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Mother House
8th August 2010


My dear brothers and sisters around the world,

Mother Teresa was born 100 years ago in Skopje (in present-day Macedonia) on the 26th of August, 1910.

Her life and work continue to be an inspiration for young and old, rich and poor from all walks of life, religions and nations. Her message: "God has created us for greater things - to love and to be loved," makes us look beyond the struggles, loneliness and grievances of our daily life. We are called for something infinitely greater than riches, talent, fame or passing pleasures. We are called to look at God, our loving Father, and know that He loves us with an unconditional and tender, everlasting love; and we are called to share that love with those around us beginning with our families. In Mother's words, "Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family. We never know how much good just a simple smile can do."

In our Shishu Bhavan (Children's Home) in Kolkata, we had a severely handicapped girl who lived to 39 years of age. Her name was Sundari, which means beautiful. She owned nothing, and could do nothing with her completely gnarled body but lie in bed. But there was one thing she did well - she could give a big smile with great joy lighting up her whole face, communicating all the love that she had in her heart. She knew that she was loved and cared for, that she was precious to many. Sundari was not very pretty, but she was very beautiful.

Let us celebrate Mother's birth centenary by sharing the joy of loving and being loved. Let us pray to know better God's love for us.

Filled with God's love, we shall become carriers of His love to those around us by doing small things with great love, giving a smile, a kind word and a helping hand. These small things done with great love will "make our lives something beautiful for God.” Thus the world around us will be transformed for, “A smile generates smiles and love generates love.

God bless you,

Sr. M. Prema M.C., Superior General




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