Some of her Favorite Prayers


Intentions to pray for


Prayer is the best gift of love you can give anyone you love.

- Saint Teresa of Calcutta




I humbly ask for prayers for my son. He is autistic and bipolar, and has been having troubles again after a long period of happiness and success.

I pray for St. Teresa of Calcutta’s intercession- as his situation is growing more and more difficult. He’s become more downtrodden, ostracized, and outcast at school — as his classmates and teachers often cannot see the sweetness of his soul because of his outward combativeness. I humbly ask St. Teresa’s help as she understood the plight of the outcast. I pray that the peace of the Holy Spirit settles his mind and heart, and that peace in turn allows him to thrive.

I ask this in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.


Please pray that my son will find employment soon, please pray that something will come up and he does not lose hope in that something will come up soon for him.  Amen.


Please pray for pain I have been having on my head. Thanks

I got back good results on my breast ultrasound.  Thanks for your prayers.


could we be in your prayers for Émilie for the succès of her exams she passed yesterday and today she can’t afford  not to pass Also please pray for Pierre-Marc for his job and life St Teresa please bless my family In prayers


Dear Mother Teresa

Thank you for continuing to be there during my course. Please help me pray that I will do well in my assignments and pass the course well. More importantly please help me pray that God will show me where I should serve him with my new skills and if it is God's will, I will get to be a para-counsellor with Family Life Society.

Please help me pray for the forgiveness of dad's sins and his eternal salvation.

Please help me pray for mum, Kein, Candy, Yew and Kay Kay for their good health, love, peace and conversion. Please help me pray that mum will be willing to attend RCIA this year and be baptised next year. Please pray that her heart has no problems. Please pray that Kay Kay will be cured of autism. Please pray that Yew Hong and Kay Kay will do well in school and grow up to be useful and generous people especially to the marginalised.

Please help pray that Isabel and Isaac will be merciful and just and return my money this year. Please pray that Suja, Ignatius, Praba and all AGC investigators will be wise and diligent in handling this case and I hope that the case will be open this year.

Please help me pray that I prepare for my consecration to the Militia Immaculata on 13 May 2018 and please bless me to be a faithful and loving Catholic and to live up to God's will for me. Please help me be faithful to Mother Mary.


Dear mother teresa,

You have said if they ever make you a saint you will be a saint of those in darkness - please pray for my dark night.  Please pray for all of my intentions.


Please pray for Good News from my Son, Luke.

Thank You Lord


May my energies be protected and the on/off of energy method work really well. Hope to be settled and anxiety free.


Dear sistes

please prey for a fried of mine, Claudia.

She has health problems.



Please keep in your beautiful prayers:

                    Mike who has had a neurological event that has left him without speech .The doctors cannot determine what has happened. He was a brilliant doctor and helped hundreds of patients.He needs a miracle. We, who believe in the miraculous power of Gods love and mercy know that all things are possible with God.

 Lord we lift up Mike to Your loving, healing ,miraculous arms. Jesus we trust in You and know You love Mike. Jesu You are the Divine Physician. Lord touch  his mind and his doctors to find the healing cure for this brilliant mind.

We pray in Jesus miraculous Name Amen


Please pray for Dr. Amala healing of mind, brain & nervous system including memory/forgetfullness & kidney function health.

Mrs. Rosai healing of kidney function, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 healing, Skin rash, boils, itching, hairfall, water retention/edema and healing for their mind, brain & nervous system including memory/forgetfullness and any powers of evil spirits etc. upon them.

Also pray for healing of my mind, brain & nervous system, freedom from unwanted fears in mind and skin white/brown spots pigmentation & hairfall, pimples/boils, skin tanned colour. Healing of or memory/forgetfullness and all powers of evil spirits etc. Also pray for healing of my abnormal reports of blood & urine of 1st May'18 and stable normal control of my high blood pressure which is as of now strong medicines dependent.

