on giving." For almost every day, after reading the poem, I am being reminded of the importance of giving and the difference with receiving. Our teacher then gave us an assignment that we have to look for persons that always give and help without expecting something in return. I was then reminded of someone that I really admire since my childhood. The time we have to submit our assignments, among my classmates, I was the only one who chose this person. It was Mother Teresa. They were all surprised with what I researched. They asked me, "How come you chose that person?" "Mother Teresa is the most famous giver in the Christian world, I answered. "But what made you decide to choose Mother Theresa?" they asked. I said, "I chose her because I want to be like her. She inspires me a lot every day of my life. Upon knowing her, she became my strength and whenever I see people in sidewalks, begging, asking for alms, seeking for help, I always think of her, saying, 'If you were just here, I will be glad seeing you helping these people, together with me. Please let your spirit of generosity be always with me.'"

And by that moment, one of my classmates cried. She told me that she realized the value of giving. My teacher lauded and smiled at me.

Mother Teresa is my inspiration, she is my idol. I not only shared the vocation of Mother Teresa but also through her inspiration, I shared the value of giving.


Mother Teresa has always been a spiritual woman that I feel deeply about. Her ways of caring and helping the poor, sick and homeless and being so humble are inspiring. She is one of the persons I hope will soon be canonized as she was a saint on earth. She inspired me to do more in my service to nursing home people and within my church.






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