Über die  Missionarinnen und Missionare  der Nächstenliebe


  Die von Mutter Teresa gegründete geistliche Familie



Briefe an die Mitarbeiter

 und Freiwilligenarbeitern und Laien Missionarinnen und Missionare   von:

♦Sr. M. Prema, MC











Weihnachten 2019


Meine lieben Mitarbeiter, aktiv, krank und leidend, Laien Missionare der Nächstenliebe, Mitglieder der "I Thirst" Bewegung, und Freiwilligenmithelfer,


In these times of darkness, persecution and impurity, let us long for the coming of Jesus and prepare for it by living in communion with the Most Pure Heart of Mother Mary immersed in her adoration.


 Before the Mystery of the Incarnation, before Jesus, the Son of God and Son of Mary, our response is adoration. “When God brings the firstborn into the world, He says: Let all God’s angels worship Him.” Heb. 1:6. The wise men came to adore one who lies in a manger. They look, they believe and do not question and they adore Jesus’ hidden Divinity in pure faith. Mary and Joseph knew this child was conceived by the Holy Spirit and they adore Him by loving Him intensely and serving Him with reverence.


During this Holy Season, let us beg God continually:

- for the grace of awareness and attentiveness in the presence of the “ever greater God” by opening

our hearts in joyful expectation to the mystery of Christ’s birth;

- for the grace to humble ourselves like Mary, who knows her nothingness before her Creator and adore with her Jesus, her Infant Son. To adore means to say: “You are great, I am nothing.”

- for the gift of the virtue of religion, expressed in adoration, that sets us free from turning in on ourselves, and sets us free from the slavery of sin and the idolatry of the world. See CCC 2097. Adoration strips us and presents us before God as we are.


 - for the grace to adore and attune our hearts to the Will of God and His Providence, convinced that God’s Will is all love in its origin, love in its realization and love in its reward. This conviction enables us to accept the good as well as the painful events with hope and peace.


- for the gift of the fire of Divine Love to purify our souls, to burn away all that is incompatible with God’s own holiness and to be transformed into Jesus’ own fire of love. Adoring God, we feel that we need God knowing that we are sinners, daughters and sons and sisters and brothers to others especially the weakest ones.


- for the gift of an adoring heart aflame with love for God and neighbour, a heart content to remain silent and still in His presence, a heart engaged only in the act of loving God and of receiving His love.


Kneeling close to Mother Mary, we will learn from her to adore Jesus in spirit and in truth/sincerity. Let us be the one to offer reparation for the blasphemy, indifference and coldness that attack the Divinity of Christ by an increase of adoration, reverence and obedient surrender. Let us make our lives a continual act of adoration. Together with all creatures in heaven and on earth, let us raise our hearts and voices: “For You alone are the Holy One, You alone are the Lord, You alone are the Most High, Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit in the glory of God the Father. Amen!”


In October, I met with our sister in Ranchi, India who was accused of being involved in child trafficking. She asked me to thank all for their prayers and sacrifices offered for her. Please do continue to pray for her. Also remember our sisters and the people in Yemen and Venezuela who continue to suffer from unchanged conditions in their countries.


 My sisters and I wish you and your dear families God’s profound joy and peace this Christmas and His grace and blessing for the New Year 2020.

Please, pray for me.








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