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Why people love or admire Mother Teresa

Have your petition(s) placed on Mother Teresa's tomb in Calcutta

Personal recollections and experiences with Mother Teresa

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Prayer is the best gift of love you can give anyone you love.

- Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

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Submit your petition. Write to: prayer@motherteresa.org

Have your petition(s) included in the daily prayers of the Missionaries of Charity and all those throughout the world seeking Blessed Teresa’s intercession. A special Mass will be offered for your intention(s) every Friday in the Motherhouse in Calcutta. Your petition(s) will also be placed on the tomb of Mother Teresa.

NOTE: The prayer request will be posted here anonymously unless you request them to remail confidential. If you prefer that what you send not used publicly, please indicate this in your e-mail. Thank you


Kindly keep on praying for my husband: Healing, mandates and retirement, my slightly autistic son: vocation, healing, studies and jobs, my slightly autistic daughter: vocation, healing, studies and jobs, and myself: healing and duty. Thank you in Jesus and Mary,

Lord I lift NAIOMI AND CAROL up to you - because I have lost some weight they are full of gossip and covetness toward me and stole from my gym locker - lord you have seen all of this - prayers for the return of my stolen item - PSALM 35 - lord please help me - your child –

Dear community, I would like to ask you for your prayer for mutual understanding and good cooperation with the priest I cooperate with in different areas. There have been different misunderstandings from the beginning and hurting words and acts from his side. There are evangelization projects and other things ahead and I don’t know how I will manage it in this situation, especially when he has his "own truth “in everything. Please pray for much light of Holy Spirit for both of us and much humility of heart for him. Thank you very much! May God bless you!

Firstly love in God & Jesus to you mother. My request is that you pray for Bradley & Olivia to remain happy together forever and that no negative obstacles or people come in the way. Please take away all the pain and hurt in our hearts and the hurt that my words which have caused pain for Olivia. Fill it with love, joy, patience, and understanding and forgiveness’ pray that God helps us to come closer and closer together and our love for each other grows stronger every day. Please make sure that no one interferes with our happiness. Pray that she overcomes obstacles so that she can be in a longing, lasting and loving relationship with me forever. Pray that our love for each other is protected forever. Bless Olivia and Bradley, so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way. Fill our hearts with love for each other, and may you make each one of us realize each other's worth. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. Please also pray Olivia and her life and career that she achieves what she wants and that they don't cause her stress and that she doesn't take out her stresses on me. Please make sure her uncertainty doesn't get in the way. Pray that she isn't afraid of her feelings for me, pray that she thinks about me more and more every day and falls more in love with me. Pray that she does not get influenced or manipulated by her friends or any other previous relationships. Pray that our strong love for each other will grow stronger and stronger leading to commitments such as marriage and children between the two of us. Pray that we have peace, joy, happiness, goodness, healing of health, righteousness and that we remain together forever. God who is in heaven knows every needy things, so pray for us. Amen

Dear Sister please pray for my friend SANUJA. Last one year she is trying to get a government job in the management school through a man. Since one year is over till now the man has not answered anything. Because of me only she has given near three lakhs money to that man. But whether the man is cheating or not, we don't know about. Last three months he is not attending any phone call from me or from her. So we both of us tensed and worried and going through lot of crisis in our lives. Because of her I too also going through mental torcher, and almost every day i am crying for her to our dear Lord. Our Mother St. Theresa may help her to get the posting order and get a required job, so that she may be happy in her life. Thank you.

Please pray for: -Leslie D. Severe complications w/reconstructive surgery -Karen R. Return of cancer/serious abdominal surgery 2/7/17 -Maureen M. heart surgery due in next 2-3 months Thank you, bless you, Colleen

Please pray for Diane that she can recover from the physical sexual mental verbal and financial abuse she suffered this past year that 2017 is for Diane free of any abuse whatsoever thank you. 


Please pray for total healing for this little baby and all to go well for its heart surgery. The family is from Iran and coming here for the procedure. Pray for safe travel and most of all salvation if family unsaved. God is able and faithful. God bless. Love, Jaynne Iranian baby with heart defect to undergo surgery soon

Prayer request for a seriously ill baby, Maurizio, who has reacted in a very bad way to immunization, rushed to hospital and is in great danger of dying. Please forward on immediately to all prayer warriors to storm Heaven for this poor little infant. Thanks Mary. God bless.

Here is a prayer requests for my ongoing conversion and healing: Through the ceaseless intercession of Mother Mary, all the angels and saints, that I, Alexander Bernhardt Chung, M.I.C. receive the graces of continual healing for myself and family tree, continual conversion, and receive the gift of perseverance, and that I am Christ’s Light for many others.






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Many lives have been touched or changed by Mother Teresa. We are interested in receiving your personal recollections to help spread knowledge and devotion to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and to record your memory for future generations.  


Share a personal experience you had with Mother Teresa.


Why do you love Mother Teresa?


Report any favors or miracles received through the intercession of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.


NOTE: What ever you write may be published (subject to editing) by the MTC.
If you prefer that what you send not used publicly, please indicate this in your e-mail.









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