♦Meditations and Reflections on:

♦The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Quotes of Mother Teresa on the Sacred Heart



"I prayed much to obtain the grace as to how we MCs will make our Society holy and also the families we serve.

The Promises of the Sacred Heart and the pleading of Our Lady came clear in my heart: the Consecration of the Family to the Sacred Heart, and the First Friday devotion and the Family Rosary."


"Let us spread devotion to the Sacred Heart"


"You have to learn from the Heart of Jesus. That is why Jesus said: 'Learn of me' - not from books."


 "The Heart of Jesus is an open Heart. Spend your time there. …It is not an  ordinary school or a boarding school or a school for examinations but it is a school of Jesus where you come to learn and to know the Heart of Jesus - where the  teachers are His Mother and He. What have we to learn? To be meek and humble; if we are meek and humble we will learn to pray. If we learn to pray we will belong to Jesus. If we belong to Jesus we will learn to believe and if we believe we will  learn to love and if we love we will learn to serve. "


"Do not let the past disturb you – just leave everything in the Sacred Heart, and begin again with joy."


“In my heart there is blind trust in the Sacred Heart."


"The Heart of Jesus pierced for love reminds us of the great chance each of us have to receive the Body of Christ, His Precious Blood, daily in the Eucharist.


"Sins against chastity and charity are directly wounding the Heart of Jesus."


"We must tell Jesus we want to make reparation to His Sacred Heart ."


"That the Sacred Heart of Jesus will find in us the true consolation and reparation. Let us spread devotion to the Sacred Heart first at home, among our own Sisters and then among our people."


"So let our love and our fidelity be a relief to the Sacred Heart."


I want to become a Saint according to the Heart of Jesus – meek, humble..”


"When it is very hard for you—just hide yourself in the Sacred Heart, & there my heart with you will find all the strength & love. "


"Keep looking at the Sacred Heart—Why worry ...?—You are His ..."



"His hands are outstretched ready to embrace me - and His Sacred Heart completely opened that I can enter in - for You for me and for every soul - which loves and desires to be loved."


From childhood the Heart of Jesus has been my first love.—Every Friday is the feast of the Sacred Heart for me. I love the Mass of the S H [Sacred Heart]—for in the words of the offertory reecho the words of 10th Sept.—“will you do this for Me.”


Our Sisters working in London went out some time ago and met a young boy in the street. I said to him, ‘You shouldn’t be here. You should be with your parents’. And he said, ‘Oh, but my mother doesn’t want me because I have long hair. Each time I have gone home she has pushed me out’. So we went further and that night we came back again and we found him. He had overdosed himself and we had to take him to hospital. I could not help but reflect for a moment that quite possibly his mother was very busy with the hungry in India, gathering this and doing that, yet she had no time, she had no love, she had no care, she did not want her own child. This is very often what hurts the Sacred Heart of Jesus most. For He loved until it hurt. And how can we love our poor people if we do not love our own first? Love begins at home.


For sometimes the agony of desolation is so great and at the same time the longing for the Absent One so deep, that the only prayer which I can still say is—Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in Thee—I will satiate Thy thirst for souls.


I understand a little the tortures of hell—without God. I have no words to express what I want to say, and yet last First Friday—knowingly and willingly I offered to the Sacred Heart to pass even eternity in this terrible suffering, if this would give Him now a little more pleasure—or the love of a single soul.


The conditions under which the leper families live are terrible.—I would like to give them better homes—uplift them close to the Sacred Heart—make them know that they too are the loved children of God & so give them something to live for . . .





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