Através do Advento e do Natal com Madre Teresa

♦1st Week of Advent Pictorial Meditation

♦2nd Week of Advent Pictorial Meditation

♦3rd Week of Advent Pictorial Meditation:

♦4th Week of Advent Pictorial Meditation


♦Prayer for the Advent Wreath


Advent is the season of the seed: Christ loved this symbol of the seed ... Advent, the seed of the world's life, was hidden in Our Lady: Advent is the season of the secret, the secret of the growth of Christ, of Divine Love growing in silence. It is the season of humility, silence, and growth. For nine months Christ grew in His Mother's body. By His own will she formed Him from herself, from the simplicity of her daily life. She had nothing to give Him but herself. He asked for nothing else. She gave Him herself. Working, eating, sleeping, she was forming His body from hers. His flesh and blood. From her humanity she gave Him His humanity. Walking in the streets of Nazareth to do her shopping, to visit her friends, she set His feet on the path of Jerusalem. Washing, weaving, kneading, sweeping, her hands prepared His hands for the nails. Every beat of her heart gave Him His heart to love with, His heart to be broken by love. more>>>


♦During this Advent, with Mary, let us “form” Jesus within us

 ♦Daily Readings for the whole of Advent




♦New Year:















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