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I want to share my story. I am from a devout catholic family and fell in love with a Hindu boy. Just 3 days after he proposed to me and I accepted, we broke up feeling that owing to our religious differences, things may not work out and that our parents would never agree to our marriage. However, we really like each other and found it extremely difficult to let go of each other. I was in Calcutta immidiately after that on Sept 5th 1999 and prayed to our Mother to intercede for me and prayed that if this marriage would work out with full consent of our parents, it would be due to her intercession. We waited for each other for 10 years so that various things in our families could be settled and we could finish our responsibilities at home. We got married on Sep 3rd in church with full consent of our families. His mother, who had vowed never to come to our house, if he married me, now stays with us. I believe this entire incident is a miracle.

Getting into a interfaith relationship itself was a big decision for me. While on one hand i would try to convince myself saying that God who created me also created him and since i believe there is only one God, he is also the child of the same god. But on the other hand i had serious doubts whether i was twisting and trying to explain my choice but in reality was hurting God. Now that i have got married in church, though he is not converted, for me this marriage is a sacrament and I will do all i can to be a good christian so that he can see and experience the beauty of Jesus in my life. Please continue to pray for me.



While my wife and I were walking around the Vatican, perhaps about thirty years ago, we spotted Mother Teresa inside a car driving by us.
I got so excited for seeing her, but never thought that one day I would be able to see her again in Toronto Canada.

She came to speak to a very large crowd gathered in Varsity Stadium, a soccer field, in Toronto. I took a short video of the event.
I also acquired an audio cassette of her talk, some of which still resounds in my ear: "...Lord make me an instrument of your peace...
...mary went in haste to visit Elisabeth, and the child leapt in her womb,..." a very powerful pro-life message.

The more important encounter with Mother Teresa, for me, it occurred when she came to open a house for the MC Sisters in Toronto.
This was located on 22 Pauline Ave. right beside the rectory of the priests who lived on 20 Pauline Ave., right beside St. Sebastian parish,
A crowd made up mainly of Indian immigrants had gathered in front of the house at 20 pauline Ave. The Air India plane crash had just occurred,
and these Indian families came to see Mother Teresa for a word of confort. Mother Teresa came out of the house, she stood on the veranda,
and spoke to them for a while.
I had a camera in my hands, and was waiting for an opportune moment to take a picture of Mother Teresa, since I was so close to the house.
She had finished speaking, and the crowd was leaving. I tried to take a picture, but at that moment my camera seized. I was so disappointed.
The only thing left for me to do at that moment I did: I jumped over the veranda rail, I bowed to Mother Teresa, and taking her hand I kissed it.
She responded with her usual smile, and handing me two miraculous medals of Our Lady, she said: "here, one for you and one for your wife".
I could not ask for more. I don't know what made me jump over the veranda, I am usually shy, and under normal circumstances I would not do
such thing in front of many people. But somehow, that day, Mother Teresa personal holiness helped me overcome my timidity to show her
a sign of my love for her. Needless to say, I now consider the miraculous medal from her, like an indirect relic.

God bless.


My encounter with Mother Teresa was very memorable and dates back to the mid-1990s. My friend who is a member of the Opus Dei has invited a group of friends including myself to have an outreach of some sort to the Missionaries of Charity in Tondo, Manila. We assisted in the feeding of the sick male elderly and comforted the bedridden through conversations about God and spirituality. It was a very touching encounter that left me coming back for years to come as a Sunday volunteer. I also invited a few friends to join me and for a number of months we regularly visited this facility to assist. We also attend the Sunday Mass from time to time. We have been strengthened, helped and inspired by the humility, devotion and sincerity of the nuns to the service, and the spirituality of the patients, that I think we benefited more from coming there more than the patients have benefited from our presence.

I was still single then. I have thought to myself that if a woman I will invite for a blind date will agree for a first time date at this institute, it will be a sign for me that somehow, she is the person meant for by God to be my partner. Sounds so naïve, is it, but I just came from a relationship where it did not work because we had different beliefs. So I promised to myself that the next person should share the same devotion. So I proceeded that agreed for a blind date and to cut the story short, every Sunday or so, we would continue this habit of visiting. Your guess is as good as mine as to what happened eventually - we were married and have been blessed over the last five years with a happy marriage. We definitely owe it to Mother Teresa and her institution where we met and she continues to guide us from above.

Mother Teresa’s presence did not end there. My wife had to endure a very sensitive pregnancy owing to her serious heart condition. The first time she conceived was blighted ovum (i.e. no fetus, no life inside) but due to the buildup in her uterus, she had to undergo surgery. It was very critical for her but thanks to Mother Teresa’s intercession, she survived it successfully. While our visits were no longer regular, we made it a point to occasionally visit, this time we discovered that there was another institution just across being run by the same Missionaries of Charity, that is for the sick and abandoned children. In continuing our thanksgiving and devotion and given that our situation is we are very open to life, we made it a point to visit these children and bring some joy even for a short time.

Soon enough, the real pregnancy came to her and it was very sensitive. In fact, doctors cautioned her severely about its risks as we proceeded and took a chance, as there is a slight chance, and we believe in Divine providence so much. We entrusted her and the child in her womb to Mother Teresa. During her pregnancy, I was visiting the children at the center from time to time and was offering prayers and some donations to Blessed Mother Teresa. My wife successfully completed her pregnancy, giving birth to a very healthy and normal baby boy; her pregnancy much better and much more successful than we ever expected. We thanked the Blessed Mother Teresa for her constant intercession. Following it, we visited the children’s center once again for thanksgiving.

