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Palm Sunday:

Palm Sunday ...if we want to encounter Jesus and then to walk with him on his
path, we must ask: on what path does he want to lead us? What do we expect of
him? What does he expect of us? To understand what happens on Palm Sunday
and to know what this means, not only for that hour but for all time, one detail has
proved to be important; it also became the key to understanding the event for his
disciples too, when they looked back after Easter with new eyes at those
tumultuous days. Jesus entered the Holy City riding on a donkey, that is, the
animal of the simple, common country people, and moreover, it was an ass that
did not belong to him but one he had asked to borrow for the occasion. He did not
arrive in an ostentatious royal carriage or on horseback like the great figures of
the world, but on a borrowed donkey. John tells us that at first the disciples did
not understand his action. Only after Easter did they realize that Jesus, by so
acting, was fulfilling what the prophets had foretold: that his action derived from
God's Word and was bringing it to fulfilment. … P. Benedict VXI

Holy Thursday  Good Friday Holy Saturday 

The Lenten journey finds its fulfillment in the Paschal Triduum,
especially in the Great Vigil of the Holy Night: renewing our baptismal promises,
we reaffirm that Christ is the Lord of our life, that life which God bestowed upon us
when we were reborn of “water and Holy Spirit”, and we profess again our firm
commitment to respond to the action of the Grace in order to be his disciples.
P. Benedict VXI






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The First Sunday of the Lenten journey reveals our condition as human beings here on earth.
The victorious battle against temptation, the starting point of Jesus’ mission,
is an invitation to become aware of our own fragility in order to accept the Grace
that frees from sin and infuses new strength in Christ – the way, the truth and the life.
It is a powerful reminder that Christian faith implies,
following the example of Jesus and in union with him,
a battle “against the ruling forces who are masters of the darkness in this world” (Eph 6: 12),
in which the devil is at work and never tires – even today – of tempting whoever wishes to draw close to the Lord:
Christ emerges victorious to open also our hearts to hope and
guide us in overcoming the seductions of evil.


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