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Die Muttergottes und der Heilige Rosenkranz


Mutter Teresa und der Rosenkranz

“Cling to the Rosary as the creeper clings to the tree

- for without Our Lady we cannot stand.”

(Mutter Teresa von Kalkutta)



Three Years after her death, the late, Pope John Paul II, said of Mother Teresa:

“as the years pass, her memory remains more vivid than ever. We remember her with her smile, her

deep gaze, her rosary.” (John Paul II on 5 September 2000)


And at the time of her beatification he remarked: “Is it not significant that her beatification is taking place

on the very day on which the Church celebrates World Mission Sunday? With the witness of her life,

Mother Teresa reminds everyone that the evangelizing mission of the Church passes through charity,

nourished by prayer and listening to God's word. Emblematic of this missionary style is the image

that shows the new Blessed clasping a child's hand in one hand while moving her Rosary beads with

the other. Contemplation and action, evangelization and human promotion: Mother Teresa proclaimed the

Gospel living her life as a total gift to the poor but, at the same time, steeped in prayer. (John Paul II on 19 October 2000)


The experience of God’s thirsting love was at the root of the exceptional capacity to love that characterized Mother Teresa’s life. Jesus words “I Thirst” uttered on Calvary echoed in her heart and she understood that the echo of the same words is still resonant in the cries of the poor on the Calvaries of the world. Like Mary, she stood at the foot of the Cross, and with the rosary in hand, she went “in haste” like Mary, in search of souls.”


The Rosary was her favorite and constant prayer. She prayed the rosary anytime, anywhere, but was especially fond of praying the rosary before the Blessed Sacrament.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta, by her example and especially by her silent witness of clinging to Our Lady through the rosary – and by her words, taught her followers and each one of us to pray and to work in union with Our Lady. The practice of praying the rosary in the street became part of the Missionaries of Charity way of life, and the hallmark of the sisters as they made and make their way through the slums, going in haste with Our Lady in search of souls.


Let us honor Our Lady and "sing her glory wherever we go by praying the Rosary with love and devotion daily and on the streets;"


"This month of October must be very special to each one of us, as it is the month during which Our Lady invites us all in a very special way to contemplate with her the mysteries of Jesus’ life that she shared so fully, through our fervent praying of the Rosary. Yes, we must always be very faithful and never give up praying the Rosary."

Let us heed her voice and follow Mother Teresa’s example of praying the Rosary daily with great love and fervor.





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