Also pray for me & Dona Fernandes to find a suitable mortgage home in wrexham, wales. And right type of job for me, Rosary Lopes and Dona Fernandes. And a right type, like minded person in marriage for me & Alisha Afonso.

Also pray for Luiza healing of her evil controlled communicative language, behaviours, lifestyle, overall good health and also for her portuguese passport to be obtained quickly and she may travel safe to the United Kingdom with all procedures and paperworks done correctly.

Pray that our residential House Malwara, - Goa, St. Lourence -, India be freed from all paranormal powers in and out of house surroundings, upon us, everyone who stepped in and around it. Also pray that the whole world with every living being and everything in it be freed from many evils that are happening around us everywhere at all times making living immpossible or keeping us at obstacles, suffering, pain , danger, death, near ones loss, long time delays, inhumane ways and evilish upturned language communication, unbearable heat/cold and mixed weather conditions, financial crisis and total depression/slack which makes life to come to a total full stop/death and ceasing of life on earth with total enemity with God and Man.

Thanking you,



For healing of the family physically spiritually psychologically   Cure peter and John return to the church   Job security and finances protection from all evil and harm for the family and home   Nc and sh and ch   Good friends bss   Thank you so very much


Please pray for:

     1.  For Diane to be healed of her cancer

     2.  For Mat and Kylie be able to have children---a miracle

     3.  For Annie, Judy, and Tom to have a safe trips and to be healthy during this time

     4.  For Susan to come to the Lord and to forgive.

     5.  For Bill K. , Dick J., and John D. to be healed of their leg problems


Prayers for my my body, mind, soul and heart to heal after a family death. Prayers for happiness in my heart again and for a financial blessing. Heal dad, too. Remove the hurt of losing mom. Allow blessings to come my family's way. Prayers for my siblings and their children to go down God's path and healing, as well. Prayers for Dozier to excel in their rankings to remove where they are or go even higher in their scores. For the leaders and teachers not to tire or get discouraged with so many things coming their way at this time.


I'm writing this letter to kindly request if a mass be offered for my 6 year old son Lucas and myself on the 11 May 2018.  We are facing some extremely challenging times, so please can you pray for our souls to be healed as we have been through so much abuse, trauma and loss. Please could you also pray that my son could attend a Catholic/Christian  school which his father opposes. He have claimed custody and forced my son to renounce his faith in God causing my son to be depressed as he feels he has nowhere to turn. We will be in court again on the 11th May. I am fighting to get my child into my full custody, but have no solicitor. So far it's gone in the fathers favor. Please could our names be added to your prayer list or rosary group. I would be most grateful.


Please offer strength to be the version of myself that I want to be. May the house be fully cleansed and always put a white light around our house which automatically cleanses it and our family members stay strong, positive and happy. Nothing negative ever comes, may they remain protected at all times. Do protect my energy field and aura, may it always remain strong and big/positive.


Dear Mother Teresa please pray for my friend Nicolette


Urgent prayers are needed through the intercession of Maria E for the healing of my sister Portia.  At this point, there is nothing that the medical profession can do to save her life.  We need a miraculous healing and we need it now! When I prayed last week regarding my sister, I had confirmation two times, through the Holy Spirit, that my sister will be healed.  Since the medical profession cannot do anything to heal her, the healing will come directly from the hand of God.  We need strong prayer to bring this healing to my sister.  Please pray hard, with full faith in God’s ability to heal my sister.

Please pray that her breathing not be labored.  Pray that the pneumonia heals, that the blood clots dissolve and that the cancer leaves.  Please pray for a full miraculous healing for my sister Portia through the intercession of Maria E and that this healing happens quickly

Thank you and God bless you,



Please pray for the following people:

Ed - Ean - Eddie - 2 people named Joe, Alayna who is pregnant and due shortly.

