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♦How to get here?

♦Places open for public viewing at Mother House:

    ♦I. Mother Teresa's Tomb

     ♦II. Museum

     ♦III. Mother Teresa's Room

♦Visiting hours

♦Other Missionaries of Charity (MC) Homes you can visit in the city area

♦Places where Mother Teresa lived and worked as a Loreto sister and in the early years of the Missionaries of Charity

♦St. Mary's School

♦St. Teresa's Church and School

♦Motijhil School

♦14 Creek Lane

♦St. Thomas' Church

♦Comments and reflections of Visitors




Photo © Mother Teresa Center

The Mother House of the Missionaries of Charity, located at 54A, A.J.C. Bose Road, Calcutta, is the headquarters of the international religious congregation of the Missionaries of Charity. It has been home to Mother Teresa and her sisters from February 1953 to the present day. It is here that Mother lived, prayed, worked, and guided her religious family of sisters spread across the world. It is here that her body was laid to rest.



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Visiting Hours: 8 a.m. to 12 noon; 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Visiting days: Everyday except Thursdays. Mother House remains closed on 22nd August, Easter Monday, and 26th December every year.




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How to get here:


From Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International Airport: You can get a prepaid Taxi before you exit the Airport; currently, the fare is approximately Rs. 200-250.


Or you can use the A/C buses available as soon as you exit the airport. Bus numbers V- , V- and V- will bring you either to Park Circus or Manicktala, from where you take a taxi to reach the Mother House. At present, the fare ranges between Rs.  25 and 35.


From Howrah Railway Station, the current taxi fare does not exceed Rs. 100. Direct Buses from Howrah to Ripon Street are Kasba mini buses and 39A/2


From Sealdah Railway Station Bus numbers 45/B.  Alternatively, you can take a taxi, which, should not cost you more than Rs. 20-30, according to current rates.


When using taxis, please insist that drivers switch on the meter. To calculate the taxi fare, double the amount shown on the meter and then add two rupees to that amount.


While 'Missionaries of Charity House' or 'Mother Teresa' are now local landmarks, other places of reference include 'Jora Girja' (St. James Church) and 'Bamboo Villa' (Income Tax Office).  Both are located opposite the Mother House.


The Mother House is easily identifiable : a four-storeyed grey building with brown shuttered windows; a short walk from the corner of Ripon Street. Walk into the narrow lane running along the left side of the Motherhouse, to reach the main entrance.


The Missionaries of Charity do not have any lodging facilities for pilgrims. Toilet facilities are scarce too.  The nearest guest house is the Baptist Mission Society, a few buildings down the road, at 44, AJC Bose Road.





Places open for public viewing at Mother House:



I. Mother Teresa's Tomb



Mother Teresa was buried on the ground floor of the Mother House on 13th September, 1997. Her tomb has become a place of pilgrimage and quiet meditation to people of all creeds. The site of the tomb is a place of profound silence and peace despite the persistent noise of passing Calcutta traffic. Mother's tomb is truly a reflection of her life, that we must be able to pray and contemplate even in the midst of noise and  distractions.




Photo © Mother Teresa Center


At Mother's Tomb, you can:


1.Pray and place your petitions

Prayer  petitions can be placed in the box on Mother Teresa's Tomb during your visit. All petitions are offered on the altar during the weekly Friday Mass.

(Petitions can also be emailed, and they will be placed at Mother's tomb for you.)


2. Celebrate Holy Mass

Fridays at 4.30 pm: Special mass offered for the intentions placed at Mother's tomb during the week. Mass is followed by a special blessing with Mother's relic.


Masses for pilgrim groups accompanied by a priest can be organized at Mother's tomb during visiting hours. Prior notification is needed. Priests who wish to celebrate Mass at Mother's Tomb are requested to wear proper vestments.


No Mass stipends are accepted for Mass intentions.


Mass is held every morning at 6 a.m. for the sisters and volunteers in the main chapel on the first floor. We encourage the faithful (Catholics) in Kolkata to celebrate Mass at their respective  parishes since space in the chapel is limited.







II. Museum





Adjacent to Mother's tomb is a small exhibition opened in 2005, entitled 'Mother Teresa's Life, Spirit  and Message'.  The exhibition includes many of Mother Teresa's handwritten letters,  spiritual exhortations and her few personal belongings - sari, sandals, crucifix.



Mother Teresa's  Novena prayer cards, the Miraculous Medallion of Mother Mary, and  other related printed material are available at the museum, free of cost. Sisters also distribute souvenirs at Mother's tomb, and  at the main entrance when the tomb is closed.

Please note that the Missionaries of Charity do not sell books or souvenirs.

To buy additional reading materials about Mother's life, a visit to the nearby Pauline Book Center might be useful (35, Royd Street, Elliot Road).

Photo © Mother Teresa Center





III. Mother Teresa's Room



This is the room where Mother Teresa lived and worked from the 1950s until her death in 1997. It is from this room that Mother went home to God on September 5th, 1997.




All other areas of the Mother House are private (except the main Chapel), and entry is strictly prohibited.




Visitor Etiquette


An atmosphere of silence and prayer is to be maintained at all times.

Please bear in mind that the Mother House is also a residence for the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity.

Please keep mobiles on silent mode.

During any service at the tomb, please maintain strict silence.

