5th September 2020


 ♦Prayers at Mother Teresa's the tomb


Sr Prema: Mother Teresa gives us courage in this difficult time

by Suor Prema

On the Mother’s feast day, the superior of the Missionaries of Charity noted that “Mother's heart reflected the Heart of God.” Archbishop of Thomas D’Souza of Calcutta underlined the nuns' commitment to the hungry, the poor and the sick from COVID-19. “Many a COVID warrior [. . .] are in some way or other inspired by the life and example of Saint Teresa of Calcutta”.


Kolkata  – Today is the liturgical memory of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. This morning at 6 am, Archbishop Thomas D’Souza of Calcutta, celebrated Mass in front of the saint’s tomb, in the mother house of the Missionaries of Charity, the women's order founded by Mother Teresa.


In his homily, Mgr D'Souza noted that because of the pandemic, there is “death, hunger and poverty around us.”


“Through her Sisters and Brothers of the Missionaries of Charity and thousands of collaborators, Mother is continuing her service to the poorest of the poor today,” he said speaking about the service performed by the Sisters in many cities to feed the hungry.


“Many a COVID warrior, or those very generous and selfless men and women of all religions and faith convictions who have been serving heroically the sick, the poor, the hungry, are in some way or other inspired by the life and example of Saint Teresa of Calcutta, that outstanding good Samaritan of our times, as Pope Francis called her”.


Finally, in front of the tomb of the Mother, Sr Prema, superior general of the order, read the following message:


Mother's heart reflected the Heart of God. She was a person of strength and determination. At the same time, she had a tender heart with an extraordinary capacity to get at the heart of the people.


Their suffering would move her immediately into action. She showed deep concern for each one personally.


She recognized the dignity of a child of God in them and moreover the presence of Jesus, her only love and Lord.


She met their need for love and encouragement. Her eyes would detect soon the loneliness and sorrow hidden in their hearts.


Mother's words will give us courage in this difficult time. She said:


"Thank God, there is God, in whose hands we are. The pain of seeing my people suffer so much is very great.

God is the Light that will never extinguish.

God is the Way that will never go wrong.

God is the Truth that will conquer.

God is the Life that will never die.






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