Some of her Favorite Prayers


Intentions to pray for

Prayer is the best gift of love you can give anyone you love.

- Saint Teresa of Calcutta


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pray for 85 year old Ruth. She's had 3 minor strokes and is recovering. Going for ultrasound procedure on the throat. Please pray it shows good results and good results for her blood work.

She also wants to move to Florida to be with son, but not a good decision right now for her. very independent and still drives. Please pray she will be kept safe.

Please pray God's will be done and she cooperates with it.


Please pray for Julie who is in the hospital with heart failure.

Pray for healing and peace for her.

Thank you


Please pray again for Billie W. She had shattered her ankle and had pins and bone graft put in early March. The surgery went very well and the bone biopsy came back cancer free thanks to all your prayers! She now needs prayers that the pins do their job and don't move anymore. Also there is one spot on the bone that is not healing as fast as it should. Please pray that all heals correctly and she has complete healing and restoration of her ankle and the normal use of her leg again.Thank you dear prayer family and may God Bless


Dear holy mother Teresa Please intercede for My brother Anil and his family to be blessed with good health, wealth, prosperity. Keep them safe from all evils and dangers also protect them from there enemies . Grant them holy spirit and peace Amen

My mother please help us to have victory over each an every area of our life, bless us to have faith increase manifold and be a great testimony of our lord jesus christ Amen

Thank you

mama your daughter



Please pray for the intercression of St teresa to heal my red bone marrow


Prayer request for the well being of my father and family


St teresa of Calcutta - please reach down from heaven and take hold of my hand - assure me that I am not alone - I lift up to the lord my brothers wife - patty - a prescription drug addict who has caused severe problems in the family for over 50 years - reveal what is hidden - prayers for my brother - nick - I see the stress on his face and body -   risen lord Jesus - THY WILL BE DONE - thank you for this answered prayer - your child - diane/nj/usa



Prayer Request for:

Jim and Debby


Please pray urgently for a dear friend of mine going through a very difficult time, his name is prem anand Rao. He lives in bexleyheath London uk


May I please request the healing prayers and the blessings for my life , and self journey.

Asking God for guidance, directions and opportunities for my new business, job opportunities and welcoming the perfect clients , customers and employees for my self and business

Greatful for all miracles in my life, my health, home, family friends,  all the prosperity and abundance

As well the healing for my relationship with Jerry , and loved ones .

Love and gratitude to Heaven for all the Miracles coming my way

Thank you


Dear Saint Mother Teresa I have got swelling on my legs. When I sit long time it always happens. Also I

often fall down. I have fallen down twice in a year and due to which I got fear while walking and even to

cross the road. Also I got small wound on my legs due to shoe bite.


Dear Mother Teresa please pray for a big financial breakthrough for me this month of April and may which will help me in doing my children's christening and 1st holy communion party on the 5th of may and also to be able to clear my debts and pay for my leave to remain in the UK application fee. i will come back here to testify and glorify the name of the Lord.


Please pray for my children.  In a world where the often hear YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH, YOUR ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH,...tall enough.  Let them rise above it.  Let this make them stronger people.  More compassionate.  Not Jaded.  Give them the strength to persevere.  Help me to be the mom that my kids need me to be.

Healing for my son's arm.


Please pray that my daughter Carolina stays with me until my birthday in July. I want my little grandson to spend this birthday with me. I don't know when I will be able to see him again


Blessed Mother Teresa I ask for healing of her left knee for my daughter Victoria, that she be able to do well in her tryouts. But all in God’s will. Amen


Please Mother Teresa, intercede for me and cure my bone marrow blood cancer. Restore my health and my strength..in Jesus’ name. Thank you. J


Jeremy, my nephew, will be traveling to India. Pray for his protection and may God's presence and peace be with him as he ventures to India for the first time in his life.  Thank you.


Please pray for Debbie O'Malley.

She has grade 3 cancer cells in her uterus as well as cysts on her ovaries and liver.

She is currently in surgery.

The family appreciates prayers for her, her medical care team, success of her surgery and her subsequent treatment of the cancer.  Thank you.


Please pray for Judge Kristian who is having surgery tomorrow for his spine.

Please pray for Joseph. He has been "brain-storming" very badly.


I am asking for prayers that there be a breakthrough through the 'space' that is

between my daughter, Claire and me, Elizabeth.

May our motherly hearts be there to support, love and embrace each other. And may we both be there for each other, as love is not just a 'noun' but also a 'verb', loving and nurturing my grand-daughter, my daughter's daughter, Sophia.

May God heal our grievances and hurts between us and may we both pray for one another, uplifting each other towards the forgiving heart of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your prayers.


urgent request for Martin.

he's at a care home and they just

took his dogs away and put them to sleep.

He's hard broken that he didn't get to say goodbye.

