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In 1996, I met Mother Teresa in Via Casilina 222, and I had a vision of Jesus' eyes in her own eyes.



Mother Teresa was kind enough to mail me a hand-written reply to my letter and offer her prayers for me when she was the one who was sick and ailing a few years before she passed on to a better life. I was amazed that this woman who was a world traveler and world-renowned, would take the time for me whom she had never met. I will treasure always her note.

Mother Teresa represented to me a light shining in the darkness, a hope for the poor and the sick and a heart full of compassion.



As a Protestant, I loved Mother Teresa. I saw in her true Christianity. I even wanted to go to Calcutta and work with her; I was so sad that she died before I could. On Easter Vigil 2001, I was received into the Catholic Church. I attribute my conversion to the intercession of Mother Teresa. I believe that when she got to Heaven, God showed her the impact she had on my life and as a result, prayed me home to Christ's Church. I took the name Teresa as my confirmation name in honor of her. Thank you Blessed Mother Teresa. I love you for your faithfulness to God and being a tangible witness of Christ's unconditional love. Pax Christi



I was in a severe emotional state - and crying and depressed for three solid days. I could not stop. This horrid loneliness and sorrow came over me. I prayed and enlisted the help of heaven. As I was praying, I had the thought that I was just praying to air and that God was not listening. This went on for three solid days!! It wasn't until I saw Mother Teresa's daily reflection book on my bookshelf - and I picked it up and read it that I was calmed of this torment, and given back my joy. Her words filled my spirit with a new song, and my dark day became like spring time. It brought such a peace of soul, and those darkest hours seem so far away.



I have only been a Catholic for 3 months, but I have always admired Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The way she brought dignity to the least of God's Children. Her smile and humble demeanor. She is an inspiration to me, and reminds me that the greatest weapon against evil and injustice is love! Whenever I read something that Mother wrote I get chills all over, but the good kind of chills. Sometimes when I am feeling especially depressed I feel Mother standing over me smiling as if to say that everything is going to be alright. She was such a treasure while on Earth and is still doing God's Work now that she is in Heaven! I pray for her Canonization, that it may be speedy.- "Mother Teresa of Calcutta pray for us that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ!"




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