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   St. Pope John Paul II (Supreme Pontiff from 16.10.1978 - 2.4.2005):

   Her smile

    “In Mother Teresa’s smile, words and deeds, Jesus again walked the

    streets of the world as the Good Samaritan.”


   She marked history

    “Traveling tirelessly the paths of the entire world, Mother Teresa has marked the history of our century: she defended life bravely; she served all human beings, always promoting their dignity and respect; she made the ‘losers of life’ feel the tenderness of God, the loving Father of all His creatures. She bore witness to the Gospel of charity, which is nourished by the free giving of the self until death. . . . May her shining example of charity serve as a consolation and a catalyst for her spiritual family, for the Church, and for all of humanity.”


Her secret

"We know well what her secret was: she was filled with Christ and thus looked at everyone with the eyes and heart of Christ. ... She therefore had no trouble in “adopting” her poor as children.”


She incarnated love

“It is not surprising that the people of our time were fascinated by her. She incarnated that love which Jesus indicated as the distinctive mark of disciples: ‘By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another’ (Jn 13:35).”


Let us not forget her example

“Let us not forget the great example left by Mother Teresa, and let us not commemorate it in words alone! Let us always have the courage to give priority to the human person.”







Blessed Pope Paul VI (Supreme Pontiff from 21.6.1963 - 6.8.1978):

 Superhuman motive that transfigures the countenance of the poor

“The work of Mother Teresa shows the inexhaustible potential energies of good, the resources of the human heart, are unveiled. They are poured out and become operative when the leaven of personal sacrifice, as well as of courage, makes them, with God’s help spring up and sets them to work… The charitable undertaking becomes witness; a double witness of witness consists in the silent preaching, of not only the necessity but the possibility of resolving the problem. This is something to marvel at. A new element has emerged. It is the superhuman motive that transfigures the countenance of a poor hungry person, a sickly child, a person repulsive with leprosy, a formidable criminal and a feeble man on his deathbed into the mysterious countenance of Christ.   ”


Apostle of brotherhood and the messenger of peace

“The person whom we are honoring today is just such a witness to this supreme value: man, the image of God, the member of Christ and the mirror of the one who gazes and discovers there himself, finds here a brother.     ... Humble Mother Teresa, in whom we like to see the thousands and thousands of people dedicated full-time to the personal service of the most needy, becomes an example and symbol of the discovery, in which lies the secret of the world’s peace…. And she who comes to us as Missionary of Charity is the apostle of brotherhood and the messenger of peace.”






Angelo Cardinal Sodano  (Vatican Secretary of State from 1.12.1990 -15.09.2006  )

Mother Teresa of Calcutta lit a flame of love

“At the close of a century which has known terrible extremes of darkness, the light of conscience has not been altogether extinguished. Holiness, goodness, kindness, love are still recognized when they appear on history's stage. The Holy Father Pope John Paul II has given voice to what so many people of every condition have seen in this woman of unshakable faith: her extraordinary spiritual vision, her attentive and self-sacrificing love of God in each person she met, her absolute respect for the value of every human life and her courage in facing so many challenges. … Mother Teresa of Calcutta lit a flame of love which her spiritual daughters and sons, the Missionaries of Charity, must now carry forward. The world badly needs the light and warmth of that flame.”


It is more blessed to give than to receive

“Mother Teresa of Calcutta understood fully this gospel of love. She understood it with every fiber of her indomitable spirit and every ounce of energy of her frail body. She practiced it with all her heart and through the daily toil of her hands, crossing the frontiers of religious and ethnic differences she has taught the world this lesson - it is more blessed to give than to receive.”






Cardinal Hume   (Late Archbishop of Westminster):

Her faith gave her an energy and radiance which is unforgettable

“For our generation, Mother Teresa has been a unique example of genuine holiness. Ordinary people around the world have been inspired by her unshakable trust in God, her absolute commitment to the poor, and the strength of her love of humanity. The utter sincerity with which she lived out her faith gave her an energy and radiance which is unforgettable. Her vision will live on in all those touched by her example.”






Cardinal Angelo Comastri (Archpriest of St. Peter's Basilica, Vicar General for the Vatican City-State, and President of the Labor Office of the Holy See):

She made the world read pages of a living Gospel

“Mother Teresa died in the house where she and her sisters had lived in Calcutta since the 1940s. She was 87 years old and her face - tiny like her whole figure and deeply wrinkled - had become the very epitome of charity and of the total gift of self to others. She was called the Mother of the poor. But even among the various forms of poverty Mother Teresa managed to push herself to the extreme limit, just as her love of Christ was extreme and total. She chose to be with the poorest of the poor and, in this search she made the world - believers and non-believers - read pages of a living Gospel, of a Gospel at work among the conquests and contradictions of our times.”






K.R. Narayanan (Former Indian President):

“Though she was a world citizen, she was particularly Indian in the true spirit of our culture. Such a one as her rarely walks upon the earth.”






Coretta Scott King (Widow of Martin Luther King, Jr.):

“This courageous woman gave hope to millions, and showed us the power of caring and human kindness.”





An anonymous person:

“She had the uncanny ability to penetrate within a person and see his soul. She stood for suffering, she healed with compassion….”





A Hindu man:

She is already a saint

“I am a very simple man. I have a hand to mouth existence. What the big leaders and religious leaders and political leaders decide, I don’t know. But I can say for myself and for the average person in Calcutta, she is already a saint.”





The Government of the Kingdom of Jordan:

“Verily her life was not her own. To us she will always be the beautiful spirit who brought so much happiness and understanding to so many that needed it.”






