Sr.M. Prema M.C. to the Co-Workers, Sick and Suffering Co-Workers, L.M.C.S and Volunteers Aprile, 2012


Sr.M. Prema M.C. to the Co-Workers, Sick and Suffering Co-Workers, L.M.C.S and Volunteers November, 2011


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Sr.M. Prema M.C. to the Co-Workers, Sick and Suffering Co-Workers, L.M.C.S and Volunteers April, 2010


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Motherhouse, Kolkata
25 November 2012
Feast of Christ the King


My dear Co-Workers, Sick and Suffering Co-Workers, L.M.C.S and Volunteers,

••Our dear Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta brought to the world, especially to India, a very practical means of evangelization, a witnessing model. She became the most effective missionary in a land where Christians are less than of the population. Mother Teresa witnessed Jesus everywhere."

Cardinal Baselios Cleemis Thottunkal Archbishop Major of Trivandrum for Syro- Malankars


I wish you a fervent season of Advent, the abundant gift of love and peace of the newborn Saviour at Christmas and a gracefilled New Tear 2015. I thank God for the many graces and blessings He has given to each one of you and through your witness of life and loving service to your families and the poor.
During the Synod of -Bishops on the "Mew Evangelization * from the 7th to 28th of October I was deeply touched by the love which was expressed by the Synod Fathers for our M.C. vocation. At the Inauguration Mass Holy Father explained that the "Hew Evangelization is directed principally at those who, though baptized, have drifted away from the Church and live without reference to the Christian life, that they may rediscover the faith. Faith is the source of graces which brings joy and hope to personal, family and social life."
On the 11th of October at the opening Mass of the "Tear of Faith" the Cardinals and Bishops processed solemnly to the altar in St. Peter's Square commemorating the opening procession at the Vatican II Council 50 years ago. The ardeat desire to bring the Good Hews of Christ's salvation to the people was held in common with the representatives from the Orthodox Churches, the Anglican and the Christian Churches who had been invited to participate in the Synod. Several times our Mother and her work were mentioned to highlight her evanglizing radiance.
On the 26th of October I got the chance to share the following inter­vention on behalf of the Missionaries of Charity in the Synod Hall.
"Our Mother Teresa is known for the work done for the poor. Hot all are immediately aware of the aim of our work, that is, 'to bring souls to God and God to souls. When asked by the Minister of Social Work about the difference between his work and her work, she responded: You do it for something, we do it for Someone.' From the beginning of the Congregation Mother knew that the work would need much deep fervent prayers and maeh penance. With a confident faith and in a spirit of loving trust, total surrender and cheerfulness she had only one desire to quenoh the thirst of Jesus for love and for souls. Contemplating Jesus on the Cross she knew and taught us how to live our vows of poverty, obedience and charity. Our vocation is not the work, but to belong to Jesus and as Jesus told Mother, 'Your vocation is to love, suffer and save souls

In many countries the sisters take medicine to interior villages where Jesus is not yet known. The very sick ones are admitted in our homes where they receive the treatment mostly for tuberculosis. During their stay with us the poor share in the prayers of the sisters. They hear the Word of God, are present for Holy Mass and Eucharistic Adoration. They learn about God's merciful love for them and to pray the rosary. T^eir deepest questions about life receive an answer. At their return to their village they spread their experience of Jesus to their families and neighbours.


They received the gift of faith, through the witness of the religious life in the Churoh, a Church that prays, that lives in community of different cultures and nations and where love is put into action.

In Kolkata volunteers cone from many countries to share in the service of the poor in our homes. They come from all walks of life with very different expectations. These young people are invited to participate in the Holy Mass at 6 o'clock in the morning* After their service where they have touched Jesus in the poor, they return to Motherhouse to adore Jesus in the Eucharist at 6 p.m.

Usually a priest is available for confession. Lately we have an increasing number of Chinese volunteers* One day a young woman approached Mother beaming with joy: I have found Jesus in the home for the dying. A young man shared his experience in these words: 'I had come to change Kolkata; now I see that Kolkata has changed me.' In Temen, Afghanistan, Syria, Gaza, Iraq and other Muslim oountries we live among the people, serve their sick and handicapped poor and make personal contaot with the families to support them in their immediate needs.

Our Mother spread the Kingdom of the Immaculate Heart by offering a Miraculous Medal to every person she met. We go two by two, rosary in hand and Our Lady opens the doors and the hearts of the poor for Jesus to enter. Please pray for us that we may make the Church fully present by our love for Jesus and the poor wherever Sod has sent us.
I thank Your Holiness and you dear Bishops for earing lovingly for the spiritual needs of our sisters in your dioceses."
My dear Co-Workers, Lay Missionaries of Cfcarity and volunteers, I am deeply grateful for the gift of each one of you, your prayers, sacrifices and services* May Our Lady teach you to believe in God's unconditional and unfailing love. May she give you her pure heart to say "yes" to Jesus in whatever form He chooses to come to you. Allow Jesus to live in and through you His life of infinitely tender, compassionate and merciful love for your family and the poor, this will bring great joy to the Heart of Jesus, who has been born to save us.

I experience the strength and support of your prayers and sacrifices for me personally and the work God has entrusted to the Society. I keep you in my prayer during this season of grace.


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