And all my intentions

Thank you, Ann


Dear Mother Teresa intercede for me and family in all our situations.Remember me and family in prayers, for God to grant us a family like that of Nazareth, help us receive the sacra,ent of matrimony and be able to acquire our desired house that we have identified, grant us the resources oh God, create a way for us in getting the finances. Commit me and Josh in prayers for finance breakthrough, job security and guidance in this journey, intervene for us in my insurance compensation that is outstanding and all business negotiations that am handling.

Defend me in all battles and allegations that come my way, keep us in good health, be our guide and defendor as a family. And for the Travel copr fraud, speak a word to the, that all funds be repaid. Grant my nephew Munene and Murangiri and sister Mary a job. Amen


Dear Mother Teresa, intercede for my mother Jane and Father Jeremiah in all their needs, guide and protect them always, be their defedor in this journey. Intercede for my late parent inlaws Jelia and Samson, eternal rest grant unto them Oh Lord and perpetual light shine upon them, may they rest in peace Amen.  Keep the request confidential.  In Jesus Name i Pray Amen


Asking for prayers for our grandson Eric. He just informed us that he is gay.  We LOVE HIM so very much.  Please add him to your prayer list for Spiritual Health.


That I may receive the Holy Spirit to the full and overflowing now and forever, be graced with the gifts of wisdom, fortitude, perseverance and final perseverance, patience, humility, prayer, counsel, healing prayer, prayerful counsel, faith, hope, trust, simplicity, clarity, and charity, and be graced to always live in Jesus' Truth, Will and Love, and be graced to always be Jesus' little willing instrument and little faithful, suffering, obedient, and loving servant, and through Jesus, Mary and Joseph that Mother Mary always helps me to keep getting up again after I fall so that I continue to follow her Son, Jesus.


Thank you and God bless you ceaselessly and abundantly and forever

To Jesus through Mother Mary always


Socorro, the mother of Liliana, our landlord, is going in for brain surgery on May 14th.  Please remember Socorro in your prayers and mass at Mother’s tomb.  Socorro has a condition that causes infections in her brain and she has been through many surgeries and complications because of this condition.  Mother, please intercede for Socorro.  Mary and Jesus, please be with Socorro and bring the sweet due of healing to her brain.  Thank you, Mother.  Thank you Mary and Jesus.


Please pray for my son Alex . Emotional problems and not able to get a PD job.



pray for Snježana.

She s pregnant.

That everything would be good with she and baby.

That she give birth well and that she and child are healthy and good in

Jesus name i pray.

And please pray for my family.

Thank You Lord .

Thank you all.


Please pray for my son Alex he needs a miracle . Heal his heart and he needs a miracle


Please pray for my family for deliverance, healing, blessings, protection, financial aid. Mother Theresa pray for us, help us.


please intervene God. I'm hurt inside, i am so tired to cover everything by pretending and no matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working, please pray for Damianus aditya christie and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him, I have been struggling with pain for the past 3 years. I know You knows my pain God, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner, Father you say, knock and the door will be opened to you. I come with a broken heart, I feel hopeless and emptyness. i depend on you and still hope, if God deign, please God soften and touch Damianus aditya christie heart for me, He means a lot to me. I really love him and disappointed to him at the same time. I can't touch his heart, only God can change people's hearts. i know that prayer is a powerful thing, please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. because God, You have power to help me. if you do not want this reconciliation to happen, please give me strength to overcome the bitterness. Teach me how to remain grateful when the hardest one, teach me to love You more than anything. I really need a miracle, thank you


kindly pray for clearing Driving License test today at Oman.


Kindly keep on praying  for

my husband: Healing, mandates and retiment

my slightly autistic son: vocation, healing, studies and jobs

my slightly autistic daughter: vocation, healing, studies and jobs

and myself: healing and duty

Thank you in Jesus and Mary


prayers for special intention for ts


I request your prayers to get permission for leading eremitical life if it is the will of God(Fr R.)


Please pray for my father-in-law.  He has undergone a major intestinal surgery and is on the path to recovery.  He is currently very weak and is unable to walk at all.  Please pray for him to gain his strength, eat the right kind of food and be able to walk again soon.  Please bless him with good health and strength.



