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Saint Teresa’s tomb in Calcutta continues to be a place of pilgrimage and prayer for thousands

 Mother Teresa’s tomb in the Mother House of the Missionaries of Charity at 54A, A.J.C. Bose Road, in Kolkata continues to be a place of pilgrimage and prayer for thousands of local, national and international visitors. Daily streams of pilgrims visit the tomb. Poor, rich, influential and ordinary people of all faiths  come seeking inspiration or consolation. School children,  parents, young couples, and families from every section of  society make up the pilgrims.


Many visitors place their written prayers for Mother’s intercession in a box on the tomb. These requests are then placed on the altar during the weekly Mass. At 4.30 P.M. each Friday pilgrims gather for Mass at Mother’s tomb and for a personal blessing from the celebrating priest who holds a first class relic.


Sisters assist the pilgrims with spiritual help, to answer questions and guide. The site of the tomb is a place of quiet where one witnesses the depth of people’s prayer, and learns of the ongoing influence of the life of Mother in the lives of thousands of the faithful.


One interesting feature of a visit to Mother’s tomb is the profound silence and peace within the room despite the heavy, noisy Calcutta traffic outside the windows. It is a reflection of Mother’s life that a Missionary of Charity must be a contemplative and be able to pray even in the midst of noise and physical distractions.


Adjacent to the tomb in a marvelous exhibition of  many  of  Mother’s handwritten  letters,  spiritual exhortations and things she used in her daily life: one of her saris, sandals, the  plate  and  cup  she  used,  her crucifix  and  many  other  things. Pilgrims devoutly move around the exhibition, which captures her life’s work and spirituality.


When one makes a prayerful visit to Mother’s tomb and to the exhibition

one is uplifted and humbled, inspired to carry on her work and come closer to God.


Jim, Volunteer at Missionaries of Charity, Calcutta



 A few of them are noted below by way of example:


“Holy place to understand the value of life and the love of God.”


“This makes me fall in love with Jesus all over again and consecrate myself to serve Him with all that I am .”


“Let us follow the foot prints of Holy Mother.”


“Mother! I feel so privileged to have existed in this world when you were here. I wish I can love my fellow human being by at least a fraction of your grand love and compassion.”


“Heart touching to see what Mother has done for India and the world. A great sense of inspiration to all.”


“A special place to visit. Very moving and amazing to see Mother’s mission continuing.”


“It is very, very hard to believe and feel the greatness of simpleness of a simple but great soul. The real Godliness.”


“I felt a holy touch and the warmth of the love of God when I entered this place. Praise God for this Blessed servant.”


“If Gandhi freed from British rule, Mother freed us from poverty and egoism with love and affection.”


“Spirit of Mother Teresa, lead me with you in the footsteps of Jesus.”


“No one can be like you. You use the light to the poor and needy. You are not dead. You still live in many hearts.


“Reflecting on the joy and life of Bl. M. Teresa inspires me seek Jesus in all people. To give Him my heart and allow Him to use me at home, at work, at any part of my day.”


“We follow Mother’s advice, small things with great love.”


“The spirit of Mother is sure to inspire us to journey from culture of fragmentation to the culture of communion, from culture of indifference to the culture of compassion.”


“Simplicity is where the true beauty is and this is one of the finest examples amongst the worldly affairs”


“As I enter the room I feel like I am in heaven. It has a quiet voice of God.”


“I arrived a place, where a true Christian lived and witnessed Christ Jesus. Really it is a memorable day for me.”


“Such a blessed life. There are surely no limits to what God can achieve through a truly devoted heart.”

















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