Poems in honor of Mother Teresa

Inspired by the life of Mother Teresa and her words and work

inspired by the life of Mother Teresa

- Kynaat Awan, India


I am a Muslim student studying journalism. I have been inspired by the life of Mother Teresa and her words and work have touched my heart. I believe that she is a great inspiration for all no matter what they believe and her love and dedication of the poor and needy has sent echoes round the world. She has inspired me to become a better person and to give my love to others, because we never truly know what the price of a smile can mean to another.


Along the dusty roads of Calcutta

With its soaring heat and dense rainfall

A woman stood amidst this plain

With an intention of bringing love to all


She judged not those she saw

She claimed that there was Jesus in them all

She said she could solve the paradox of love

Because if you love till it hurts there can only be love


She gave comfort to the beggars

And smiled sweetly at the lepers

She let none come towards her without feeling better

Because the remedy for all illnesses is loving each other


Righteousness beamed on the lines of her face

She tried to chase away the pains of loneliness

She knew that we could not all do great things

But we could do small things with great love


In the silence of the night she'd kneel and pray

In the silence of the heart she would feel God speak

She realised that she herself was really nothing

But through the nothingness she felt the fulfillment of God's presence


She claimed that God never gave her anything that she could not handle

She just wished he didn't trust her so much

But due to that trust she helped many lost souls

whose lives have been now filled with His love


God was her biggest inspiration

She acted as his transmitter of love

“I am nothing but a pencil in God's hand

Who is sending his love letter to the world.”


Her life now acts as an inspiration for those who want to do good

The intention has to be right for it they say

Remember however that God doesn't require that we succeed

Rather he requires that we should all try


We should start by helping those closest to us

It isn't numbers that really matter

But rather it is speaking a kind word to someone who's lost all hope

Because it is the simple acts of kindness that are really remembered


“At the end of the day God will not ask us

How many good things you did

But rather he will ask how much love

did we put into what we did?”


Kynaat Awan
















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