Dear Mother Teresa, I need your help. I am suffering depression/anxiety, numbness in my body and a hearing loss not helped with hearing aids. My heart and soul longs to be healed. I am having a difficult time when I pray. I want to feel peace and joy again. Please pray to Jesus for me. May He have mercy on me and heal me. Thank you Jesus for loving me, and for all You have done for me. Amen


Please pray for my friend who is doing chemotherapy treatment. I pray for the intercession of St. Mother Teresa that my friend will recover soon.


Please pray for my healing of the  following blood & urine tests of 1st may 2018:

Complete blood count is slightly up and down

Serum fasting blood sugar is slightly high

Serum bicarbonate is slightly low

Serum creatinine is very high causing mild water retention.

Serum BUN to creatinine ratio is slightly low

Serum Alkaline Phosphatase is slightly high

And, there is a presence of uric acid crystal in routine urine test.

Also pray for healing of skin pigmentation i.e white and brown spots/areas on skin, leaving uneven skin colour due to pigmentation or something else.



Sister Carmela, whom you have seen often in my list of pray-ers.  Now she is on the end of needing prayers, and I promised to pass along her prayer request to her.

     Also, my Dad, George, is having surgery on an aneurysm on May 17th.  Please keep him, his surgeon, anesthesiologist, and members of the team in your prayers.


Please pray for

• Yvonne Cardon for her continued health, wealth and prosperity and that she does well at the doctor’s appointment

• And for her mom - for her continued health, wealth and prosperity


Raeann - an elderly lady in a nursing home who has a lot of problems with the staff. She is depressed.

She also broke her ankle and needs prayer for that and also for her boyfriend who is in an assisted-living facility.


O blessed saint mother teressa .....I place my petition to u please pray for my family where there r conflicts disputes among my mummy Leena n my dad Conrad mendonsa since the next day of their marriage uptill today when we are almost 30 years of age .since childhood till the age of 30 the whole family is suffering but things have worsened this time family is just near to separation. Along with this fight cannot bear the burden of illness neither my mom nor me suffering from arthritis not able to walk and do our daily activities my dad who abuses us quarrels drinks hits us doubts us wid wants to kill us onli we r saved till today by the grace n mercy of Jesus . My elder sister has been taken out of the house WID 15 day old baby from our house by my father  who is also suffering from her in-laws side. Please keep the baby n my elder sister her husband in ur live n care n mercy. Bless our family . By ur powerfull intercession reunite my family . I beg u with outstretched arms to save my father n my family from evil attacks.


Please pray that the process if foreclosure will stop.  Pray for those agencies trying to help us.  Pray for my family and daughter's family who just moved in with us because they were evicted.  Please help us to them and our other children and grandchildren.  Please also pray for my son Jared who passed  away 7 years ago.  Pray for relief of PTSD anxiety and effects of alcohol.   Thank you



May the mind fully heal and memory be super focused and sharp. The strengths of the mind reach a greater potential. Any negative programming’s or anything negatively done be gone instantly. The higher conscious thoughts and gods gifted abilties be in full action. Life turns into a new atmosphere healing everything including relationships, body, mind, spiritual energies. The spiritual energies all come back in the body and always stay, nothing of Navdeep's own personal power and strengths leave.


Eric’s surgery went well. Praise God!!! He has 8 to 10 weeks of recovery including Physical Therapy. He is in a lot of pain and will only take Tylenol. Thank you for your good prayers!!!


Dear St.Teresa,

Please intercede for my intentions,






I would like to request your prayers for my daughter Amelya to perform well in her exams.  She is a very diligent student but because of getting bullied in school, she has come down in her grades.  Please pray that she may be blessed with confidence and calmness to be able to give her exams and score well.