Frère Roger  (Founder of Taizé):

Mother Teresa knew how to love and say it with her life

“We live in a world where light and darkness coexist. Through the life she lived, Mother Teresa invited people to choose light. In this way she opened a road to holiness for many others.… Our societies are often shaken. And yet, do we not see, even in the world’s most troubled situations, signs of an undeniable hope springing up? The life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta was one of these signs. Mother Teresa made words written by Saint Augustine four centuries after Christ comprehensible to us: ‘Love and say it with your life.”


“I sensed to what an extent prayer was for her the source of a love that sets the heart on fire.”








A Woman cared for as an infant by Mother Teresa and adopted through her efforts:

Most of all, you gave me happiness

“She changed me. She dressed me. She fed me. She took care of me until I was 14 months old. To me she means the world. I think of her as my mother, and I will always think of her that way.… You gave me my name. You gave me a home. You gave me God’s blessing. But most of all, you gave me happiness.”






Mr. Kofi Annan   (Secretary General of the United Nations):

“She leaves behind a shining example of charity, service and spiritual fortitude.”








Ronald Reagan   (Late President of the United States):

So many have been led by the light of your love

“And I want to thank you for something, Mother Teresa. Your great work and your life have inspired so many Americans to become personally involved, themselves, in helping the poor. So many men and women in every area of life, in government and the private sector, have been led by the light of your love, and they have given greatly of themselves. And we thank you for your radiant example.”


This woman is a flame of charity

“This woman, strengthened by faith and aglow with hope, is a flame of charity. The world has turned to Mother Teresa for inspiration, and it has not been disappointed. Her compassion has kept countless thousands alive. They have been rescued from the brink of despair by the knowledge that someone cared. They have felt God’s providence in a human smile, a human hand. Mother Teresa’s whole life is an eloquent sermon built of deeds. She brings to our world the much-needed message that all human life – from the child stirring in the womb to the sick and the aged – all human life is sacred. It demands our respect and concern. Every part of the world has known the radiant smile of this marvelous Christian woman and has been the better for it. Her charity goes out to all people. It knows no bounds. No bigotry – whether racial, religious or political – can build barriers thick enough to keep out the pervasive warmth of her selfless benevolence. Her whole life, as someone has aptly put it, is ‘something beautiful for God.’”








Malcolm Muggeridge   (Late Journalist, media personality, the author of "Something Beautiful for God):

She has given me a whole new vision of what being a Christian means

"Words cannot express how beholden I am to her. She has given me a whole new vision of what being a Christian means; of the amazing power of love, and how in one dedicated soul it can burgeon to cover the world. Mother Teresa told me in Calcutta how the Eucharist each morning kept her going; without this she would falter and lose her way. How, then, could I turn aside from such spiritual nourishment?"


In a dark time, she is a burning and shining light

“In a dark time, she is a burning and shining light; in a cruel time, a living embodiment of Christ's gospel of love; in a godless time, the Word dwelling among us, full of grace and Truth.”








Reverend Billy Graham   (Internationally acclaimed Protestant Evangelist):

“When she walked into the room to greet me, I felt that I was indeed meeting a saint. Few people in our time exemplified so powerfully and yet simply the love and compassion of Christ.”








Jimmy Carter   (Former President of the United States):

Her sense of mercy and humility, were beacons of light in this world

"Her great humanitarian work, her tireless and selfless devotion to others, her sense of mercy and humility, were beacons of light in this world. Our best homage to her can be to seek and cultivate the goodness within ourselves and others."







A poor girl:

Our lives have been touched by one of the truest messengers of God

“We are often thought to be an unfortunate lot, rejected by our parents, relatives and society. But it was our wretchedness which brought us near to Mother. Our lives have been touched by one of the truest messengers of God. I would say we are the luckiest.”







Dr. Drago Stambuk   (Former Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to India):

Where there is darkness you bring light, where there is destruction you bring comfort. You are the quintessential Mother

“As God’s favorite daughter you have marked this tragic century in the best possible and the most needed way… Where there is death you bring life, where there is darkness you bring light, where there is destruction you bring comfort. You are the quintessential Mother, everyone feels and knows that. And next to your rock-solid faith in God, that above all is your strength… Your all-embracing love inspires us and directs us to the only road worth going along.”







A girl living on the streets:

Mother Teresa knew how to love and say it with her life

“I knew no other mother but her.”








Helmut Kohl (Former German Chancellor):

Mother Teresa will remain unforgotten

Mother Teresa was "an example of goodness and humanity for millions of Christians and non-Christians throughout the world. Mother Teresa will remain unforgotten and be an example after her death."







A Muslim resident of one of the Missionaries of Charity’s homes:

Mother Teresa made me feel like a human being for the first time

“All my life I have been begging. Then, one day, the sisters picked me up from the roads. Mother Teresa made me feel like a human being for the first time.”







A Hindu Woman:

“Yes, she was the Light that I have met. There is no other description for her but to call her a saint.”







A Sikh Man:

She was the incarnation of charity

“Pure she was, purity she preached… Lovely she was, for love she preached. Humble she was, so humility she preached. Divine she was, so divinity she preached. Apostle of peace and [to the] downtrodden she was the incarnation of charity, and service of humanity she preached.”







Karekin I (The Late Supreme Patriarch, Catholicos of All Armenians):

Mother Teresa will remain unforgotten

“…Mother Teresa, a devoted servant of the Lord whose great services to humankind will always be remembered in gratitude. She was a real mother for many thousands of needy people. Even after her death she will become a source of inspiration for the coming generation.”







Jacques Chirac (French President):

“Now there is less peace, less compassion, less love in the world. I think that from heaven Mother Teresa will see to it that there is even more love, compassion and peace.”







Newt Gingrich   (Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives):

“No orphaned child, no impoverished family will ever walk alone again. They will walk with Saint Teresa at their side.”




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