Poems in honor of Mother Teresa

Beloved Mother Mother


Beloved Mother:

How beautiful you were

with your wrinkled face;

your body, tired, worn out, yet,

radiant and full of our Lord’s Spirit.

Your soft wrinkled hands soothed

all the ugly pains of those you touched.

Your smile, your embrace, was worth

more than all the richness

the universe might hold.


In your simple, yet, magnificent ways,

you were the grandest of the grand, yet,

you were the humblest of the humble.

You stood firm and did not waiver

when it came to Your (His) beliefs,

Your (His) principles.


Like any mother,

you chastised with words of love;

like Christ, you gave infinite love.

Your humanity felt the pain:

you knew it was wrong

to overlook the needy;

you did not wait for them to come

to you; you got your hands dirty

there and then; you overcame your fears.


Mother, why do our fears alienate us

and keep us from ‘walking the walk’?

You lived in reality like Jesus,

and true luminaries.

You taught by example;

you did not need the gargantuous

temples of concrete or glass.

Your voice was soft thunder that

only a few have herd, understand, follow.


How wonderful it is to discern

what a real angel would look like.

You lived your life

like the truest of worriers,

a warrioress for peace and,

for the only true thing that matters,



From your Beloved,

you learned what had to be done;

from your loved ones, you learned

how to live an exemplary life.

Thank you, dear Mother

for having accepted

the burdensome task

of truly being the light in my darkness.

My only desire is that you

will not be forgotten

through our daily deeds.

















Text © Mother Teresa Center of the Missionaries of Charity




Mother Teresa Center

3835 National Avenue

San Diego, CA 92113






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