I am going to class 12 and I am 16 years old. Please pray for my family and also for my studies. Please pray for us to buy a new home and my father to get a job. Please pray for the souls in purgatory. Asian the lord our God Jesus Christ to be ever with us and ask how to grant us abandoned blessings. I want to become a priest if God decides. Please pray for all this intercession rev sr. By Jesus' son A


Please pray that Filmore Amancia will close  a real estate transactions  this month of May 2018. May he find more  good cash buyers and clients for his real estate brokerage business. This I ask in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen


continue to pray for my friend.   And last year she has written the Government exam TRB..The result will be next week. Pray in a special way through the intercession of Mother Theresa,  so that she may pass in the exam and get a good job.  She is going through lots of suffering in her life.  She is only clinging on this TRB...Through the interssion of mother tereasa pray for her that she may find job...and be happy in her life.

 With full of sorrow in my heart her friend Jeyasheely.


Please keep private Health healing and holiness of the family   Cure peter chrissy John let them live a long healthy life.  Job security finances and protection from all evil and harm   NC and CH   HG  AG

AG thank you so much God bless you


Please pray for my 11 year old nephew Braeden who has an inoperable brain tumor. Please also pray for my family and a special intention of mine. Thank you!



My dad passed away on April 29th.

Please pray for her soul. His name is

Jose Arijon Rama.

I missed my dad a lot. He meant the world to me.

Please pray for him and also give us strength.

God Bless you and Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Maria



Dear Mother Teresa,

Intercede for the many problems and heartaches I have in my family. Have mercy on me and ask our dear Father to send help soon. Thank you.


Our grandson Eric who is 19 years old broke his collar bone for the second time. Eric was in an automobile accident and is having surgery tomorrow around 12:30 p.m.

Lord Jesus Bless the surgeons and medical staff that will operate on Eric tomorrow. Be with them and equip them to be extensions of Your healing hand. Remain present with Eric, Lord, even when He falls asleep from the pain medication. Help Eric to feel Your presence and remember that You are always with him. Never leaving. Always faithful. Loving him more than he is capable of understanding.


I pray for a miracle physical healing of my stomach, stamina, all infirmities to get out of bed and resume mother duties,financial blessing, to meet Catholic spouse, for my grandchildren’s health. Children’s health,  grades in school, intentions, weight loss program, finances, meet Catholic spouse. I give thanks to God for every step towards healing. Thank you Blessed Mother for your prayers. God bless.



Lord I ask that you to Bless and heal Eric through this surgery. I trust You… today, and always. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


I pray for a miracle physical healing of my stomach, stamina, all infirmities to get out of bed and resume mother duties, financial blessing, to meet Catholic spouse, for my grandchildren’s health. Children’s health,  grades in school, intentions, weight loss program, finances, meet Catholic spouse. I give thanks to God for every step towards healing. Thank you Blessed Mother for your prayers. God bless.

Prayer intentions

Viv with critical respiratory event with history of multiple Pulmonary embolisms

Caitlin with rare disease PAS

Dot Uhl recovering from colon cancer surgery

MIitra battling breast cancer for years and now not sensitive to tamoxifen and other meds. she has mets to the liver

Mike with his seizure battle and horrific side effects of meds

Louis who started immunotherapy for his lymphoma

Mike recovering from cancer surgery

Bobbie with cardiac disease

Mary (Bubbles )Westman with deteriorating Parkinson’s disease

Virginia Fallon in treatment for brain cancer

Tommy recovering from colon surgery and atrial fibrillation

Pete with deteriorating hip and chronic muscle pain and diabetes

Bonnie’s niece Tiffany who had gone through extensive chemo for aggressive breast cancer  and is unchanged

Woman with chronic pain from radiation

Anna’s sister with debilitating cardiac and pulmonary disease

Friends son having surgery

Susan Gutterson Ansanelli suffering with deteriorating joint disease and chronic pain

Two men who suffer with depression and unemployed

Marianne St. P. new dx of lung spot


Dear Jesus, please give Father Ivo all the gifts and charisma of the Holy Spirit.