The police are with him right now. Thank you,


Prayer Request for Danny

Please help us pray for Danny’s behavior toward the girl of his new relationship. His recent “seemingly bad behavior” is not what it seems,  but because of his shyness and fear. May God show him how this is hurting her because I know he doesn’t realize how his painful shyness toward her takes its toll on her and she will not say anything. May he remain confident and consistent with her like he is when he feels good about himself. They are both struggling with fear so if we can pray for this because this truly is a very special and beautiful relationship. May both their fears that seem to paralyze them sometimes not sabotage this special blossoming relationship. For love to flood their hearts to replace every ounce of fear and courage for him to take the next step. He came so close the other day so may God help him take the lead, especially since she is traditional. For their breakthrough…


Request for the prayer for the Surjit son of late Rajendra suffering from mulptiple diseases.


Please pray for our 6 children family from 4 to 21. May God will always be in their heart and the Virgin Mary protects us.  We have much work to do to finish our house and the house in H.ur we work in.

May God still gives us strenght and Peace so that we can be witnesses of his Love.

 Thank you for your prayers for us and beautiful work.


Please pray for Kathleen Olvey who had surgery on her face recently.  She suffers from diverticulitis and fibromyalgia.  Praise be Jesus!


I would again like to request for your prayers for my father-in-law Francis.  He is now being admitted to hospital with an intestinal problem.  Please pray for his healing that the Lord may give him strength that he may recover soon.  May he be blessed with health and strength.


Thank you sisters for joining us in prayer.  St. Teresa pray for dad’s healing.



jesus please help


Please pray for my mother. She has been having the worst back pain for several days. I can tell she is just miserable. Years ago she pulled a muscle and she thinks that’s what is causing this pain. Please pray for my mother to feel better and for this pain to stop. She is very close to her grandchildren and spends a lot of time with them. Please pray for this pain to end. Thank you very much. I am very grateful.


PLease pray for my son and daughter in law for the gift of achild

Please pray for the sale of a property that is causing financial burdens.

Thanks you dear sisters for your prayers.


Mother Teresa,

Please pray for my son to find employment, please pray that something will come up soon for him and pray that he will get the job that he had an interview for.  Please pray that he will not lose hope in that something will come up soon for him.  He has done everything in his life for himself and has not asked for help and has made it this far but just needs some prayers that he will get a job so he can get moving on with his life. Amen.


Hi,  my cousin Doug is suffering from throat cancer which He can only have chemotherapy and radiation and surgical means I believe won’t be any help to him and his family is worried sick and in need of prayers.

Thank you,


Thanks to the Blessed mother for her visitation and the Holy Spirit. I pray for Americal physical healing miracle for finances, for the help of my children grandchildren, for their education and grades, for their finances and dance, for strength, current, peace, joy, Hope. In thanksgiving for regrowth blessing and miracle. My family and friends and their intentions. And thank you For the miracle in advance that’s going to come our way for health and finances.



We ask for your intercession as we pray that our Heavenly Father sends His angels to carry the soul of His servant, Norma Marie, from this earth to the heavenly place of eternal and everlasting life. Let family and friends who have passed before in faith be reunited in joy with the departed. Forgive any wrongs that have been committed and welcome this beloved spirit into the warm embrace of His unending peace.



Jean is having a small problem with my heart.  High blood pressure and a small problem with my echo cardiogram.  Had lots of test this past week.  I am having a stress test this Friday at 9:00 which will give them the extra info they need.  I could use some prayers.



I would like to Pray to Mother Teresa to intercede for me for the Pain in my lower back and leg pain that is sometime hard to bare. Also I would like for a healing in my throats that no one seems to know what's wrong or actually cares about, Thank You and God Blessed You All who gets this Prayer Request and The whole world



Please pray for Fr. Paul D. for a very special intention, and also for a healing retreat he will be giving next week.


Please keep me in prayer. I am having problems with my A-Fib.

I pray it will go into a regular rhythm by itself.

Thank you.


Mother Theresa I earnestly implore of you to grant me the and my family the grace to get back our hard earned money what we have lost.  I implore of you to grant my son the grace to be free from any mental tension and give him peace of mind and body.  Protect my son from any harm.  Help him to do well I his career



Mother Teresa

Please pray that my son will get the job that he has the interview for today, please pray that he will get that job so he can move on with his life.  Getting the job would be a whole new life for him and that would be a good thing.  Amen.



Please pray for my cousin Genny who died Christmas Day. Please pray for my sister Susan who is mentally ill. Please pray for my father William who was molested by a catholic priest. Please pray for Nanette sociopath who is stuck in self pity.pray for my lungs Shannon



For their complete recovery: Adam & Elizabeth's oral surgeries

For Karen & the man she hit

Allen, Joe, Hunter, Ashlyn, Lisa, Laura, Noel, Karen & Kevin, Barbara, Alice, Jennifer, Maureen, Kristian & Denny, Marcus, Ronald, Rodney, Rory, Craighton, Winston, Donovan, Flora Belle, Nita, Diane, Roger, Daniel, Bernadine, Jennifer SM, David Craig, Andrea & kids & all the sick.

