Poems in honor of Mother Teresa


Mother Teresa – Queen of the Poor


Mother Teresa – Queen of the Poor


On an ordinary day to this selfish world

A messenger was sent by almighty God

A miracle it was that people witnessed,

Which of late has just vanished.

The birth of an ordinary human being

Who lived for others’ well being.


But, Was she just an ordinary person?

She - who had the courage to teach the whole world a lesson on compassion?

How easily she gave up her enriching career

To do the work of a selfless server (missionary)

The mission she took up after hearing Jesus’s call

A call which is not responded to, by one and all.


The task she chose was not a lucrative option,

But she did it with utmost gratification

The hungry people she fed

The sick ones, she cared and looked after

Those with various diseases, she tried to heal

All those who were unclean, she cleansed

To the home-less and hopeless she gave shelter and hope.


All these works are so easy writing

But aren’t they intricate in performing

What was it that prompted her to do all these things?

Forgetting all her personal desires for perhaps such least important things

She saw Jesus in all those people

Who were down with some or the other trouble.


For all her valuable service to humanity,

She was given awards and rewards from a world-wide community.

But all these awards and rewards

She has used for the lepers, sick and the destitute


A woman, was she or an angel?

Living a life of sacrifice

She always stood by the poor, needy and those who suffer in pain

Certainly not for any personal gain

Perhaps, by her birth heaven had become poorer

And earth had become richer

Indeed, by her death earth has become poorer

And heaven richer.


She was truly a living saint

Whose words and acts in reality make one faint.

Will a miracle take place again?

Will a Mother Teresa come again?


By Mr. Tartius Pattankatty.














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