Please Jesus, at this moment in which Father Ivo Pavic will be praying on Sevgi- on May 12 and May 13, 2018 , heal Jesus, Sevgi- from now on forever and forever by a great miracle of all psychic Diseases. Merciful Jesus, please heal - Meryem, at this moment in which Father Ivo will pray on Sevgi- on May 12th and May 13th 2018 also now and forever through a great miracle of all bodily diseases. Dear Jesus, at this moment in which Father Ivo will be praying on - Akbulut on May 12 and May 13, 2018, heal and deliver , Sevgi-, forever and forever through a great miracle of all pain Sevgi- Akblut feels in her soul and in her whole body. Almighty Jesus, at this moment in which Father Ivo        will be praying on Sevgi- on May 12 and May 13, 2018, please let the miracle happen that from now on Sevgi- can work 100% forever and ever in her whole life. Please Jesus release  Sevgi- forever and ever from all demonic attacks. Thank you Jesus. Amen


I am feeling quite sick and am unable to be at work the past few days.  I am in a very difficult situation financially and have no family.  I share accommodations with someone who is very difficult to live with and I need to find a home of my own.  I am one year from retirement but cannot retire in debt.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

God bless!


I am here to request for your prayers from my daughter Amelya who is starting her exams tomorrow. Bless her with good health and may she be able to perform well.  Bless her with guidance and give her the calmness and confidence she needs. May the lord and Mama Mary be by her side and protect her always. May she do well Mama.  That will help her be a more confident child.  Thank you very much sisters.


Please also pray for my friend Nuria her family and her Rosary group and also my rosary group


Please pray  for shaveen.(1 year 6 months)He is having cold and cough for last few days.This was the pattern during last two month. MAY the Lord our host pour out  his grace  to shaveen, shelomi, sumadi and Shanak to be in good health



Please pray for all sick, aged and lonely, Persecuted and Immigrants, for the Intentions of our Pope Francis, as well as his protection peace and serenity this Easter. May our Lord bless and keep him always, because He along with the Holy Mother Church Loves and has Hoped in Him. Please pray for the intentions of the Holysouls online Purgatory Project, and for all Souls, living and deceased. Glory be to God, Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother Mary.


please continue to prayer for baby Cecelia


Please for my son AR fo his needs and a Miracle . Please pray for RJ my husband and our marriage


please Jesus intercede so Xavier and Melissa  return our apartment they do not pay us and the term is over


Please pray for:

-Megan G.  in ICU accidentally overdosed on meds.

For Brent has cancer that has spread to hip and spine.

Please continue to pray for:

 Bea S.that breast cancer will go into remission.

Found another cancerous lymph node.

Leslie to recover from failed reconstructive breast surgery.

Thank you w/ all my heart.


Thank you for your prayers for my Uncle Michael. He had an MRI that showed all the tumors are shrinking but one tumor has a slight increase and has swelling around it. Could you please pray that the tumor will have no more enhancement in growth and the it will shrink and that the swelling will go back down? Thank you. He will be having an MRI on May 11 and the doctors will decide which treatment to do next depending on what the results say. Thank you. God Bless,


Pls  pray for my son Savio, doing his final exam.Pls pray for my son to pass in all his exam, with flying  colours..Pls help him to find a good job of his field .



Please pray for Diane and Eva to get well from there operations. For Richard who is having problems with the sciatica nerve and Ethan who had his appendix out on Monday. That Eva is not in so much pain. Thank you


Saint Teresa please pray for my brother Alan, who was recently diagnosed with a severe heart condition. Please pray for him and his family as they navigate through this difficult time awaiting the results of ongoing tests. Bless you always Amen.


Dearest Father God

Please help me. I please need your help, blessings and miracles to heal my self, life, and relationship with Jerry soroosh . Asking for healing for my entire families both lineages in heaven and Earth. Asking God for the perfect job opportunities for my self . Guidance, support and  miracles. Asking for world peace, health ,love , abundance and enough food and water  in Mother Earth for everyone. Giving God my love and gratitude for what I have  already in my life. So grateful for all the blessings.