For the deceased to rest in peace: Mickey, Marcus's wife, Rayford, Jeannie, Terry.

For those who had cancer: Ronald, Lolita, Janelle, Marguerite, Kyle, Beth, Benita, Roger.

For those who have cancer: Greg Jones, Leto Comeaux, Gloria Summers, Noel's parents




Please pray for Jane and her kids and her family and her friends. Pancreatic cancer



Just got call from her hubby George.   He hasn't seen her Dr. Yet today when he does, if Dr. Recommends he will try to get Martha transferred about 30 miles away to a facility with better heart care equipment. Please keep praying.


Dear holy Saint Mother Teresa

Holy mother Please pray for me to have all my rights.Also to get my job back from Israel . Please help me to go back as you know I'm suffering a lot without my job.Mama please help me, I need your intercession and blessings. As I have a evil neighbour sunaina devi and family who hurt me very badly and she hurt my parents demise souls

.she practice black magic against me and my home as you know from heaven nothing is hidden. As she stole my plants and betrayed me.Ask lord to fight every battle for me. Bless me to win .Crush every devils pride and silent every evil spirit. Help me mama I'm alone nobody to care me.All my relatives and neighbours left me for no reasons as we never wrong anything against anyone. Grant me peace and holy spirit.

I need lord to be with me always.Ask lord to favour me in my trails and temptation. Those evil neighbour sunaina devi and family they try to hurt me always. And they are very devil'ish mind.And crush every evil lies.Amen



My Qatar driving license road test is on Monday April 30th at Doha time 6 AM. Please pray for me that I can pass the test in first attempt itself. I am having difficulty changing lane and also at roundabouts.Also, I am so scared of driving and is getting nervous when I am at crowded streets. Please pray for me that I can overcome fear and drive with confidence and without making accidents.


Mother Mary thank you for all graces blessings and prayers answered, I pray for the healing of my family tree living and dead, Michael's soul, families conversions, our Healing Mass 4th may, and all my other ministries, Father Yacub's Priesthood and health issues, for all the sick who have asked my prayers to fall deeper and deeper in love with Jesus to be His magnet and bring the lost, the broken and the wounded to Him for healing and restoration, for my own health issues to be healed completely in mind body and spirit Love to Jesus & St Joseph. Your loving daughter R


Pls pray for my husband job to be secured, at present working in gulf.Many of his senior old staff they want to removed.Pls pray for him n all his colleagues job to be safe..Also  I pray for his visa to be stamped this year.All his problem to be solved.Pray for his good health


Mother Tresea,pls pray for my  brother Dominic) house in go a to be sold.The people from that area r creating problem.They want us to sell  that place at a very low rate. They r threatening my cousin brother who is staying in goa.Pls

pray that everything to go well..I want my brother to give up alcohol, later he will find it difficult. KEEP HIS FAMILY IN GOOD HEALTH



Please pray that my son will get the job that he had an interview for, and please pray that he will hear something soon, please do not let him lose hope in that something will come up soon for him.  Amen.


Saint Teresa please pray for this innocent baby boy fighting for his life and fighting his government for the opportunity for a chance to live. Please pray that this baby be shown mercy by both his government and in his suffering! He is too young, innocent, and precious to have to endure such a sorrowful short existence on earth. Please pray that he  be healed so his little life isn’t over before it begins! Bless you always, Amen!


Saint Teresa, please pray that I may be hired for the position I am currently applying for. I have applied for many positions since we moved back to the U.S. and still have not been able to find employment in over two years. If it is God’s will, I would love to be hired for this position and contribute to my family financially. I want to work and I want to provide my children with better opportunities! Bless you always.


Saint Teresa please pray for my husband, who is going through difficult setbacks in his career and educational aspirations! Please pray he finds peace, comfort, and inner guidance to figure out his path in life. Bless you always Amen!



Dear Mother Teresa

Prayer for my family and people involved Help us overcome difficult times  now in our life.


Please I ask you to pray for the health of my dad. His name is Jose Arijon Rama and he suffers heart problems and respiratory problems as well.

Please pray for a soon recovery through the intersection of Mother Teresa of Calcutta through Jesus.


May Navdeep Brar be always protected and have a strong spiritual body.


Prayer to protect Brar Family home and may all the negative energies leave and the family members be full of positivity and have growth in life.




Oh Mother Teresa,

Praying painfully to to unite me and SM ,drive away all the problems and barriers in relationship between me and SM that keeps us separate . Bless her to forgive me and love me passionately as husband .Praying you to intervene and remove hurdles and problems in our relationship. .Praying mother to to bless us to accept each other as husband and wife and bless SM to take care of me whole through our life.Oh mother , praying you mother painfully fill our mind with love and care for each other .Oh mother praying to remove all doubts and hesitation in our mind and bless us to love unconditionally as husband and wife.. Oh mother! save our relationship from breaking up and bless us to love each other more deeply.Oh mother of Lord,praying to bless me and SM to forgive and forget all pain n hurt made by each other and start to love each more passionately day by day and live as husband and wife till last breath.Requesting Mother to accept my prayer and miraculous intervention ,live in the hope of your blessing .




