Über Mutter Teresa von Kalkutta


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Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich bestätige hiermit Erweis durch Fürsprache der Mutter Teresa.

Vergelts Gott.

Danke Danke Danke.




Auf der Rückseite eines Bildes von Mutter Teresa fand ich die

Worte: " Nimm dir Zeit zu beten. Das ist die größte Macht auf


Diesem Rat bin ich gerne gefolgt, denn ich war an Krebs erkrankt.

Seither sind bei mir keine neuen Tumoren mehr aufgetreten.


Dafür danke ich unserem Herrn Jesus Christus von ganzem Herzen.

Und Mutter Teresa danke ich für ihre Fürbitte und hoffe, daß sie

weiter für mich eintritt.




A ... lady ... was sent to us by a priest. She had already lost a girl at eight months of pregnancy for kidney problems. She became pregnant soon after; this time, it was a boy with the same problem [a hereditary sickness]. ... Doctors in different places advised her to [have an abortion] ... because the child did not have hope to live. ... She came to our house every week during the month of September and we encouraged this family to have faith, to pray to Mother, and to wear the Miraculous Medal. On the night of 19th to 20th of October, the anniversary of Mother Teresa's Beatification, she [delivered her baby by cesarean section]. The baby was born fully alive; he is now two weeks old. [Although the mother was still recovering from] the surgery, the family came directly from the hospital after one week ... to give thanks to Our Lady of Charity in the Shrine, and to visit us with the baby. The baby's name is Jesus. They were full of joy and confidence and Jesus too was very peaceful.



I am enclosing a detailed account of the horrific freak accident that occurred ... when [my neighbor] was kicked in the head by a cow on their farm .... We requested [the sisters] to pray for her recovery, through the intercession of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. [The sisters] promised to do this and requested us to write down the details of her story if she recovered and actually went back home to live on her farm in the future! So I have kept my promise ... Teresa is really very well now, thank God!






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