With love and gratitude

Thank you


Please add Kevin and Brian to your Friday intercession –that they may find help with their vocation’s they have trained and studied so hard for. Please take away their worries and anxiety over their next steps in life. Watch over their mental health and keep them safe from harm. Thank you.


Please pray for our beautiful parish, Saints Philip and James, and our school, for it's continued growth in the grace of God.  May we continue to bless our children, our families, and our community with the good news of our beloved Jesus, as we open the hearts and minds of all who are here with us, and all those who will be joining us this year.



We are Engineering students. Our university exams are starting from 26th April onwards. Please pray for us to get success in all our exams in the name of LORD JESUS with the help of St MOTHER TERESA


Laura o Leary has an x husband who is an asshole. Pray for mercy for Laura and her kiddos . Conversion of heart for the family. Conversion of heart for x.


Oh Mother Teresa,

Praying painfully to to unite me and SM ,drive away all the problems and barriers in relationship between me and SM that keeps us separate . Bless her to forgive me and love me passionately as husband .Praying you to intervene and remove hurdles and problems in our relationship. .Praying mother to to bless us to accept each other as husband and wife and bless SM to take care of me whole through our life.Oh mother , praying you mother painfully fill our mind with love and care for each other .Oh mother praying to remove all doubts and hesitation in our mind and bless us to love unconditionally as husband and wife.. Oh mother! save our relationship from breaking up and bless us to love each other more deeply.Oh mother of Lord,praying to bless me and SM to forgive and forget all pain n hurt made by each other and start to love each more passionately day by day and live as husband and wife till last breath.Requesting Mother to accept my prayer and miraculous intervention ,live in the hope of your blessing .


For Laura o Leary and her kids. Sobriety for Mary Ellen Slimet . Peace for Ann Karen and Laura. Grief healing for Dave


Please pray that I am elected to the post of building administrator. I need the salary


Please  offer prayers of thanksgiving that Joseph has once again survived another major surgery and pray that it would take away the pain that he has been experiencing almost daily.


Kindly keep on praying  for

my husband: Healing, MANDATES, studies (Bachelor) and pension-retirement

my slightly autistic son: vocation, healing, studies (MASTER)  and jobs

my slightly autistic daughter: vocation, healing, studies (Maturite) and jobs

and myself: healing and duty


Mother Theresa I earnestly implore of you to grant me and my family the grace to get back our hard earned money.  Give us justice from those who have wronged us.


My self Tom Jose and my wife Ann Mary Tom is having a family issues for the last 4 months. At Present we are are Staying Separately. My wife has also lodged a case against me in the Court. My Relatives and  parents are trying for a Meditation on Thursday evening( 26 th April ) . Request the Shalom Group for pray for  a Successful mediation and Gods Interception for Living together with our Kids aged 7 and 9 years for rest of the Life.



For my husband who spends time with frds gambling n drinking not providing money for the fly not attending Sun mass nor confession attacking me after consuming drinks full time with frds gambling  on off days  no pray life no fly life


Please pray for my family and me, most especially Brian, Kim, and their families who have become as strangers to me.  please also pray for henry to grow. Thank you. Donna


may I request your prayers for Amelya.  She is not doing well in her studies.  May she be more conscientious and thorough and be able to do well in her upcoming exams.  Bless her with the will do go ahead and prove that she can do it.  May Mama Mary and mother Teresa intercede for me and Amelya.


dear mother, please help me to feel better soon, please keep me well.  reassure my heart urgently.   thank you








My daughter johanna suffering with vitelgo kindley pray for her 3 yr 4 month girl


I am in need of healing for my intestines. Something there needs healing and it needs a lot of healing. Please heal my stomach and intestines. Take away the pain and problems. I want to have great health and be feeling great again. Help me please. Thanks


