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.. “I Thirst”, Jesus said when He was

deprived of every consolation,

when He was dying in Absolute

Poverty, when He was left alone,

despised. ...


He spoke of His Thirst -

not for water but for love,

for sacrifice. Jesus is God;

therefore, His love - His thirst - is infinite.


The Aim of our Society is to quench this

infinite thirst of God Made Man. ...

The Missionaries of Charity, using

the four vows,... continually give the thirsting

God to drink of their love

and the love of souls they bring to Him.


The Missionary of Charity

must always be with Our Lady

at the foot of the Cross ...

to quench the burning

thirst of Jesus.” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)


“I have asked Our Lady to keep the Society hidden in the five wounds of Jesus.” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)


In 1946, Mother Teresa received the inspiration to found the Missionaries of Charity in response to Christ’s plea that she makes Him known to the poorest of the poor by her humble service of love. She envisioned a congregation of women and received her first companion in March 1949. The “little Society” of twelve members was officially established on 7 October 1950. The religious branches include the Sisters, followed by the Brothers on 25 March 1963, then the Contemplative Sisters on 25 June 1976, the Contemplative Brothers on 19 March 1979, and the Fathers on 31 October 1984.


As a religious family the active and contemplative Sisters comprise one congregation, while the Brothers and Fathers are three separate congregations. All share in the charism of Mother Teresa to satiate God’s thirst for love by personal holiness and by working for the salvation and sanctification of the poorest of the poor. For all of the Sisters, Brothers and Fathers, Mother Teresa is “Mother.”


For the laity, Mother Teresa established the co-workers on 29 March, 1969 and the Sick and Suffering co-workers on 13 January 1953.


The Lay Missionaries of Charity were founded on 13 April 1987.




The two wounds in the Hands, Sisters & Brothers -

Active Serving with active love the Poor.


The two wounds in the Feet, Sisters and Brothers –

Contemplative Going in search of souls by their Word,  prayer & penance.


The Wound in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, The Priests -Satiating the Thirst of Jesus by their Priesthood by completing the work of the Sisters & Brothers of the Poor they serve. Even when Mother leaves you, Jesus’ thirst will never leave you. Jesus thirsting in the poor you will have with you always.


I want the Active Sisters and Brothers, the Contemplative Sisters and Brothers, and the Fathers to each one aid the other in satiating Jesus with their own special gift supporting, completing each other and this precious Grace as one Family, with one Aim and purpose. Do not exclude the Co-Workers and Lay MCs from this this is their call as well, help them to know it. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)



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At the time of Mother Teresa’s death (1997)


10 years after Mother Teresa’s death (2007)



3842 sisters serving in 594 houses in

120 countries

Active and Contemplative Sisters

4823 sisters serving in

757 houses in

134 countries

5029 sisters serving in

766 houses in

137 countries

5150 sisters serving in

758 houses in

139 countries

 363 brothers serving in

68 houses in

19 countries

Active brothers

367 brothers serving in

 68 houses in

 21 countries

377 brothers serving in

   68 houses in

    21 countries

391 brothers serving in

69 houses in

21 countries

14 brothers serving in

4 houses in

3 countries

Contemplative brothers

28 brothers serving in

 5 houses in

 4 countries

44 brothers serving in

  7 houses in

  5 countries

48 brothers serving in

8 houses in

5 countries

13 priests serving in

4 houses in

3 countries

MC Fathers

34 priests serving in

  8 houses in

  6 countries

38 priests serving in

  8 houses in

  5 countries

35 priests serving in

  9 communities in

  5 countries

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