Why is the world so fascinated by Mother Teresa?

What was so attractive about her?

How did she become so extraordinary in her charity and self-sacrifice?


In essence, Mother Teresa was passionately in love with the Person of Love Incarnate – Jesus – thirsting for love as He hung dying on the Cross.  This love – His love –  she was to radiate to each person He placed on her daily path, drawing others to Love, and so satiating the thirst of her brothers and sisters trapped in darkness, longing for the light of love to enter their lives.


Many people are seeking to learn more about Mother Teresa’s life, holiness and message. It is our hope that they will greatly benefit from having an authentic source of information about her: The Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center. Mother Teresa’s particular gifts from God for our time are contained in her life, words, and intercession; it is a heritage for us to further discover, share, and put into practice. May the world continue to be drawn to Love by  Saint Teresa of Calcutta!




Fr. Brian, MC




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