I ask humbly in your name that you help my sister Vandana to find your peace and love. Help her boyfriend to find peace and love and help them to unite themselves together.  God I pray for myself, I have a desire to be a voice and begin to unify the Church together.  Help me with Church Nation. Help me to make this movement your movement. Help me to write for you. and give me the words to speak. Provide for me, and love me, Lord.  I pray for my girlfriend Jhansi. Protect her and guide her and her family.  Provide for her.


son Doug just had 5th spine surgery---is unable to work===has wife/2 children/so much needs abilityto earn a living--  wife now     -works 2 jobs---please ask Jesus for  a miracle cure--thank   yo


Please pray for my husband to have a true conversion experience and to return to the Church. Please also pray that I may surrender my will to God’s in a certain matter and have peace about it. Thank you all and God bless!


mother teresa through the power of god  heal my dads eyes. repair all damaged blood vessels, nerves and viens. heal his cataracts and bring all swelling down. and please continue to pray your loving prayers for my dad. ty ijn amen


Please pray for me. I am having trouble solving problems in dealing with Brazilian  bureaucrats who want to charge me a fortune in fines. I am a 74 widow with no income


I am here again to request for your prayers for my father-in-law so he may recover soon from his surgery.  It is currently very hard for him to move around and exercise and he lacks the strength.  Please pray that the Lord may heal him and give him the strength to recover soon and be able to move around on his own.  He is finding it very difficult right now and the family is trying to push him – please help them all, protect them and give them strength.  May the Lord fill him with grace and strength.


Pls pray for my son Flavian a good health,having problem of tonsil.My son is doing his MS of engineering in Australia.This is his final year,very soon in June his exam will start.help him in his studies,pass with flying colors..Always keep both my sons Flavian nSavio in prayer.



Mother Teresa I earnestly impolore of you to be our mother and guide and save my family especially my son from the evils intentions of the two boys who ar harassing him for money.  Mother please grant us your grace and guide us how to deal with the situation and emerge out sucessful in your greater glory.  I ask this prayer in your name.  Amen


Dear blessed mother teresa🙏i’m asking for your mercy for my fast recovery and have a good and healthy body.Please protect me and my family.please give us guidance.

Thank you mother teresa.❤️


Mother Teresa,

Please pray that my son will find employment and soon, please do not let him lose hope in that something will come up soon for him and hopefully he will get the job that he had interviewed for.  Amen.



Please pray for Tony who is in an induced coma. His signs are improving, but he has been through so much. He has lived at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia since age 3 a good part of the time.


Please intercede for me to our Heavenly Father that he may show me his divine mercy and forgiveness.  I plead for help to save my relationship with Jude.  God brought us together to be one another’s pillar of strength, Jude brought me back to Church and I led him to his baptism.  Please Father allow us to be together.  I promise I will do penance my own life and love this new child of yours whole-heartedly.  Pray for me that it may be God’s will that our relationship is strengthen and we will not be separated.  Pray for me that Jude and me will stay faithful to one another and that we have a future together.  Father please allow to continue our earthly life together and allow us to continue growing in our faith together.  I will consecrate our home to the Holy Trinity and we will keep learning about our faith together.  Help Father help; have mercy and pity on me.


Please pray for Bridget, 6 years old who has bone cancer and will have her leg below the knee amputated on April 23. Her grandmother Mary works for Uncle Barney’s Barn


I have severe depression, no job, no savings. Feeling suicidal. Please say a prayer for me. T


I kindly ask for your prayers for Thomas and Bernhard for cenversion and for me that I can find my vocation.


Kindly keep on praying  for

my husband: Healing, mandates and retiment

my slightly autistic son: vocation, healing, studies (MASTER IN INFORMATICS)  and jobs

my slightly autistic daughter: vocation, healing, studies (MATURITE SPECIALISEE) and jobs

and myself: healing (ANXIETIES, HEART, OVARY OPERATION) and duty


Please see urgent prayer request for 5 year old little boy.

Please add Cole Michael Lahoe to your prayer line.  He is age 5 needs some prayers right now. He has Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and is having complications.









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