Hundertjahrfeier von Mutter Teresas Geburt


♦"Mother Teresa, a miracle for the world"

Interview with Sister Mary, Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity


♦Holy Father Benedict XVI's, Message for the Centenary celebrations

of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Birth 2010


♦"Love Is the Force That Changes the World":

The Pope's Christmas Lunch... with Rome's Poor


♦UNESCO, Paris - Pays a Tribute to Mother Teresa


♦India’s largest University sets up chair on Mother Teresa

Februar 17, 2011


♦Mother Teresa’s 100th Birthday preparation begins

Homily by Archbishop Henry D’Souza, 26 August 2009 at Mother Teresa's tomb in Kolkata


♦Mother Teresa's Birth Centenary 2010 - Theme Song

- Kolkatta by Fr. IC Jacob, sdb


♦“Created for Greater Things”

Preparing for the Centenary of Mother Teresa’s birth to live more fully this centenary


Wallpapers with:

♦Prayer for Peace

♦Prayers to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

♦Mother Teresa's words

♦Scripture quotes

♦Scripture quotes2


♦Word's of Pope Benedict XVI























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