Son Our Lord, Jesus Christ; God, The Holy Spirit; The Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary, and all the Angels and Saints requesting that the following people be cured of their health issues:

1. Peter Guthrie who is a 63 year old very nice person, also my brother-in-law, who was recently diagnosed with Acute Myopic Leukemia. Peter was recently given 1-2 months to live without a bone marrow transplant and multiple chemo therapy treatments. Peter has undergone the chemo treatments and is waiting for new regarding whether or not a sibling is a potential bone marrow transplant match. If not, I guess they seek a possible transplant candidate somewhere else if there is sufficient time.

 2. 2. Jo Ann Ho who is a 65 year old nice person, also another relative - sister-in-law – who when during a recent physical exam it was determined she has two (2) nodules in her right breast. She is scheduled for an ultrasound of the area this coming Friday and, we all pray, there is nothing of concern regarding any issues with cancer.

3. Joey (don’t know his last name)who is a 5-6 year old little boy, a nephew of a lifelong dear friend of mine, who was recently diagnosed with serious issues with Leukemia and with a forward prognosis that is not very favorable.

Thank you so very much for considering my requests.


please pray for Petra ( good work and protection at work)..and for her

financial situation

and for my family (protection and reentree of my parents into church)... Thank you


Dawn - a special intention

Maddie - continued prayer for healing from cancer - undergoing chemo


I ask through Mother Teresa´ s intercession for

- mother and her baby in uterus who is in dangerious situation

- for my parents´s hearts, for their conversion, for acceptin me and my husband´s dreams and decisions. Often, I am desperate about that..


Pray for my father in law for early recovery of his sickness and god grace to resolve the land issue owned by him.

Pray for All the DENGUE victims in sri Lanka

Pray for Shaven continue good health.

 Please pray for my daughter Shelomi for good health and for her studies.   Please pray for her future

Pray for Gods guidance/protection and blessings to do the job. It is a challenging and difficult assignment. I offer my job to God and let his will happen to me.

Pray for good health for, my wife, me and my sister’s two children’s. (11 and 4 years old)Pray for my mother and aunty for good health.

 For some time different kind of sickness bothering me .please pray for me for good health Pray for my studies

Remember all the people who have ask prayers from me and praying for my intentions all over the world.

Please pray for my sister Surani. Pray for Suwendi my sister in law. She is 33 and single. We are finding a partner for some time. Please pray for god’s plan for her to clear in her mind.

Pray  for Kanthi,Roland,Malsha,Thiwanka,baby Anne,Sudesh,Annete,Rita,Surani,Rangika,Suranga,Shamini and family  S. and family  and her mother,P riyangana and family, Nirmala and family, Bernad and family,my staff and their families,my customers ,Deepika and family,Shanthi aunty and family , all my relations , neighbors and friends ,Gamini uncle and family ,Kapila and family, Nishani and family, n. and family  all the people and their families  praying for my intentions.

Pray for release from our sicknesses, fears, weakness and addictions. Pray for peace of my mind and release form our sickness in the mind. Pray for our family tree and departed souls in the family tree.

We pray for protection for our family, relations, friends, neighbors and all the people in the hold world from the Natural disaster/calamities

Pray for Fred for continues good health and receive the healing from God. Pray for Mark, his family and extended family. Pray for Our Pope, holy Catholic Church and all the Christians.

Pray for all the sinners. Pray for all the sick people. We should lift all the people in the hold world in all our prayer intentions.

Pray that GOD raise necessary people in whole world to counter Evil in the world and let our mission in the world to be cleared and empowerment of the HOLY Spite upon us .


Please pray for Eric. Please pray for his conversion to true faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray for the salvation of his soul. Pray for his healing spirit, soul, and body Ask God to reveal his love to Eric. He needs God’s healing love to flow through his life. Please pray that he will come to know The Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary. He needs The Blessed Mother’s Kindly Motherly love and care…

May Our Lady give Eric all the Graces he needs for salvation!!!


please pray for my friend Nicolette who is needed of prayer, the prayer request is:

"We ask God in Jesus Name that Nicolette Edge solves all her problems and she has economic prosperity. Amen".

Thank you very much for your intercession!


Dear Mother Teresa,

Please pray for the soul of my little sister who passed away 3 months ago.  Her name is Teresa Nguyen Thanh Binh.

Please add in your praying a poor soul of my other sister – Anna Nguyen Thanh Ha.

I love my sisters dearly and their deaths are my sufferings.

Please help me with strength to live my life and to get a good job in my job search.



