Novena to St Teresa of Calcutta



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Fourth Day:

Our Lady Will Help You


“How much we need Mary to teach us what it means to satiate God’s Thirsting Love for us, which Jesus came to reveal to us. She did it so beautifully. Yes, Mary allowed God to take possession of her life by her purity, her humility, and her faithful love.…Let us seek to grow, under the guidance of our Heavenly Mother, in these three important interior attitudes of soul that delight the Heart of God and enable Him to unite Himself to us, in and through Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is in doing so that, like Mary our Mother, we will allow God to take full possession of our whole being—and through us God will be able to reach out His Thirsting Love to all we come in contact with, especially the poor.”


“If we stand with Our Lady, she will give us her spirit of loving trust, total surrender, and cheerfulness.”




Thought for the day:

“How close we must keep to Our Lady who understood

what depth of Divine Love was being

revealed as she stood at the foot of the Cross and

heard Jesus cry out: “I thirst.”



Ask for the grace to learn from Our Lady to quench Jesus

thirst as she did.

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