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国际慈善日 9月5日


♦Charity contributes to the promotion of dialogue,


♦2012 年 1 2 月 1 7 日大会决议,














Charity contributes to the promotion of dialogue


Charity contributes to the promotion of dialogue, solidarity and mutual understanding ‎among people.‎


Poverty persists in all countries of the world, ‎regardless of their economic, social and cultural situation, particularly in developing countries.


In recognition of the role of charity in alleviating humanitarian crises and human ‎suffering within and among nations, as well as of the efforts of charitable organizations ‎and individuals, including the work of Mother Teresa, the General Assembly of the ‎United Nations in its resolution A/RES/67/105 designated the 5th of September, the ‎anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa, as the International Day of Charity.‎


On this International Day of Charity, the United Nations invites all Member States and all international and regional organizations, as well as civil society, including non-governmental organizations and individuals, to commemorate the Day in an appropriate manner, by encouraging charity, including through education and public awareness-raising activities.

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  由于认识到慈善在缓解人道主义危机和人类痛苦的作用,承认慈善组织和像特里萨这样的个人所作出的努力。大会第A/RES/67/105号决议PDF document决定将9月5日特里萨修女逝世的日子定为国际慈善日。

















Secretary-General's Message



2013 年 9 月 5 日





为了纪念著名修女和传教士特里萨(Mother Teresa),联大2012年通过决议,将每年的9月5日定为“国际慈善日”,旨在弘扬慈善事业,客观认识并动员全世界人民、非政府组织和利益相关者通过志愿者和慈善活动帮助他人。


特里萨一生致力于帮助脆弱人群,并因此得到了世人的认可和好评。她在1979年被授予诺贝尔和平奖。特里萨于1997年9 月5日去世,享年87岁。


Charity plays an important role in upholding the values and advancing the work of the United Nations. Donations of time or money; volunteer engagement in one’s own community or on the other side of the world; acts of caring and kindness with no thought of recompense; these and other expressions of global solidarity help us in our shared quest to live together in harmony and build a peaceful future for all.


I welcome this first observance of the International Day of Charity, which was proclaimed last year by the United Nations General Assembly and which coincides with the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa, whose life and good works for some of the human family’s poorest and most vulnerable members inspired emulation across the world.


Strangely, charity sometimes gets dismissed, as if it is ineffective, inappropriate or even somehow demeaning to the recipient. “This isn’t charity”, some donors take pains to claim, “this is an investment”. Let us recognize charity for what it is at heart: a noble enterprise aimed at bettering the human condition.


At a time when we aim to accelerate our efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and define a bold agenda for the period beyond 2015, the role of charity can and should grow.


UN bodies such as the UN Volunteers Programme and UNICEF offer venues for people across the world to get involved.  In establishing the Day, the General Assembly asked that charity be encouraged through education and awareness-raising activities; initiatives such as the United Nations Academic Impact's ASPIRE -- Action by Students to Promote Innovation and Reform through Education -- have encouraged young women and men to take on the responsibility of ensuring that their less fortunate peers have the financial opportunity to go to school.  The UN’s humanitarian agencies rely on charitable donations from the public as well as the generosity of governments to continue their lifesaving work in response to natural disasters, armed conflicts and other emergencies.


On this new International Day, I call on people everywhere, of all ages, to act on the charitable impulse that resides in every human being.


Ban Ki-moon

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The Permanent Mission of Hungary, in cooperation with DPI, UNDP, UNOP and UNF, is organizing two panel discussions at UN Headquarters in New York to highlight the importance of non-profit organizations in development. The two discussions are going to concentrate on the role of charity in water and sanitation and poverty alleviation, eradication issues.


Participation is by invitation, however the panel discussions will be webcast LIVE on webtv.un.org.


Time and venue of the event: September 5, 2013, 3:00-6:00 p.m.; Conference Room 1, Conference Building, UN Headquarters


Agenda and speakers:


The role of charity in securing access to clean water and sanitation: 3:00-4:30 p.m.

Paull Young, Director of Digital, Charity: water

Girish Menon, Director of International Programmes, WaterAid

Kellie Sloan, Director and Chief of Staff for the Office of the President of Global Development, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Seema Shah, Director of Research for Special Projects, The Foundation Center

Partnership for poverty alleviation, eradication – the role of charity: 4:30-6:00 p.m.


Keynote speech: Hugh Evans, CEO, The Global Poverty Project

Navid Hanif, Director, Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination, UNDESA

Selim Jahan, Director, Poverty Practice, UNDP Bureau for Development Policy

Neelam Makhijani, CEO, The Resource Alliance

Susan Myers, Vice President for UN Relations, UN Foundation

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 2012 年 1 2 月 1 7 日大会决议

 [未经发交主要委员会而通过(A/67/L.45 和 Add.1)]


67/105. 国际慈善日




重申《世界人权宣言》,1 其中指出,对人类家庭所有成员的固有尊严及其平


回顾《和平文化宣言》2 和《和平文化行动纲领》3 的宗旨和目标,

重申经济及社会理事会关于国际年和周年纪念的 1980 年 7 月 25 日第

1980/67号决议以及大会关于宣布国际年的 1998年 12月 15日第 53/199号和 2006

年 12 月 20 日第 61/185 号决议,


言》4 确认团结是二十一世纪国际关系的基本价值,









 1. 决定将 9 月 5 日定为国际慈善日;

 2. 邀请所有会员国、联合国系统各组织、其他国际和区域组织以及包括非



 3. 请秘书长提请所有会员国和联合国系统各组织注意本决议。

2012 年 12 月 17 日

第 58 次全体会议




 第 217A(III)号决议。


 第 53/243A 号决议。


 第 53/243B 号决议。


 第 55/2 号决议。



58th plenary meeting 17 December 2012

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Charity contributes to the promotion of dialogue, solidarity and mutual understanding ‎among people.‎


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