St. Teresa please help me and my family.  Help be with my abdominal pain and problems.   Help my husband richard, give him the strength he needs to cope with his many medical issues. Take away his anger, frustration, ptsd. We are attending my sons wedding.  We are leaving today. Wedding is 4 hours away. Give my husband patience. That he treat my son with respect, kindness, love, friendliness.   That my son's upcoming marriage to Katherine be Blessed. That they show each other  respect, love, kindness for the rest of their lives. That they continue their education.  That a miracle happen and they attend a catholic mass and be inspired to become good, strong, catholics. Help my daughter Vannessa and 2 daughters Sara Kate age 6 and page age 2.  Increase Vannessa job from part-time to full time job and get a raise. Give her patience with her children. Help her become a better mother.  Help sarakate, heal her from her ptsd. Take  away  her anger, anxiety, frustration, irritability, depression, paranoia. Heal her medical issues.  Help her with her learning disabilities.  Help her with her memory,  comprehension, speech difficulties.  Improve her reading ,writing skills. Keep all evil spirits away from her. Help paige with her speech, comprehension and learning ability.  Help her with her medical issues.  That the dr. That is going to evaluate the abcess she has to her inside her lower lip, that just keeps getting worse, agree to do the surgery. Help my brothers and sisters that they return to the Catholic Church.  Forgive each other and forgive me, and talk to me and my family.  Saint teresa  you had so much faith in Jesus Christ,  help me have that same faith. I trust in you. Thank you for your help.  Help my marriage grow stronger during  this difficult times.


I am feeling quite sick and am unable to be at work the past few days.  I am in a very difficult situation financially and have no family.  I share accommodations with someone who is very difficult to live with and I need to find a home of my own.  I am one year from retirement but cannot retire in debt.


Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.


Please remember in mass and prayers:

• Tina F. Buras

• Georgianna Higson (90th birthday) Thank you


I am here to request for your prayers from my daughter Amelya who is starting her exams tomorrow. Bless her with good health and may she be able to perform well.  Bless her with guidance and give her the calmness and confidence she needs. May the lord and Mama Mary be by her side and protect her always. May she do well Mama.  That will help her be a more confident child.  Thank you


Dear Mother Teresa,

Intercede for the many problems and heartaches I have in my family. Have mercy on me and ask our dear Father to send help soon. Thank you.




I would like to request your prayers for my daughter Amelya. She is being bullied in school and has now started hiding stuff from us.  I am worried about her a lot and take it out in lecturing her and being harsh.  Please pray for her to be blessed with good health and may she be protected from all evil.


Please pray for me to pay off my credit card and car debt.  Also for me to buy a house.

Please pray for the forgiveness of my family and I sins.  And for the strength to endure the many spiritual attacks for souls in purgatory, conversion of sinners and the priests.  Please pray for the sick , poor, and those souls in depression.  Please pray that my family and loved ones will all follow Jesus and be saved.


Harry, Gloria, Alana, Soraya, Navindra, Shivana Mason, Sarah Matthews, Sheona, Steven,  Samiya, Samantha, Sabrina, Jainarine, Sydney Grace, Samuel, Samuel, Cythia, Brannon, Murley, Nalesha, Priyanka, Vivek, Simone, Vidya, Norma, John, Tammy, Zoe, Rodney,  Richard, Justin, Rebekah, Dana, Khegan, Noah.


Please Mother Teresa pray that my son will find a job and soon, he has had a couple of interviews please pray that something will come from one of them and please do not let him lose hope in that something will come up soon for him.  Amen.


Please pray for Felipe de Castro de Souza who is being bullied at work by his manager Luma.

He has the opportunity to move sideways in the company. Please pray that this manager does not prevent him to do this. Praise be Jesus!


My daughter Amelya has been unwell from the past week or so.  Please pray to Mama Mary and Mother Teresa to intercede for our intension.  Please pray for her to be healed of her illness and protect her from all evil that is coming in her way.  Thank you


I want to ask for prayers for my ex husband, my daughters father. A week ago he died suddenly from a heart attack. We are all shocked and saddened by his death. I want to ask for prayers for peace for David Draughn. We can’t believe he’s gone. He believed in our Lord so that gives me peace.

Thank you,


Please Pray for Den Moran ,he has very bad infection from shoulder surgery . thank you


Kindly pray for solving my finance crises in Saudi Arabia and getting one home in Kerala, getting good result in my daughter ten standard exam, getting holy spirit.

Yours kind prayers is valued in Heaven


Please remember Frank, who cancer filled bladder has been removed. He is going through a lot with treatments. Also, his brother Dan and family, who walks this path with him.



