Poemas em honra de Madre Teresa:


♦An awesome Lady – Mother Teresa



O! What a wonder you are Mother Teresa

For having destined your heart to serve

From farthest lands you travelled thus far

To redeem the abandoned strewn here

You are indeed a celestial being

Chosen by God in His dream

He sent you to reach the poorest heart

To treasure their pain with barriers apart

You spotted every soul

That was shattered in this world

Nowhere to go; no one to love

But shouldered in life, they knelt below

You lifted them up at their timely hour

And deepened their hope that God was there

Embalming their journey with peace so fair

You completed their agony with your loving care.

Mother Teresa – You are a real beauty in ashes!


Tara Prakash

Parishioner- Sacred Heart Church, Bangalore, India









Text © Mother Teresa Center of the Missionaries of Charity




Mother Teresa Center

3835 National Avenue

San Diego, CA 92113




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