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I dreamt of Mother Theresa 2 days before Pope John Paul became ill. In the dream Mother Theresa told me Pope John Paul was going to be ill and agonize...I saw him being carried by the Blessed Mother. In my dream Mother Theresa told me to pray for him, she said he would recover briefly and pass a month later. Exactly like my dream it happened. Mother Theresa asked for prayer she said she would be catonized after the Pope. I have never forgotten my dream and it came true.


Our Incredible Mother Teresa Story
A Blessing from a Saint
Mother Teresa was scheduled to speak on June 16, 1986 at Veteran’s Stadium in Long Beach, CA, USA.
A few days before the event, Sylvia Aimerito, a Holy Family Church co-choir director, decided to call the
promoters to ask, if by some wild chance, they needed music. To our happy surprise, they said yes! That is
how our humble little choir from Artesia, CA helped provide the music for a living saint and how I was able
to sing a song about her that I had written especially for the occasion.
That afternoon Mother Teresa led us in a moving Rosary and closed with a powerful talk about God’s love,
His gift of life, and the horrible, tragic discarding of that beautiful gift – abortion. After the event, I stood away
from the crowds and watched her limo start to leave the stadium grounds. I was hoping to catch just one
more glimpse of this holy and remarkable woman. Suddenly, about 25 feet from where I stood, the limo
stops and the dark tinted window rolls down. A small hand beckons someone to the car.
I looked around me thinking, “Oh my gosh! Who do they want? Who are they calling?”
After a few moments I realize … they’re calling me! I run up, quickly compose myself, and gently hand the
sheet music with the chords and lyrics to her Missionaries of Charity sister/assistant who sat closest to the
window. I recall saying, “Sister, Mother Teresa … Please, I want you to have the song I wrote for you...” Her
assistant smiles at me and gently takes the paper from my mildly trembling hand.
I said thank you and began to move away from the car when Mother Teresa motions for me to stop
…and come closer. I move towards her and she slowly reaches over her companion and tenderly puts her
hand on my forehead in a gesture of blessing. Then she smiles and softly says: “Keep singing.”
I will never forget her eyes; how she looked at me. There was this unforgettable expression of warmth and
affection in her eyes; a look of such genuine and overwhelming love… (Since then, having read nearly
every book ever written about her, many who have met her have shared their experience of her grace-filled
eyes). As the limo slowly drove away, Sylvia, who had been watching it all from a distance, rushed up to me
asking what had happened. Soon others came up, many wanting to touch the forehead that had been softly
caressed by a living saint.
I thank God for Sylvia who made the eleventh-hour phone call that created this amazing, serendipitous
event. And I thank her for being a witness to what transpired because truthfully, there have been moments
when I find myself incredulous that it actually occurred (which I suspect is a common reaction for many
when something unexpectedly magnificent happens to them). But there was a time I’d hesitate to share this
extraordinary experience after fellow believers would react negatively. It was disheartening to think that this
blessed event would arouse feelings of what I presume was mild resentment or jealousy. But with time, that
disappointment led to a deeper understanding that we are all, in some ways, like fragile children, struggling
to feel loved and struggling for attention; when all the while we are immensely and infinitely loved by an
attentive and loving Father who never takes His eyes off us.
And also with time came the profound awareness that Mother Teresa’s beautiful directive is meant for all of
us. We all “sing” in one way or another. And when we use our unique, God-given gifts and talents to do His
will and help make this hurting world more like His world, we are answering God’s call, given through
Mother Teresa, to “keep singing.”
Mother Teresa spoke powerfully about the horrors of abortion that lazy summer afternoon. And twenty-five
years later, with AudioGirl Ministries, we find ourselves passionately embracing her resounding call to save
the babies and to stand up as best we can with courage, conviction, and compassion, for God’s gift of life.
I thank Mother Teresa and our heavenly Father for the awesome gift of that beautiful day. And I thank them
for the clarity of our calling and the calling of all who are “bold and active voices for the unborn.”
May all lovers of life, always and forever, “Keep singing.”


My first association with Mother Teresa was in 1993 when a priest friend gave me a small book in which Mother Teresa says that "theAIDS patients are the suffering Christ in disguise" "they are wanted, they are loved and will go to God with pure hearts". At the time our eldest son has been diagnosed with the AIDS virus. I was frantic and this quote gave me more comfort than I can ever express. Our son was a talented actor in New York and Shakespeare with his great love in theatre. He graduated from Juilliard School. I began going to daily Mass asking God to cure Erik and praying to the Blessed Mother because I knew she knew how I felt.
A cure was not to be, but many prayers were heard in spite of my horrendous distress and it is only now that I realize the extent of everything in God's time.
Our son came home on December 8, 1992 and during the following month, things became worse for him and so he was unable to return to New York. We cared for him here as a family and one of his brothers volunteered to be his main caretaker. I had worried so that what would happen if he got too sick to travel, where would he be, could we get to him and on and on. But God had the plan all worked out. All He wanted was my trust!
He died peacefully at home after an extremely bad day and quietly went to God. We were all with him and he knew that.
About three weeks after his death, I was in San Francisco and drove by my mothers former home which I had not seen in over forty years. Outside were some Missionary of Charity Sisters. I learned that they lived in that house and cared for dying AIDS patients. As a result I was allowed to go there every six weeks or so and just "be" with these men who had no one. One fellow asked if I would write to his Mom. She had no idea where he was. As a result of my letter to her in Wisconsin, she came to San Francisco and was with her son when he died. Another fellow was from Ireland. I used to send him the Irish newspaper every week. I also gave him "The Story of a Soul". He wrote to tell me how he loved it. I sat by the bedside of a fellow who was very near death and said the rosary one day. None of this would have happened had I not driven by this house this one Saturday afternoon. One of the guys said to me, " Judy, you know the pain". I said I did.
I wrote a story and the Sisters insisted I send it to Mother Teresa. She answered with a letter which I have framed.
A few months passed and I was on an airplane coming from New York to San Francisco. My seat mate was a Missionary of Charity Sister. She was coming to my mothers home to care for the dying. She gave me a medal that Mother had given her the previous week. It is on my rosary beads.
Our son died in April of 1993 and it has taken me until now to realize what God was doing. These young men who had no one helped me while I was helping them.
The Sisters are a treasure to me and I pray for them daily.
God Bless Mother Teresa. She had been in my mothers home a few times. My grandfather was a baker and the bakery was downstairs. The Sisters lived in what was the bakery and the patients were upstairs. One time when I went, Sister said to me, "Judy, God wanted to touch you very tenderly by bringing you to your mothers house". She said, "your grandfather was a baker so this was a House of Bread. It is a House of Bread again because we bring the bread in the host to the suffering".
Indeed God writes straight with crooked lines. It tells me our son did not die in vain. His death brought forth much beauty and goodness.
How we must trust in God's time!!!!!!!!!



>I was once in need of help for myself and my children. As, a single mother, I did not have but money and was going to school. I had only the child support money that was garnish from their father’s wages to pay for bills and was a small amount . I was afraid or embarrassed to ask for help and finally remembered St Teresa and ask for help form Helping Hands of Midland, TX. When I sat in the chair of their office I was told they were going to help me with my accumulated electric bill of $400.00 . I looked up and there was a big poster picture of St. Teresa. I know she was


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