Please pray for soul of David Crowe Sr he passed this week. Please pray for his son David Crowe 2 for strength and healing during time of grief. Please pray for David Crowe 3. Healing maturity conversion of heart. Heather Emily carol For sobering Thank you


Vicki has continued to have seizures that has left her completely without movement of her right side...arm, hand and more recently  her leg, leaving her bedridden. She was admitted into the hospital last Sunday with a plan to expedite radiation which they did and it began Monday. She also had an MRI on Monday and it showed a recurrence of the tumor that more than doubled in size since her surgery. Due to the rapid growth and size of the tumor and her immobility and her continued seizure activity, the doctor stopped radiation after 3 treatments and she has remained hospitalized and will have her second surgery tomorrow.

Vicki maintains her inner strength, courage, high spirits, faith and optimism by Gods grace through everyone’s prayers, and for that she is so grateful. She has had a lot of setbacks and challenges in the last couple of weeks and with each one she picks herself up and brushes herself off and moves forward with a smile. She and her attitude through her journey is nothing short of amazing and humbling!

I want to thank you all so much for all your prayers, love and support for Vicki. She has many prayer warriors storming heaven on her behalf and she lights up with a grateful heart when I remind her of that.

Your continued prayers for her surgery and recovery are welcomed with eternal gratitude.


We still need to hold Bruce and his family in our fervent prayers.  He still has VAP (ventilator Associated Pneumonia), arterial fibrillation , an unknown bacterial infection that they think is coming from his central line, 2 incidents where the nurses have overdosed him on medications causing his blood pressure to drop dangerously low, and at one point a substitute neurosurgeon suggested they "consider Bruce's wishes"! Praise be to God, the family has stood their ground and are trying to get Bruce transferred. That is exactly what I would like to ask you to pray for. Pray that a perfect bed in the perfect unit at The Methodist Hospital, Texas Medical Center, opens up immediately!  She already has a neurologist ready to accept him and a generalist ready to coordinate his care. All we need is a bed to put him in. One is Joseph's beloved pulmonologist who has led the charge of his recovering from ARDS (that carries a 30-70% fatality rate), and the incredible infectious disease doctor who is just brilliant at fighting all kinds of infections in the most effective way! We need this transfer to happen early in the week so all goes smoothly. Any way just please help me pray that Bruce gets transferred right away, that he is placed on the MICU floor (our favorite but probably won't happen since he's a neuro patient too-but we can always pray!) and that he has only the VERY best and brightest physicians, nurses and respiratory therapist assigned to his case.


Kindly keep on praying  for

my husband: Healing, MANDATES and pension-retirement

my slightly autistic son: vocation, healing, studies and jobs

my slightly autistic daughter: vocation, healing, studies and jobs

and myself: healing and duty


Please pray for Michael dying of blood cancer. Pray for his brother dan and his friend patrick Yours in Christ Sh.


I write to you with a heavy heart and in need of your prayers.  Through my travels in life guided my our good Lord Jesus Christ I am introduced to people in in real need.  I really try to help these people with everything that I have, from taking the time to talk with and feed the homeless and mentally ill that I meet on the streets in the United States to listening and counseling everyone throughout the classes across the economic spectrum.  I find it so devastating that the pain of life suffering can effect everyone irrespective of their social economic situation. Loneliness and darkness exists in places I never imagined could exist. I truly want to be a channel of God’s peace and love and have found that often the people in the middle America suffer silently without relief.

Please let me tell you the story of a lady called Tracy.  This is a lady that came into my life through my work, she has a most beautiful soul, is hard working and committed to bringing amazing experiences to young people.  This lady works three jobs, two in the travel industry where she creates life changing experiences for young people, and a third job as a curriculum writer for middle school mathematics in the West Coast USA.  Tracy lost her mother to breast cancer, her father to lung cancer and five years ago in her early forties contracted breast cancer herself.

Tracy’s husband did not support her in her fight against breast cancer, in fact he is is very aggressive and tells her she deserves what she has got.  She quietly fought it alone, with no support.  Fearful of the fact that this was the very cancer her mother died of she didn’t want to bring her own cancer to peoples attention as she didn’t want to take away from the fight that her mother has had.  She lost her hair, had four rounds of chemotherapy and her husband lost interest in her as a person.  This lady has fought alone, survived, overcome and still battles everyday with the fear that her cancer may come back.

Invisibility is what brought us together, it is something that I understand and experience.  However, this is a different story and my current intention in for this wonderful lady.

Today, I sat with her on the phone on the East coast, whilst she on the west coast with no one else, had blood work for her five year post cancer check up.  She was sick with fear, very distressed and had no one other than myself to council her.  This is a middle class loneliness that is no different from the loneliness  that I see in people living on the streets.  Its cruel and unforgiving and deeply hurtful. God didn’t want us to be this way!

She is so terrified that she will have cancer again and has no one to support her in her fight, that I wanted to reach out to you to pray from her health and continued strength in fighting this disease.  An ongoing battle.

She said today, that I am the first person to actually even talk to her about her cancer and to offer support in the small way that I could.  How can our world be so unforgiving and uncaring? It really pains me.

