♦Poemas em honra de Madre Teresa:





Saint of the gutters

Companion of all

Teresa so little

Standing so tall

Sister of mercy

In a border of blue

Crown of Calcutta

So faithful and true

You cared, reaching down

Opening your door

Serving the strangers

Helping the poor

You looked in their eyes

Praying, Father above

And saw the Lord Jesus

In faces of love

O mother of many

O sister so small

O saint of salvation

Who answered God’s call

We love you and miss you

And long for the day

When we will be with you

In Heaven we pray


By Rev. Richard D. Vestnys, D.D. © 2010 Rev. Richard D. Vestnys, D.D.














Text © Mother Teresa Center of the Missionaries of Charity




Mother Teresa Center

3835 National Avenue

San Diego, CA 92113






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