♦Poemas em honra de Madre Teresa:





Mother Teresa



A flower bloomed, a star shone on an Albanian family in Yugoslavia.

On August 26 1910, When Christ was reborn then.

Christ born in the form of young girl, Agnes

Soon chosen to be Mother, a Universal symbol of love and self sacrifice.


Soon young Agnes became a Mother,as Mother Teresa

As a mother to the millions of orphans and neglected.

As real incarnation on CHRIST we saw Thou Mother Teresa.




At early age of 18, the best part of teen.

When teenage switched to life of styles and fashion,

Thou chose love, affection and compassion.

Thou chose to be a nun,and ended all thy fun.

Thou left thy own country and came to Calcutta,

To work for thousands who are carefree.

When the lepers,orphans, sick and needy cried about their plight,

Thou, an Angel,dawned on them a divine light.

Thou left thy home, to give uncared a HOME.

Thou have been a Mother to Orphans.

Thou hath been a God to the sick.

Thou hath given light of divinity to the people who were in the dark,

Of who’s cries people never barked.

Admist all the injury & suffering & dust, Thou touched and healed them.

Without a slight feeling of disgust.

When we in India considered our brothers as Untouchability,

And burderned on them with humility.

From nowhere where in sight Like Jesus Christ

Thou came and taught us humanity.

We now realized our folly,

And we considered thee as a living kali(hindu god)

For thine services of selflessness, Thou hath received many International awards.

Which for thee were unwanted and unexpected.

But these high and prestigious awards did not reduce thine love and affection

For the uncared and neglected.

Thou remained and chose to live with the poorest of poor

And among thr people who were Struck by deadly and  uncurable diseases.

Just as how Ocean cannot be brought in a glass

Thine enormous and great selfless services of love is very vast like Ocean.

To be put in small words

MOTHER ! Thou have been the greatest and best Epitome

Of love and self sacrifice.




Mother, One day everyone has to die

And nobody can question the nature why?

Even the great god of death.

When He gave thee his first call , in form of a heart attack

And when we saw that there are many in the world

Drenched in the cold,to be given warmth by divine You

And many millions in different queues,to be touched by divine You

On thine divine leg,did he fall

And returned home leaving thee back.

To take thee back many a times, He hesitated

When he saw thine selfless service to the poor and neglected.


Finally on September 5th

The Christ himself,hath taken thee quietly

The way He gave thee.

The Creator has been so mean

In taking a divine thee back

In such a condition,When a Good Human among us lack.

On September 5th 1997 , When India celebrated Teachers day

The Creator has taken away a great Teacher.

A Teacher of Love, Compassion and Dignity

And who taughts this to souls of the world





In thine last journey when you went

From the world outer and outer

In our souls thee went inner and inner

There was not a soul untouched by thou

When you came out of church of St.Thomas

Thou filled pain and sorrow in us.

While passing throuh Park street and Middleton Row

The whole of Nation was filled with sorrow

Even the active crow,filled with sorrow failed to crow

Even the bright sun was dull from morn.

On the way to thine HOME

The sky expressed his sorrow by crying in the form of drizzling.

As thou passed,the heads bent down

The guns went down.

And there was quietness everywhere

Oh Mother , WE MISS YOU

Just as thou came from nowhere in sight

Quietly thou rose up

And attained the lotus feet of Christ.





Mother, I had not known about thee till my 2nd standard.

I had not see thee till my 5th standard.

Now when I learnt fully abou thee, Thou are now nowhere.

When many people saw the neglected and sympathized ,

On love compassion and affection You emphasized.

Mother, Today I feel why I wasn’t a leper

To be touched and fed by thine divine lotus hand.

Today I felt why I was not a VIP

So that I could talk and touch thine divine feet.

Even the most unfourtunate

Had the chance of seeing thine divine eyes

And be touched by thine divine hands.

In the every line of thine divine wrinkle

Mother, I could see thine divine selfless services

In thy eyes of divine twinkle,

I could see love & compassion which never ceases.

And in that divine smile

Thou throw one to heaven above miles.

In my sight,

Mother, I could see thee

As a divine messenger of love of Christ.

Thine words of love,

Thine principles of adoption to abortion

Thine seeing Jesus in anything and everything

Thine ultimate faith in God

Which people do when in the times of hard

Make thou hold a special place in my soul and in others.

Mother, On thou attaining heaven

This little heart who used to cry for silly things

Cries today for losing  a real essential thing.

These tears are real ones with real gratitude and sorrow.


Mother , with a heavy heart

Shaky hand and drenched eyes

About thou, I write this woeful poem

To show my real love for thee.

Mother, thou preferred to be in a world of poorest of poor,

But now, the world has become poorer without thee.

Mother , I wish to write about thee more

But, tears blind me and words daunt me.

Mountains may turn in lands Or lands may turn into mountains.

But till the earth explodes ,taking away thine name

Is something which nobody can.

For generations to come, Thou will be the greatest epitome

Of life after death.

Mother, thine message of love & Compassion & selflessness

Will be in my heart. and I promise to keep till I rot.

Mother , I would like to end with a message


And thou hath been an epitome of it.

Mother, I LOVE YOU and I need you

Mother, We Love You and We need You.


By Naresh S. Chennai – India.














Text © Mother Teresa Center of the Missionaries of Charity




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