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I met Mother Teresa of Calcutta in person at the 1976 Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia. Believe it or not, I met Mother alone in the Ladies Room! She came in and I wasn't sure if it was her because she was at the conference with a group of her sisters.
I asked her "Are you Mother of Teresa of Calcutta?" She gave me a beautiful smile and nodded her head. I said "Oh, I'm so happy to meet you." I went to her, she shook my right hand and gave me a big hug and kiss.
For a WHOLE WEEK my right hand and arm up to my elbow carried a powerful sensation/feeling after Mother Teresa shook my hand and gave me the hug and kiss. I never experienced anything like that before or since and I've never forgotten it.


I had the privelege of corresponding with Mother for 6 years before her death. I sent , and continue to send a package of baby clothing for the orphanage in Calcutta each month. Mother would always dictate a letter to thank me each tme a package arrived and then she would sign them personally.She has answered so many of my prayers to her throughout that time and even now. I treasure these letters.


> Many years ago a miracle happened in Long Beach California....Mother Teresa of Calcutta came to our home town. I was asked to be a part of those who would line the rails to help with crowd control. The children stood on the field of Vets Stadium in the shape of the rosary. Each child representing a prayer. Suddenly from prayerful silence there came a thunderous roar of applause as this little tiny frail yet sturdy woman walked slowly to the microphone to address those gathered. Smiling - she spoke to the crowd with the clear voice of conviction. The Holy Spirit was with her.

All were silent as Mother Teresa gave testimony to the Gospel and to Christ's message of love - for all of humanity....

What I remembered clearly was her message of missionary work for the poor. And- that not all of us would be called to be missionaries in far-off countries - rather - we were all called to be missionaries in our own homes. To love our families and neighbors and friends with the love of Jesus...That the poor were very much here. The lonely, the aged, the sick and infim, we were all called to be missionaries of Christ's love to our families first...and the love of Jesus would then spread. She was and continues to be an ambassador for the Love of Jesus - which binds us together and makes us ONE BODY. I will always remember her...


Beautiful Memory: I Met Mother Teresa Kamala Sarup
I met Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa worked so hard for the cause of humanity. I cannot praise her enough, for a great woman, great mother, her wisdom, commitments and total faith in peace, was very special.
I was a 16 years old when I first met her. It was my honor, It was my happiness to met her. There was many ups and downs, but she was continued on her path. Mother Teresa was making a difference, when I met her. She was a brave woman, when I met her. Because of Mother Teresa's impression, as a simple woman, I am also continue walking, to make a difference, for beautiful humanity and beautiful world.
I know that she loved all the children and poor women, but it's true that despite her great efforts she could never buy expensive clothes nor could she have enjoyed it.
Therefore, she was a respected mother at the end of her life as well. As far as I know she could never provide unhappiness to us. Thus her death has been very sad.
The cold wind blowing through the window the pages I wrote about Mother Teresa, began to get scattered. I try to collect them hurriedly. I gather together the pages and again try to resume writing the story without any pause. There is only one Mother Teresa.
If I am to say truly, she was beloved because she tried to know the meaning of love. She lived a meaningful life.
I hadn't imagined that Mother Teresa would die soon.
Mother Teresa had a sentimental heart and she appeared like a real mother. When I visited her, she came closer to me and said in an endearing tone, "God gives you happiness."
I was completely happy in imagination which was spilled all over me.
She was in peace and went to the window, "You are always engrossed in love, in life! There is more important than wants, struggles and thought."
I slowly look at her and smiled, "You like to love, forgiveness, companionship. Life is not easy as I think."
Mother Teresa began to speak, " The meaning of life is not to keep yourself in misery. Yes, you can offer many people happiness".
I went on listening to what she said. I have met her because I loved her work. In most sense, to love her and not to be able to share her happiness both are opposite things.
My eyes were filled with tears when I came to know that Mother Teresa died. The news made me sad. Mother Teresa was not a person to leave us so soon. She went away during the first half of her days of enjoying and being happy.
And now she became history from the present. I feel that I have lost a very close relative and so my heart is crying. Mother Teresa was now an example of how a woman can fight all alone in the society struggling against all odds. She was now a wonderful history.
Mother Teresa was a beautiful, wonderful loving woman. I am trying to follow her path.



I met Mother Teresa in Washington, D.C., at the Missionaries of Charity Convent in North East Washington: "The Gift of Peace" when she came to D.C. to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. I was invited to attend the 7:00 a.m. Mass at the Missionaries of Charity Gift of Peace Convent where Mother Teresa was staying two days prior to her being honored at the U.S. Capitol.
I had been given a chair in a hallway outside the chapel as there was a huge line of people behind me waiting to get in to meet Mother. Mothere Teresa was wheeled in a wheelchair. When she was wheeled into the chapel she was only about five feet away from me. While her face and hands were very wrinkled from her hard work in service to others, her eyes stood out the most. They were the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen, and they twinkled like Santa's on Christmas Eve as she held up a clear plastic bag filled with inexpensive Miraculous Medals of Our Lady. It was as if she was saying, "Look, everyone, what I've got here for you!"
After the Mass at which the nuns at the Gift of Peace sat on the floor rather than on pews in their spirit of poverty, Mother Teresa was wheeled out first and she sat in her wheelchair in the entryway to the convent outside the chapel. We were told we could approach her one by one to receive her blessing. The people ahead of me knelt in front of her individually and she placed her hand on each person's head and said a simple blessing.
When it was my turn, I knelt in front of her and I said (as I had met her earlier as she was wheeled into the chapel), "Hello, again." She looked at me with those very powerful blue eyes and she firmly placed her hand atop of my head and pressed it firmly down on the crown of my head. I looked up at her and saw those immeasureably beautiful blue eyes and there seemed to be a light above her such as seen in the paintings of the Sistine Chapel. It was a moment of awe for me. I knew I was in the presence of a saint.
Later upon leaving the convent I went to my car in the parking lot and I just had to sit there for a moment to reflect before I drove away. I looked over to my left and there was another woman in the car next to me doing exactly the same thing. Our eyes met with a look of understanding that we both knew we had been in the presence of a saint.

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