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Madre Teresa responde a laspreguntas sobre el sacerdocio

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Carta a los Presbíteros Cardenal Cláudio Hummes

El Año Sacerdotal

Palabra y sacramento son las dos columnas del sacerdocio

Carta del Sumo Pontífice Benedicto XVI par Año Sacerdotal

El Papa Benedicto XVI anunció un año sacerdotal

Un ‘Año Sacerdotal’ en el 150 aniversario de la muerte del santo cura de Ars

Indulgencias en el Año Sacerdotal


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Madre Teresa habla a los sacerdotes

Veronica intercession for priests

Adopta un Sacerdote

Qué tremendo poder que Dios le ha dado a los sacerdotes


San Juan María Vianney, el santo cura de Ars

El Pueblo de Dios ansia santos sacerdotes Movimiento del Corpus Christi



Mother Teresa What a tremendous power God has give to a priest
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“Our Priests”/”Nuestros Sacerdotes” has been adopted as the CMN’s official theme song of the
Year of the Priest, and can be sampled at

“We’re thrilled to be with this
project,” said CMN President Alan Napleton, “and couldn’t be happier with the song that Come
Alive Music has produced.”
The reverent yet soul-stirring tribute features the solemn echo of church bells to the power and
majesty of French horns and military drums. Mellow violins and energetic staccato cellos remind
the faithful of the call of this important year, as the lyrics chime, “Our Priests! They are
treasures! Their hands, our saving grace… Instruments of God, they must never be disgraced…”
In outlining the purpose of this jubilee year, Pope Benedict XVI indicated that the Year of the
Priest was an effort to foster each priest's yearning "for spiritual perfection, upon which the
effectiveness of their ministry principally depends.” The Pontiff underlined the "indispensable
struggle for moral perfection which must dwell in every authentically priestly heart,” a theme that
songwriter Joseph Lee Hooker had in mind when he wrote as part of the song’s third verse,
Eyes upon the Saviour, guided by their vow
Strongly must they shepherd, yet humbly must they bow
Shining light from heaven, teaching truth sublime!
Reaching for perfection, touching the divine…
“Our Priests” was produced near Philadelphia, PA with the guidance of Grammy Award-winning
producer and engineer, Phil Nicolo. The goal, stated Executive Producer Bridget Hylak, was to
“produce a reverent, yet powerfully energizing production for youth and adults alike, which
captured the mystery, the majesty and the charity of what it means to be a priest…”
Hylak further explained that, “Our goal, in our mind’s eye, was to hear these lyrics and this
orchestration wash over an army of dedicated and true priests as they process in St. Peter’s
Square… To have them know and feel the beauty and truth and importance of their calling, and
perhaps, to inspire others to join them.
“At the same time,” Hylak continued, “we wanted to keep this production simple and workable
enough that it would easily fit into the context of local church celebrations and community events
– which will perhaps be the most important and life-altering celebrations of all to honor this
important year. That was the feel, the goal we were striving for, and one that we hope we
The chorus, sprinkled with the voices of Catholic children, is equally suitable for large choirs to
small congregations and cantors. The melody is simple yet masterful. In English or Spanish, the
lyrics call, inspire and unite.
To assist local churches and individual congregations with the planning of their celebrations, the
“Our Priests” CD has been developed as a tool that includes lyrics and instrumental tracks
(English/Spanish) to the “Our Priests”/”Nuestros Sacerdotes” theme song. The instrumental track
can be used by church choirs, cantors or soloists, played as the accompaniment, for a “Year of
the Priest” celebration, tribute or liturgical event.
The CD also features the track “Totally Yours,” a touching tribute to the departed Pope John Paul
the Great. “Totally Yours,” a bittersweet yet delightfully pleasant musical memorial to a
remarkable pontiff, also includes the voices of Catholic children, lyrics and an instrumental track
for use by church choirs, cantors or soloists. A sweet yet poignant harmonica solo beautifully
carries the last bar of the song to eternity where the faithful imagine the departed Holy Father
rests in peace.
The “Our Priests”/”Nuestros Sacerdotes” CD can be sampled or purchased online at


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