Poemas em honra de Madre Teresa:

Mother Teresa-4


Mother Teresa

Agnes Gonxha Rojaxhiu



She "did ordinary things

with extraordinary love"

caring for the poorest of the poor

without recognition

with so much love

that she seemed divine,

but she was only a woman

who did things that no one else did,

but anyone could have done.

Her unparalleled compassion,

could give the world two lifetimes

She answered the call within the call

of service to those in need,

because they are god on earth

she has done God's work,

but went beyond his expectations

doing more than anyone could

more than anyone would.


Came the day we never wanted,

but knew would come

the Mother of Calcutta

an inspiration to all the world,

now oversees the work from heaven above,

where none of us are,

but where someday we all could be.

She was the evidence,

for the existence of God

was given a national funeral,

interpreted into multi-languages:

connecting all nations.

Doves mark the way

for a mission of charity

doing "extraordinary things

with an ordinary life

with a heart bigger than the world."

She was only a woman

doing things we all can do,

but choose not to.


by-Scott Szabo Allendale, Michigan© 2011 --Scott Szabo Allendale, Michigan











Text © Mother Teresa Center of the Missionaries of Charity




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