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During this Advent, with Mary, let us “form” Jesus within us.

First Week::

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Second Week:

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Third Week:

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Fourth Week:

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Be born in us, Incarnate Love!





Be born in us, Incarnate Love!
Be born in us, Incarnate Love; take our flesh
and blood and give us Your humanity; take our eyes
and give us Your vision; take our minds and give us
Your pure thought; take our feet and set them in Your
path; take our hands and fold them in Your prayers;
take our hearts and give them Your will to Love.








ADVENT is the season of the seed : Christ loved this symbol of the seed. The seed, He said, is the Word of God sown in the human heart. "The Kingdom of Heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed."

Et Homo Factus Est

HUMANLY speaking, the time of Advent must have been the happiest time in Our Lady's life. The world about her must have been informed with more than its habitual loveliness, for she was gathering it all to the making of her son...