Sr.M. Prema M.C. to the Co-Workers, Sick and Suffering Co-Workers, L.M.C.S and Volunteers:


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Sr.M. Prema M.C. to the Co-Workers, Sick and Suffering Co-Workers, L.M.C.S and Volunteers November, 2011


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Sr.M. Prema M.C. to the Co-Workers, Sick and Suffering Co-Workers, L.M.C.S and Volunteers April, 2010


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24th November 2011


My dear Co-Workers, Sick and Suffering Co-Workers, L.M.C.S and Volunteers,

May humility and joy be the Lord's Christmas grace for each one of you and your families.
In the company of Our Lady we are able to enter deeply into the Mystery of God's loving plan of salvation. She said her unconditional "yes" to the words of the Angel Gabriel and Jesus came into her life. Filled with joy, she ran in haste over the hills of Judea, singing the praises of Sod's faithfulness to His promises.

At Bethlehem, we contemplate her as she blissfully beholds the face of her newborn Son. Like every baby, Jesus teaches his mother how to be a mother. He becomes the object of her joy-filled and tireless attention and self-gift. Jesus and his happiness are all she can think of and desire for. Because of her love for Him, no inconvenience is a burden but an occasion for greater love. Her lack of understanding of events strengthens her faith as she silently ponders everything in her heart. Unwavering hope gives her the courage to stand by her Son till the end for she knows that God is faithful to His promises. Jesus prepared Our Lady to be not only His mother, but also a mother to John and to each one of us. It is her joy when we totally entrust ourselves to her care, and when she sees us growing into Jesus.

As Jesus taught Our Lady to be a mother, the poorest of the poor teach us to be carriers of God's love. We cannot learn it from books, but only by being with them, either physically or in spirit, and touching them with our hearts and hands. Their sufferings and their many needs draw us out of our self-centeredness and preoccupation with self. What Our Lady did for Baby Jesus we want to do to Him in our poor. We touch them with our hands as we bathe them, give them to eat, dress their wounds and make them feel comfortable. We are grateful to them for accepting us and our service. If we are unable to do the manual works, we touch them with our hearts by our presence and by. our listening with kindness. Our acceptance of them and patience with them gives them great comfort and makes God's love for them real.

Above all, I am grateful for our many sick and suffering Co­workers who have taken up the apostolate of prayer and suffering. Your hours of prayer, adoration and the silent offering of your pains and grievances are indispensable for us to continue our humble works of love.

A big thank you to all our Co-Workers, Lay MCs and volunteers for sharing so joyfully and wholeheartedly in our service of the poorest of the poor all over the world. Thanks to all your efforts, the yearlong centenary celebration of our Mother's birth became an occasion to take her message of God's love to the countless men, women and children suffering from material and spiritual poverty.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Sr. Priscilla M.C. who served as a link with the Co-Workers and volunteers for many years. Sister went home to God ever so peacefully on the of6 September 2011.

May Jesus be present in each of your families by the love we have for one another, and He will be free to act in us and through us in bringing His light of hope to all hearts.

United in contemplation around the newborn Savior.

God bless you.



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