"Life is the most beautiful gift of God. "

(Blessed Teresa of Calcutta) 


Maximilian and Michaela


Maria Teresina

David Xavier

Maria Teresa

Ella and her family



John Isaac


The child is the beauty of God present in the world that greatest gift to a family. (Blessed Teresa of Calcutta) 

John Isaac

I have a story to share about my intercession to Mother Teresa.  In June of 2007 we discovered at my 20 week ultrasound that our baby had a heart condition called Hypo-Plastic Left Heart Syndrome.  It is a serious heart condition that requires three surgeries, the first shortly after birth. This was devastating news to say the least.  We were offered abortion and quickly said that was NOT an option!  On the ride home, I kept thinking of who to intercede to.  Mother Teresa came to my mind right away.  So throughout the pregnancy we prayed for a healing.  I must add, that we also interceded to Padre Pio.  John Isaac was born and he was not healed, so we were prepared for him to have the first surgery.  John Isaac contracted an infection in his stomach cavity before the surgery and we thought he would surely die.  But we continued our prayers of intercession.  He pulled through the infection and had the first surgery.  He recovered very well until he developed another infection in his incision site.  This time it was MERCA staph.  This type of infection has killed even healthy children.  We firmly believe it was the power of prayer that stopped the infection from reaching his frail, little heart!  We firmly believe that Mother Teresa and Padre Pio's intercession saved his life.  When we got discouraged, we randomly saw pictures and statues of them together.  I even found a magnet of Mother Teresa in the parking lot of the grocery store!  It was as if she was telling me to have faith!  John Isaac has had two of his surgeries and is now doing remarkably well.  To look at him one would never know he has a heart condition much less had a staph infection that should have killed him!  This past month I have seen two babies die after the first surgery!  It has been placed on my heart to contact you to tell our story. 












I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 23 and was told I would never have any more children. (I had one son at that point). I was told to have a hysterectomy which I decided against as I really wanted more children.

I came to the sisters a year ago after hearing our priest, Fr. Paul, talk about them during Mass.  I told one of the Sisters that I was praying for a baby & she told me to pray to Blessed Teresa, which I did.  On the ninth day of the Novena I found out I was pregnant.  I had a high risk pregnancy because of a complete placenta previa but gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Oct–30–06, by C–section.

            I was scheduled for another surgery in Jan. to check the progress of the Endometriosis.  I got the results of that surgery last Tuesday.  My Dr.’s own words were – it was a miracle that you had this baby.  He could not believe that I had conceived.  My uterus is attached to my bowel & it appears that the endometriosis has gone thru the tubes & ovaries.  I am scheduled to have a hysterectomy this Friday – 23rd [2007].















February 2, 2009: Many months ago I requested prayers for the infertile friend of a friend. She is now 8 1/2 months pregnant!! God is WONDERFUL!! I just heard this news on how God answered our prayers.

February 23, 2009: Heather SAFELY gave birth to a healthy boy. May God in His great mercy be praised for His goodness and for hearing our prayers.

Carter Edward born 2/21/09, 1:09 pm, 9 lbs 13 ozs and 21.5 inches long.  Everyone is healthy and happy!!












Ella and her family



Baby Ella was born this morning; she weighed 7 lbs 9 oz and was 18 3/4 long.

This afternoon when I saw Lourdes my niece, she was telling me that when she went this morning to the hospital as scheduled, she did not realized that the reason she was feeling nauseas was because she was having contractions; the Dr. told her if they would have waited to have the C section tomorrow, it may have been too late, plus the baby was coming face up.

She had a little medal of Our Lady and kept telling everyone she wanted to place it in the crib. She was telling me that God was in charge and that she knew everything went so well because of the prayers.

She feels so blessed.

Thank you!









Maria Teresa


I married late, at almost 36 years of age, and my husband and I looked anxiously for a baby.  

I became pregnant and unfortunately lost this pregnancy at two months. 

Then we went through a time of trying to have another baby but I could not get pregnant; I began treatments that failed, studies etc.

One day we went to a specialist who told us that perhaps we would not be able to have children since I and my husband were older and perhaps we were not going to be able to conceive even though science has advanced much. Apart from our ages, my husband had a low sperm count and I had  blocked tubes. We left the doctor’s office very sad, and I told my husband that I was going to accept the will of God, although what I wished was to have a baby.

A day later, I went to the commercial center of San Juan to walk with a friend’s little girl, who I had promised to take to have ice cream. I entered a bookstore to look for a book and before my eyes was a book of Mother Teresa of Calcutta entitled, “Love until it hurts”; I bought it and began to read it in the evenings. One day on one of the pages it said that we could ask Mother Teresa for something  and I, with an immense faith, as I always admired her for her great work, asked her to intercede before God so that I could conceive. Immediately I became pregnant, and I promised that if it was a girl I would call her MARIA TERESA. I entrusted the pregnancy into the hands of God and Mother Teresa and had a beautiful and happy pregnancy and childbirth.

Today my baby is two years old, is called Maria Teresa, and is very beautiful and happy, the sunshine of our home. I am very grateful to Mother Teresa of Calcutta for this miracle, always convinced that Mother Teresa sent her.