I therefore, ask that you join me in prayer, please put her this prayer with mother Teresa who I I know would understand her loneliness and fill her with Gods love and power to over come.  Tracy has her results a week from today and I can be sure she will not sleep, will worry continually until the result are in and then worry more that she has made a fuss.  I know in my heart that Mother Teresa can comfort her and keep the cancer away.  Please can I ask that you take my prayer intentions to Mothers tomb and pray for Tracy’s continued health and continued confidence that someone cares.   She is so alone


St. Teresa of Calcutta,

Please pray for us that my son and daughter-in-law can soon complete the adoption of their baby daughter.  Her biological father is in jail and will likely be going to prison for multiple felonies.  He refuses to terminate his parental rights.  She is living happily and healthy in our family.  She has been with us for almost a year.  She is the joy of our life and we want her to be ours forever.  Please pray that the father will be inspired to make the decision to give her up so that she can have a wonderful life in our family.


Pls pray for my husband to be delivered frm drinking gambling no pray life only friends late nights with them drinking not providing money for the fly not attending Sun mass nor confession attacking me  children  r disturbed  pray 4 their exams n my  heal


Request you to please pray for me, that I may be blessed with an excellent job with good top post,  salary,  management and day shift soon.

And a strong and mighty anointing of the Holy spirit.


Michale is die of throat cancer. Pray for his brother dan and his friends. Yours in Christ Shannon


Pray 4my husband deliverance frm drinking gambling not attending Sun mass nor confession


Mother Teresa, Pleas pray for my mom, Donna, who is having colon surgery on March 21 in which she will have to have some of her colon removed. Please pray that all goes well with no problems, no complications, she will not have to wear a bag and that she will be safe. Please pray that the surgery will be a success. Thank you.


Please pray that a  17 year girl who is 4 months pregnant will not hand an abortion tomorrow   Her aunt told me today in church


Please lift my son Roland working in US in your prayers as he is facing some challenges at his work place.  My son desperately needs a project in hand so that his job is safe in the company. Lord Jesus bless Roland with a project so that his job is safe and also let his H1B visa  which is being filed be picked.  I believe and trust that Lord Jesus will not abandon Roland as He has carved him on the palm of His hand.  I have full trust in your divine mercy Lord Jesus, and humbly ask you to grant my petition. I promise to remain faithful to my faith and to live true Christian life.

Thank You Jesus, Praise You Jesus, I Adore You Lord


VERY URGENT!!!! I am asking everyone for your prayers for our very special friends, Chad and Loretta Harris, their family and their youngest 4 yr. old daughter Carin. Carin was in Joplin in the hospital a few days ago and they could not find out was wrong with her. They life - flighted her to Kansas City, Mo. to Children's Mercy Hospital. She is now in ICU, diagnosed with a brain infection. Chad has asked that we just share this and pass it all over the world for prayers because we know prayers work.


Please  pray for 10 yr.  Aiden who s in OR now, having surgery for brain cancer, please..?. Prayers for full recovery and right treatment and support, strength for he and his family? Prayers that Lord and His Holy Angels will surround them all w/ their loving care and Love?

Prayers for Aiden and all those who love him.



Please also pray for my friend Nuria her family and her Rosary group and also my rosary group

Pray request 4my husband deliverance frm drinking gambling not attending Sun day late nights with them drinking


Please pray  for shaveen.(1 year 6 months)He is having cold and cough for last few days.This was the pattern during last two month.

MAY the Lord our host pour out  his grace  to shaveen,shelomi sumadi and Shanak to be in good health






Received, first thank you for your help with my son and his vocation ,things are falling into place and we didn’t think it was possible.

Asking prayers for Matthew that he may come out of his court proceedings –less stressed and more hopeful for the future. Prayers for my mother’s health that is beginning to fail , and still prayers for my son#2)

for his chosen vocation, that he find a perfect place where he is needed and appreciated as a Teacher.


Dear Mother Teresa,

Please remember me in your prayers. I have been looking for work for eight months now. Last week, my dream government agency asked me to take their qualifying exams. I passed, and moved on to initial interview. I also passed it. I am just waiting for my final interview with a panel. Ask Our Lady and Saint Joseph to obtain for me this grace, as this work is something that really fits my skills and talents.


Mother Teresa, pray for me, with our dear sister Saint Thérèse.


Dear Sisters,

I will be grateful if you will ask Our Mother Maria and Mother Teresa to pray for my mom, to ask her to pray a rosary a day and to vote pro life now, and that I won't fall, that Jesus will keep me if I do, for. Sr. Annet Mary's leg to heal in a miracle, for Br. Benard not to get dizzy, for Ruth's mother.  Thank you so much.



St. Teresa of Calcutta, through your intercession to our Heavenly Father, I ask for the miraculous healing and ridding my sister, Elissa Marie, of brain cancer from her body.  I ask that she may be provided with the Grace of a long life free of cancer.