Photographs are allowed only at Mother Teresa's tomb and of  her statue, for your private use. Please do not take photos/videos for any media/publications without obtaining written permission. You are also requested not to take photos/videos of the Sisters and their activities around the house.

We urge you to  take care of your personal belongings.

Although Mother's Tomb is a sacred place, you do not need to remove your footwear. We are concerned about the loss of shoes and the distress caused thereafter.

Being a site of reverence and pilgrimage, visitors are requested to be appropriately attired when coming on visits.

Please do not encourage professional beggars around the Mother house or be under the impression that the

  Missionaries of Charity have appointed them as guides to MC homes.

Please approach sisters available at the main entrance, Tomb and Museum for further queries.





Other Missionaries of Charity (MC) Homes you can visit in the city area:




Photos© Mother Teresa Center

1. Nirmala Shishu Bhavan (Children's Home): 78, A.J.C. Bose Road (just down the road from the Mother House) Tel: 2217 52 67


Photos© Mother Teresa Center

2. Prem Dan (Home for Sick & Dying): 37, Tiljala Road, No. 4 Bridge


Photos© Mother Teresa Center

3. Nirmal Hriday (Home for Dying Destitutes): 251, Kalighat Road (near Kali Temple)


Photos© Mother Teresa Center

4. Daya Dan (Home for Handicapped): 58/1, Nimtalla Ghat Street (via Manicktala)



Photos© Mother Teresa Center


5. Shanti Dan (Rehabilitation Centre for Abandoned Women): 37,Tengra Road

(Bus to Sealdah, then take an auto to Vaishali Cinema)



Photos© Mother Teresa Center


6. Titagarh (Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre, MC Brothers)/Gandhiji Prem Nivas: Near Titagarh Railway Station (train from Sealdah Railway Station).



7. Jisu Bhavan (MC Fathers' Residence) : 88, Sundari Mohan Avenue (landmark: CIT Road, Lady's Park)



8. St. John's Church: All-day Eucharistic Adoration by MC Contemplative sisters. 308, A.J.C. Bose Road (next to Sealdah Station)



9. Missionaries of Charity Brothers: 7, Mansatala Row, Kidderpore.



Photo © Mother Teresa Center






Places where Mother Teresa lived  and worked as a Loreto sister and in the early years of the Missionaries of Charity:



1. Loreto Entally Convent, where Mother Teresa lived from 1931 to 1948. Situated at 1, Convent Road, Entally. Visits to the grounds require prior permission from the Loreto Sisters.








2. St. Mary's School, 1, Convent Road, Entally, where Mother Teresa served as teacher and Principal for about 18 years. Visitors must seek prior permission from the Sisters of the Daughters of St. Anne.









4. St. Teresa's Church and  School, Moulali : Mother Teresa as a Loreto nun, was assigned  teaching and administrative duties at the school and Sunday Apostolate. Later, the first dispensary of the Missionaries of Charity was established here in 1949. Situated at 92, A.J.C. Bose Road.







5. Motijhil School, Mother Teresa's first slum school. Located behind Loreto Entally.







6. 14 Creek Lane: The foundation and first house of the Missionaries of Charity. Located opposite the NRS hospital on A.J.C. Bose Road. This house can be viewed only from the outside.


Photo © Mother Teresa Center








7. St. Thomas' Church, where Mother Teresa's body was laid in state before her funeral. Situated at 7 Middleton Row, off  Park Street (Mother Teresa Sarani).











Mother’s tomb, Mother’s room and museum continue to make a deep impact on visitors, which is reflected in their comments in the visitors’ book. A few of them are noted below by way of example:



“Holy place to understand the value of life and the love of God.”


“This makes me fall in love with Jesus all over again and consecrate myself to serve Him with all that I am .”


“Let us follow the foot prints of Holy Mother.”


“Mother! I feel so privileged to have existed in this world when you were here. I wish I can love my fellow human being by at least a fraction of your grand love and compassion.”



Photo © Mother Teresa Center


“Heart touching to see what Mother has done for India and the world. A great sense of inspiration to all.”


“A special place to visit. Very moving and amazing to see Mother’s mission continuing.”


“It is very, very hard to believe and feel the greatness of simpleness of a simple but great soul. The real Godliness.”


“I felt a holy touch and the warmth of the love of God when I entered this place. Praise God for this Blessed servant.”


“If Gandhi freed from British rule, Mother freed us from poverty and egoism with love and affection.”


“Spirit of Mother Teresa, lead me with you in the footsteps of Jesus.”


“No one can be like you. You use the light to the poor and needy. You are not dead. You still live in many hearts.



Photo © Mother Teresa Center


“Reflecting on the joy and life of Bl. M. Teresa inspires me seek Jesus in all people. To give Him my heart and allow Him to use me at home, at work, at any part of my day.”


“We follow Mother’s advice, small things with great love.”


“The spirit of Mother is sure to inspire us to journey from culture of fragmentation to the culture of communion, from culture of indifference to the culture of compassion.”


“Simplicity is where the true beauty is and this is one of the finest examples amongst the worldly affairs”


“As I enter the room I feel like I am in heaven. It has a quiet voice of God.”


“I arrived a place, where a true Christian lived and witnessed Christ Jesus. Really it is a memorable day for me.”


“Such a blessed life. There are surely no limits to what God can achieve through a truly devoted heart.”

Photo © Mother Teresa Center



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