David Xavier


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart from your prayers. six months ago, you sent me the relic of Beata Mother Teresa. I had asked you for prayers and you offered me a relic of Mother Teresa. I was pregnant with my fourth child, and going through terrible pain from rheumatoid arthritis. I could barely walk.

It sure it was a difficult time for me as I was going to give birth at any moment. I prayed to Mother Teresa for a happy delivery and for the cessation of the horrible pain.

I even took the relic you sent me to the hospital and kept it there while I was going into labor. Well the birthing process was not long (about four hours) Everything went well, as  I gave birth to a gorgeous healthy baby boy, his name is David. 

The pain that would not let me even walk before was gone, praise the Lord! Thank you Mother Teresa for your powerful intercessions.

God bless you and keep you always.
















Maria Teresina


In December of 2007 I was to have exploratory surgery to see why I was not able to conceive a child. In April of that same year I had a pre-cancerous polyp or small mass removed from my uterus. At that time, the doctor informed us that was the reason why I, up until that point in time, was not able to get pregnant. After the procedure to remove the mass, my husband and I were told a mass could return as soon as 4-6 months and maybe not come back for years to come. He stated that the best way to change the chemistry in the uterus would be to have a child and the more children the better.

We were unable to get pregnant and so our doctor then referred us to a top Invitro-Fertilization specialist. My husband and I immediately dismissed the referral because it clearly went against the Church’s teachings on the Sacrament of Marriage and Life.

In early November of that same year . . . my husband and I met Sr. Nirmala and briefly explained our plight. She stated she would pray and she would ask all the MC Sisters to pray. Additionally, we sought out several Pro-Life doctors and found one who is a specialist employing the Pope Paul VI Institute teachings on assisting in achieving pregnancy in accord with Church teachings. After the initial consultation I was told I need to have surgery and as soon as possible to see if there were any more growths. I pleaded with her to try another option. She reluctantly agreed and stated that she felt that the course of therapy—Tamoxifen used like Chlomid would not work. She had me schedule an appointment for pre-op on December 20, 2007. On Monday of the same week that I was scheduled for that pre-op appointment I called my doctor’s office and said I wasn’t feeling well and the nurse ordered a blood test from a nearby hospital. On Tuesday afternoon the next day the nurse called to say that I was not having surgery but I was having a baby! (On Tuesday I had just finished my novena to Mother Teresa. I had started it eight days before when Sister called me and asked me to take them to my church for their daily Mass. I started it then with the Sisters right beside and had taped the small relic of Mother’s habit to my womb which I was given by the Sisters and wore for the entire novena.) After my husband and I cried and hugged each other in grateful jubilation, it was then that I realized it was the ninth day of the novena, I had just finished that morning.

On August 23, 2008 we became the proud parents of a healthy baby girl: Maria Teresina Rose . . .

















All Glory to the Almighty……..

It is with extreme joy and gratitude that we share our experience of God’s special intervention in our lives, through the intercession of Blessed Mother Teresa.

We got married in February 1997. Six years of our married life passed by, without the blessing of a baby born to us. As usual, we went through a lot of medical formalities….one doctor after the other. We were praying too of course. But our prayer for a baby seemed to be unanswered. 

It was then in March 2003, I happened to read a testimony in a magazine ( a religious periodical by name ‘Vachanolsavam’ ) which stated that a tumour disappeared from the stomach of a person, after praying through the intercession of Blessed Mother Teresa. This incident happened in October 2002. 

This prompted me to share my thoughts with my wife: We know of several saints who lived in the past. We have only heard about them. But here is a saint who lived and moved in our own times. We are fully convinced that she led a very holy life, fully pleasing to God. So we decided to seek her intercession. Moreover, we knew that St Mother Theresa herself has taken care of the abandoned children on the streets and dustbins of Calcultta. How many babies are indebted to Blessed Mother Theresa for their existence on earth! Had it been not for Mother, how many babies would have died in the streets! Therefore she has a special concern for children. So we decided to seek her intercession. 

We started to pray: “ Lord, you know our helpless situation. We need your mercy and loving touch. Lord, we are surrendering ourselves into your hands through St Mother Teresa, your most beloved child on earth”.

Our prayer went on from March 2003 to April 2003. And then came the MIRACLE we were hoping for. The doctor confirmed that my wife HAS CONCEIVED. PRAISE THE LORD……..And we were blessed with a baby girl on 13th
March 2004… her name is ANNA.






 Maximilian and Michaela

I am writing to you about the miracle that I experienced through the intercession of Mother Teresa.  A few years ago I had given up the idea that I was going to have children.  My husband and I had been trying for a few years and simply could not get pregnant.  I've always been a Mother Teresa "fan".  I love her simplicity and the tender way she loves God and those around her.  Out of the blue a coworker handed me a letter.  In that letter she told me how, through the intercession of Mother Teresa, a couple had gotten pregnant.  The letter also contained a piece of Mother's sari.  Within 3 months, a day after my wedding anniversary, we found out we were pregnant.  Maximilian will be 2 in March and his younger sister, Michaela, will be 6 months this coming week.  I know this story does not have all of the documents, etc. for canonization, but I hope it gives someone hope.  Praise be to Jesus Christ!  God bless you and all that you do.


















Martin and Cathy