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Feast of Christ the King

A little boy of 6 years asked his mother, a self- professed atheist, ""Who do you love more - me or God?" When he received the answer, "You, of course," he observed, "I think that is your big mistake,"

My dear Co-Workers, Active and Sick & Suffering , Lay M.C.'s and Volunteers,

I wish you a happy Feast of Christ the King. For Mother, Jesus was everything. When asked by a reporter, "Mother, what place do you give to Jesus in your life? "she immediately replied, "I give Him all the place."

During this time of Advent and Christmas we contemplate anew the mystery of God's love for His children in the birth at Bethlehem of His only begotten Son Jesus. Jesus brought us the light; of truth that we may know the truth and live it. Jesus redeemed us so that we may have the fullness of life in God. Jesus proved His love by becoming our servant, that we may know the blessedness of doing for others as He has done for us.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, invites us to open our hearts to ponder the tender compassion of God, our Father, by being attentive to the little and simple comings of Jesus in our daily life. In each event and person Jesus reveals Himself to us: "It is I; let me love you." Our Mother recognized Jesus and allowed Him to love her in every way and form He had chosen to come to her.

May our Mother intercede for us that we may draw very close to God during this Advent and Christmas, that we may experience the personal, merciful love Jesus has for us. In her letter dated 25 March 1993 our Mother gives us her guidance on how to approach Jesus:

-see with the eyes of your soul how He looks at you with love

-              hear Him in your heart; hear His loving words to you

-              know the living Jesus by being with Him in your heart


"Open your heart to be loved as you are." - Mother -

In her letter Mother asks us to discern the blocks that could close our hearts to Jesus' love:

-              hurts of life, which keep us imprisoned in self

-              our own mistakes, which make us distrust God’s mercy and goodness for us

-              temptations of the devil using self-accusation and self- condemnation

-              the error of thinking that happiness is achieved through worldly pleasure and success

"Only open your heart to be loved as you are. He will do the rest." - Mother -

St. Augustine, who recognized and confessed his big mistake, shares his discovery of God living in his heart:

"Too late have I loved You, 0 Beauty so ancient and so new, too late have I loved You! Behold You were within me while I was outside: it was there that I sought you, and a deformed creature, rushed headlong upon those things of beauty which You have made. You were with me, but I was not with You. They kept me far from You, those fair things which, if they were not in You, would not exist at all. You have called to me, and have cried out, and have shattered my deafness. You have blazed forth with light and have shone upon me and have put my blindness to flight. You have sent forth fragrance, and I have drawn in my breath, and I pant after You. I have lasted You, and I hunger and thirst after You. You have touched me %and I

The United Nations bestowed a great honour on our Mother in December of 2012 when its General Assembly adopted a resolution designating the 5th of September of every year as the International Day of Charity. The resolution, presented under the initiative of the Government of Hungary and co-sponsored by many member states, recognized the charitable works begun by Mother as ways of building solidarity among people from different civilizations and religions - an objective of the Culture of Peace which the United Nations upholds and desires to promote for the human family. On the 5th of September this year, therefore, the International Day of Charity was observed for the first time

I know that you are praying and sacrificing for our dear people in the Philippines who have suffered the devastating typhoon on 8 November 2013. We thank God for protecting our sisters and people at Tacloban and the contemplative community at Palo. They are engaged in the relief work.

I will go to be with our sisters for their first professions in Manila and their perpetual professions at Naga in December. God willing, I will be able to reach our sisters at Tacloban and Palo. Prom there I will proceed to Ethiopia for visitation of that Region. Please support me with your prayers and sacrifices

I pray for each one of you that you may give God His rightful place in your hearts.

May you and your families experience profoundly the coming of Jesus into your hearts at Christmas. And may your new year be blessed with God's love, joy and peace.










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