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"Lent is a time for greater Love. "

St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta


♦4th Week

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The Sunday of the man born blind presents Christ as the light of the world.

The Gospel confronts each one of us with the question: “Do you believe in the Son of man?”

“Lord, I believe!” (Jn 9: 35. 38), the man born blind joyfully exclaims, giving voice to all believers.

The miracle of this healing is a sign that Christ wants not only to give us sight,

but also open our interior vision, so that our faith may become ever deeper

and we may recognize him as our only Savior. He illuminates all that is dark in life

and leads men and women to live as “children of the light”.  P. Benedict VXI

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At the midpoint of our Lenten penitential journey. Joy and light are the dominant theme of today's liturgy. The Gospel narrates the story of "a man born blind" (Jn 9,1). Seeing him, Jesus made clay with his saliva, spread the clay on his eyes and told him:  "Go, wash in the Pool of Siloam (which means Sent). So he went and washed and came back seeing" (Jn 9,6-7).

The man born blind represents the human person marred by sin, who desires to know the truth about himself and his personal destiny, but is prevented from doing so by congenital illness. Only Jesus can cure him:  He is "the light of the world" (Jn 9,5). Handing himself over to him, every human being who is spiritually blind from birth has the fresh possibility of "coming to the light", namely to supernatural life.

Along with the healing of the blind man, the Gospel highlights the unbelief of the Pharisees, who refuse to acknowledge the miracle, since Jesus worked it on the sabbath, in their judgment violating the Mosaic law. Thus, an eloquent paradox emerges, that Christ himself sums up with the words:  "I have come into the world for judgment so that those who do not see might see, and those who do see might become blind" (Jn 9,39).

For the one who meets Christ, there is no other alternative:  either he recognizes his need of him and of his light, or he chooses to do without. In the case of doing without Christ, the same presumption prevents both the one who thinks he is just before God and the one who considers himself an atheist, from being open to authentic conversion.

Dear brothers and sisters, may no one close his soul to Christ! He gives to the one who accepts him the light of faith, the light that can transform the heart, and, consequently, mentalities, social, political, and economic situations dominated by sin. "... I do believe, Lord!" (Jn 9,38). With the man born blind, may each of us be ready humbly to profess our own attachment to him.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary who is so totally pervaded by the radiance of divine grace obtain the light of Christ for us.



♦ Readings for Lent

The study of the sacred Scriptures must be a door opened to every believer.[136]  It is essential that the revealed

word radically enrich our catechesis and all our efforts to pass on the faith.[137]

Evangelization demands familiarity with God’s word, which calls for dioceses,

parishes and Catholic associations to provide for a serious, ongoing study of the Bible,

while encouraging its prayerful individual and communal reading.[138]  We do not blindly seek God,

or wait for him to speak to us first, for “God has already spoken, and there is nothing further that we need to know,

which has not been revealed to us”.[139]

Let us receive the sublime treasure of the revealed word.

- P. Francis Evangelii-Gaudium #175


♦Stations of the Cross that Mother Teresa prayed almost every day

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 ♦Why should we pray the Stations of the Cross?

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