Pray valerie will go to a rehab for drug problems. Thank you


My son Doug/spinal injury

He cannot support his wife/2children/cannot hold job/spine injury very painful/having operation in April/please pray/he needs miracle/Mother Theresa also needs to return to Mass


Mother Teresa, please pray that my son will get the job he interviewed for and he also had a 2nd interview, please pray that a job will come from the.  And please do not let him lose hope in that something will come up soon for him.  Amen.


Mother Theresa I earnestly implore of you to grant my son healing for his eye sight.  Pl help his number t reduce or remain the same.  Amen


Pray 4 my husband deliverance frm drinking gambling no pray life only friends late nights wastting money on frds not providing money for the fly not attending Sun  mass nor confession attacking me


Blessed day,

through intercession of Mother Teresa I ask for prayers for my mother's lost purchase where she had everything, money, personal documents, etc. Thank you.


Please pray for Robert Smalley who has cancer

Praise be jesus!


Pray for Adil, Canada is undergoing treatment for his liver which was ruptured 2 yrs back ,its stated to be on the borderline, simultaneously his lungs got affected due to which he has breathing problem at night sometimes ,doctors have been called to treat him on that too .His heart has been affected to some extent due to drinking liquor which he has given up from past few months .

Today begins the first follow up of his treatment which needs to check the success of his treatment. pray that the lord heals him completely as he wants to live , god gives him a chance & he is healed from all sickness & pain. His treatment is a complete success & he is out of danger




Mary & Teresa:

I need your help.

Marriage in trouble, my situation tenuous.

How about some relief; it’s been a long time since I went to Arizona and nothing yet has been stable.

I need some help; in marriage, help, debt, career, and all else.

The solution to north and south Korea is to unite them in peace talks with trump. I pray for that.

Lift me up above family and friends in good health, all organs restored, my strength back, and my purposes with energy clear.

Release me from the box, with respect, freedom, and authority; and love. I am no use to anyone otherwise because they don’t see it.

On a construction site respect and freedom grow with success; haven’t seen this in a while. Even the story of joseph wouldn’t be captivating without gods will to move mountains.

I do love god, let him shine forth as he does and will do.

Save all souls, tell the lord the people are blind, lack awareness, need better examples, they need many positive examples and happenings, they carry the cross of sin and the curse of devils: help them.

I ask st george, Enoch, st michael archangel, you, and the trinity to intercede.

In Jesus name and by your immaculate heart as my mother.



Dear St Mother Teresa, pl. present my prayer request to Mother Mary, Mother of Mercy, Mother of love

Mary Mother of God, plead your Son Jesus for infilling of Holy Spirit to all members of our family. wash us all in the precious Blood of Jesus, purify us, sanctify us, convert & transform all members of our family to praise worship God from depth of our hearts. Heal Issy from autism & severe constipation (4 yrs), heal Angela knock knee complications without surgery (both legs) soon. Bless a couple with grace, holiness, that they may surrender their lives & children for the Glory of God. Deliver Mel from all the past painful memories, that he & Jude may participate in the Holy Eucharistic Mass & receive Jesus in the Holy Communion. Mother Mary our building is in very bad shape, bless & anoint Society Members, guide them to do the needful for redevelopment of the bldg. Be our Mother, keep us under your Mantle of holiness & protection.


I am 70 years old and suffer from many health issues and I live alone..

Please pray for my health and well being…

The most important thing to me is Eric’s conversion and salvation.

May he experience the peace of Christ and the love of God,


Dear Mother

Hope you are better

I have too a sore arm

It’s long to be better but it’s not the reason I ask for your help Could Pierre-Marc  be in your prayers He has an important phonecall for his career at 9:00am eastern time, Thursday Hope it will be to his advantage Thank you for your support In prayers


I have been having a lot of work stress and which I return had been causing me to  be stresses mentally, at work for some reason I am not able to concentrate and which is resulting in me making  errors in mailing out  the wrong paper work in the past 2 months I have made 3 major mistakes and have already been talked to about, not that I don't care about my job I really do need this job I am not sure why I have bad luck in work ,event though I am trying very hard to reduce my error, I humbly ask for you. To  pray for me , that there is not more sorrow causes by me and help me concentrate and be very careful at work


Thanks you


Dear mother Theresa you labored for the poor without discrimination of there recourse pray for me to earn that humanitarian heart to discernment this true vocation and Labor in this congregation wish I have desired to come across for a long time in my life .to live and minister for the less fortunate in the society who are always neglected since they have nothing to offer in return


Dear Friends,

I am happy to share with you that eleven year old Ancy was rescued by the police and brought home to her parents this Sunday afternoon. she was kidnapped 5 months ago. I join you in praising and thanking God for His mercy and faithfulness.

I request your prayers for a peaceful and just resolution of the student strike at the university.

For peace in Syria and for an end to the

My daughter Nadia to get a very good job that is professionally satisfying.

Thanking you






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