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Why people love or admire Mother Teresa

Have your petition(s) placed on Mother Teresa's tomb in Calcutta

Personal recollections and experiences with Mother Teresa

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Favors, Graces and Miracles received through Mother Teresa

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God Bless you and thank you for the the beautiful Blessed Mother Teresa relic card you mailed me. I had no idea why or for what reason I needed it. I now know the reason...my grandmother Maria Perez was admitted into the hospital on Monday night and our family was notified by my uncles on Tuesday that she had been admitted. I was not able to go see her until yesterday, Wednesday morning, I was notified that she was doing very poorly and had now actually developed pneumonia. We prayed all day long yesterday and entrusted her into our Lord's hands, for his will to be done. She worsened overnight and were notified that there really was nothing that they could do for her and she would die as she now also developed a blood infection and was not responding to the antibiotics. I received your package in the mail yesterday and since I was not at home to read it I took it with me to the hospital this morning. There I was able to look thru the prayer book and pray the prayers. We prayed and prayed and she worsened and worsened. Finally about 2:30 this afternoon we decided to put the rosary that we had been praying with in my Grandmothers hand and I felt to put the relic card of our Blessed Mother Teresa on her heart asking for her intercession within minutes she took two last breaths and died. She is no longer suffering and has know gone home. Thank you, Thank you......there are no words to express my gratitude. My heart ached seeing her in her suffering and within minutes of asking Blessed Mother Teresa's intercession she was gone. Everyone in that hospital room witnessed this today and call it a true miracle.

Thank you Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Our Loving Saint and Mother of miracles. Awhile back I wrote that my husband I needed Prayers for a home. That is all we ask for. Our five children were married and we wanted a home to receive our grandchildren. A back yard would be nice. Like a miracle we applied and we were given a loan. I this case Mother Teresa interceded and our prayers were answered. We love mother Teresa before being declare a saint and we still do. When it comes to sharing we do our part. That is what she wants... God Bless our bothers and sisters in Jesus our Lord. Amen

The first Novena I made to Mother Teresa was an incredible experience which I attribute to her. On the third day of my prayers to her, my husband and I sat out on the front porch and I selfishly asked Mother for a sign (which was arrogant on my part and as I’ve read, a bit dangerous). I asked for a rainbow for I had not seen any since moving to TN. It had rained earlier, and about 3pm, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the blue Eastern sky. It was brightly colored, visible to both ends. I alerted Noel (my husband) and as he and I were looking at it, lo and behold, a duplicate rainbow appeared above the first, just as beautiful. Uncanny as it sounds, the rainbows remained there until twilight set in when they started to fade. Now, I have to attribute this to Mother Teresa.

I would like to share my most recent experience with Mother Theresa. Two years ago I met a wonderful man. Throughout the past two years we have had our ups and downs. Last July he tried to get a Visa to come and visit me, however it was denied. All my hopes had gone to the drained. However, as a true Christian I couldn't see myself giving up. We were both devastated. I cried and prayed. I tried to be of comfort to him. I explained that maybe it was not the right time and that God will decide when it was the right time for us to meet again. About three weeks ago I was getting ready to request a Visa for him. This time I turned to Mother Theresa for help. I prayed and asked her to intercede for me before God our Lord. I was sure she would help. The day I went to request the Visa it was just like any other day. I went through the day said my morning prayer on the way to work and forgot about it. On my way to the office it dawn on me that I had not been worried at all during the day. Somehow I knew it will be all right. I received a piece of paper which I was to send to him to take to the embassy in the country he is in. Today, Glorious God, he just called and he will be coming home at the end of the week. Oh Mother Theresa I have no words to express my gratitude to you. I have been waiting for so long.. Faith brought me to you and you have interceded for me before God. Thank you for your love. Thank you Lord.

It is three years ago this month that was healed of terminal cancer through Mother Teresa' intercession. My Doctor just said “It is not a miracle. These things happen we can't explain it" but I know better, through her intercession god has granted me more time and I want to use it well. My oldest son and I were at your seminary in Tijuana for a few days in the summer of 1995 and we helped the seminarian with a day camp for the children. It was a wonderful experience we will never forget. I remember praying the rosary on the hill across the street. God bless, D.






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Many lives have been touched or changed by Mother Teresa. We are interested in receiving your personal recollections to help spread knowledge and devotion to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and to record your memory for future generations.  


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