There are very many more instances that we have to prove how Mother Teresa was very instrumental like in making the best decisions, like on finding our very first place together to start as a family, to applying for a job and helping to land in a good one, to almost all significant milestones or challenges in our life, including health and safety.

We are continuously blessed by the intercession of Mother Teresa and are happy to continue our devotion to her help. We look forward to helping in any way the Missionaries of Charity.



greetings from the Lone Star State, from a laicized priest.

well, in the late 1980s, I believe, Mother T. came to Dallas to inaugurate a community of the Missionaries of Charity, and she was to be present at a public Mass celebrated by the diocesan bishop, at that time Bp. Thomas Tschoepe. I went & concelebrated. Afterwards I approached her to give her one of my ordination remembrance holy cards, hoping she would pray for me. As it turned out, I needed her prayers more than I ever thought I would, but that's another story...

I handed her the card and for a split second, but long enough for me to notice, what looked like an expression of slight irritation passed over her face, and inwardly, I laughed, saying to myself, "How hilarious! She must have thought I was giving her a CHECK as a donation, and all she got was yet another holy card!"

she immediately recovered herself and responded very graciously as one might expect out of a beatified person.

But the encounter and my interpretation of it told me:

- the "living saint" is human, after all! It's OK to be imperfect.

I still admire her and appreciate her ability to use just a few yet pithy words to articulate some extremely profound insights into Catholic spirituality, especially concerning the issue of abortion.

Some very important things did not work out for me and so I still invoke her and hope she will be canonized ASAP.

best wishes -


I met Mother Teresa unexpectedly in 1991 or 1992. It was in Rome in the house of Missionaries of charity at San Gregorio in Caello.

The day before I was in an audience with the pope John Paul II and there was a missionary of charity just before me. I asked to her: how's Mother Teresa? She answer: she comes tomorrow. She will stay in our house of San Gregorio in caelo.

Obviously I arrived that very day; it was about 12 pm. The sister who opened the door told me she was praying in the chapel and she will see people that after noon. My face was so sad (I couldn't go back in the afrternoon) that the sister let me go in. Imidiatly i got into the chapel (without shoes) and at that precise moment a sister who was sited just along her side left her place! and I occupied the place of that sister (God bless her!) kneeling at the floor just beside Mother Teresa who was praying the liturgy with the other sisters. I felt a deep impulse from my heart and I said to the Lord these words: Lord, make me faithful, make me loyal to you. Then, I took my rosary and medals and touched the hand of mother Teresa with them. She came a little disturbed and lost a little concentration on reading her book. After that, when prayers where finished she took some medals of the Miraculous Virgin Mary she had on the carpet in front of her and stand up. She gave me one of this medals saying: "this Virgin is making a lot of miracles"
(in fact another second one felt also in my hand) and I took her hand and made a very big breathing saying: Mother Teresa!. She search the other medal into my closed hand (I was so surprised by her gift that I didn't knew what to do). Then, she left and I stayed praying before the tabernacle. When I was finished my prayer, I opened my hand and I found two medals of the Miraculous Virgin Mary (I kept one for me and gave the other one to my mother when I was come back home).

When I left Rome, there was a girl left on the train by some sisters of missionaries of charity. This girl was called Silvana and told me she was with the sisters but she has to back to her blood family home because she was hardly needed at that time. This girl was so surprised by my interest on Mother Teresa, that she gave me two wonderful gifts: an image with the Virgin Mary signed by mother Teresa and a photo of mother Teresa. This girl was in deed very generous to me a simple stranger.

God bless Mother Teresa and all her daughters and keep them united to him in the deepest of his sacred heart.


My meeting with Blessed Mother Teresa here in Chicago was over twenty years ago but it feels like it happened today. I speak Croatian as my second language. Blazina Majka Teresa spoke to me, Moja Vela Sura! My big girl. Her faith, love and words of peace mean so much to me.


Good morning,
I had to share with you what has happened in my life. I have always
loved the work of the Blessed Mother Teresa. I began volunteering
with the Missionaries of Charity in Washington, D.C. and I have been
profoundly changed. Although I have been a social worker for many
years, I rediscovered the true meaning of my compassion for the poor
and for those who work under my supervision as a result of my daily
readings from the Blessed Mother Teresa and my work with the nuns. I
am so dedicated to the Blessed Mother Teresa that I have read
everything I can. She is in my consciousness and directs my work.
I wear the the icon of the Blessed Mother Teresa and the cross and
will gladly share with others what she has done for me. She has
reinforced and taught me the meaning of service and the love of
Christ. Because of this experience with the nuns and the presence
of Mother Teresa in my life, I am exploring becoming a Catholic.
Please pray that I will be guided in this decision of coming home to
my faith.
I am currently working on a doctorate in education with the wonderful
Sisters of Notre Dame in Baltimore. As I study, I am constantly
aware of Mother Teresa and she guides me in my studies. I pray that
I will be able to contribute to the Missionaries of Charity by
becoming a co-worker.
I will continue to pray for the Missionaries of Charity and ask for
prayer .
God Bless you.V

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