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Mother House 9. 12. 2008

Our dear Co-workers - Active and sick and suffering on all the hills and mountains, plains and valleys of the world,

I wish each of you and your families the peace and grace of God our Father who has loved you and me and our families and countries with such tender and intimate love that He has sent us His only begotten Son - Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace to be our Brother to love us and to beloved by us and allure us back to the Heart of God Our Father, our true Home where we may dwell with Him as His beloved children for ever.

Being immersed in the Heart of the Father the living God, the source of light and love, we ourselves become His light and His fire of His love like His beloved Son - the God-Man Jesus, and reach out to one another as brothers and sisters in humble love and service with great generosity, seeking out those who live in darkness and shadow of death, forgotten by all, so that they too may see the light of the Countenance of God and His tenderness in and through us and be filled with peace, love and joy of God and begin to live a new life of hope, giving hope to others.
Celebration of Christmas is when we reach out to one another especial­ly in our own families with God's own love. Little acts of love done to the least of His children makes the tears of gratitude and joy well up from the Heart of God, our Father, and rush down His cheeks to moisten the seeds of heavenly love, peace and joy on earth.

Poly Father Benedict XVI, during his visit to our house in the Vatican - Dono di Maria - in January this year said: "Mother Teresa liked to say: "Christmas is every time we allow Jesus (God) to love the other through us. Christmas is a mystery of love, and the mystery of love."
May the grace of Christmas flow on to the New year 2009 and make every day of the year a beautiful celebration of Christmas - Peace, joy and love, giving joy to one another, joy to the world and joy to the Heart of God Our Father: "Whatever you do to the least of my children you do it to Me:".
I take this opportunity dear Co-workers to thank you for all your little acts of love for the poor and for us, and also for your prayer and courageous acceptance of suffering.
Suffering accepted with love renders a mysterious divine flavor to the quantity of our life which has tremendous power to touch the Heart of God as well as the hearts of men, women and children to awaken them to the love, light and life of God:
This is the secret that made our Mother such a powerful instrument in the hands of God to draw countless souls to His heart of love:

We are all called to be deeply and intimately united with God who is love. Therefore we need to be interior souls - the souls "of silence that remain like a lyre under the mysterious touch of God, so that He may draw from it divine harmonies; such souls know that suffering is a string that produces still more beautiful sounds, so it loves to see this string on its instrument that it may more delightfully move the Heart of God" (Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity)
May our lives as Missionaries of Charity and Co-workers of Mother Teresa -Active and sick and suffering be our act of profound adoration of God of tenderness and mercy:

May our lives be a manifestation of the Glory of the mercy and tenderness of God which has worked marvels in and through our nothingness.

Let us pray for the violence torn countries of the world today, including our own that we may all find Peace, security and hope in God alone and in His love, for He cares for each one of us, and in His wisdom and love knows what is best for each one and has the power to bring out good even out of evil for those who trust Him.

Let us remain committed to overcome evil by good and hatred by love and forgiveness, violence by works of love. For "works of love are works of Peace:" (Mother).

May the humility of God in the Babe of Bethlehem lying in the manger wrapped in swaddling clothes, out of love for us human beings, burn away our pride and fill us with His humility, bringing us down on
our knees in repentance, forgiveness, love, reconciliation and humble adoration of God who stoops humbly to conquer our hearts with love:

May Mary the Virgin Mother of Christ-child and Joseph his humble foster father pray for us and our world:

Now some news of the M.C. World:

First of all our dearest Sr. Margaret the last of our First group sisters who joined Mother from the very beginning of the foundation of our Society, went home to Jesus this June 2008, leaving a vacuum in our lives. Please pray for Sr. Margaret Mary for the repose of her soul.

Many of you know Patty and Warren Kump, our first Co-workers in U.S.A. Please pray for them as Dr. Warren Kump is very, very sick. Our prayers are with them.

Our M.C. Contemplative Brothers in Rome and M.C. Fathers had their General Chapter this year. Father Sebastian M.C. is re-elected as Superior General of the M.C. Contemplative Brothers and Father Brian in the new Superior General of the M.C. Fathers.

We ask for prayers for our upcoming General Chapter in February-March 2009. Join us as we thank God for the Gift of Our Mother and our Society and all that He has done for us and through us and His poorest of the poor for the whole world. We ask for God's blessing and prayer, guidance and blessing of Mary, Mother of Jesus, and our Mother Blessed Teresa of Calcutta for our General Chapter. If you have any suggestions for the good of our Society, please send them to us in Calcutta.

This December 2008, sixty one young sisters made their first Profession and 64 sisters made their Final Profession all over the world, and all are assigned to their new missions. Please pray for them.

As of October 2008, we are 4900 Professed Sisters, 258 Novices and 188 Postulants. We have 762 Houses (517 Abroad & 245 India) in 135 Countries, including our newest in Timor Leste (East Timor).
New houses sanctioned in December 2008 but not yet open are - Vallecas, Spain - Anjouan, Comore Islands - Soddo, Ethiopia and Guadalajara, Mexico. ,
Invitations from Bishops from all over the world continue pouring in. We need more Sisters to be able to answer the call. Please pray for that.
Young and not so young volunteers from all over the world continue coming to share our humble works of love here in Kolkata, bringing so much joy to all:

Our dearest Co-Workers, Lay MC's and Volunteers are a great gift of God to us in Kolkata as well as wherever they are. We thank God for all of them.

Motherhouse continues to receive a steady flow of visitors and pilgrims from around the world. They come to pray at Mother's Tomb, to visit the Exhibition Centre to see articles Mother used during her lifetime and read about Mother and our MC life, and to see and pray at Mother's Room. They come one-by-one, in small and large groups - rich and poor, Diplomats, Civil and Church Dignitaries - all remembering Mother's message to the world - God Loves you:

Our Homes for Children include mentally and physically challenged children - children who were unable to walk for years are now stand­ing and taking steps, children who did not respond to their names are now making eye contact and reaching out to touch a hand, participating in drama and dance programs and performing in public. Most of our children are adopted but many will remain in our care for the rest of their lives. Our Shishu Bhavans (Children's Homes) are a very special gift to us and we thank God for them. We have 21 Adoption Centers in India and 2. Abroad.

Our MC Brothers excel in the care and rehabilitation of the mentally and physically challenged children. Our Brothers and the Sisters are also involved in the care and rehabilitation of the leprosy patients.

MC Fathers are always at the service of the spiritual needs of the Sisters, the poor and volunteers and are also available to our Co-Workers for talks and to carry Mother's message to the schools, etc.

Thank you dear Co-Workers for your letters and the news you have shared with us this past year. Please continue to send your news to us so that we can share your good works and activities and special stories with everyone. We would love to hear from those of you who are not near any of our Sisters. Many are anxious to hear of the many ways you are satiating the Thirst of Jesus in your own areas. We look forward to hearing from you. You can write directly to us in Calcutta.

Dear Co-Workers please pray for us. We continue praying for each of you and your families and ask Our Lady and our Mother to take special care of you:

Very happy and grace-filled Christmas once again and a most fruitful New Year 2009!