Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in
Port of Spain

Story and Photos

of Blessed Teresa's Centenary Celebration


Story of the Celebration

On Saturday 28th of August the Missionaries of Charity joined the rest of
the world in celebrating Blessed Mother Teresa's Birth centenary, a Holy
Mass was held at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Port of

Monsignor Christian Perreira presided over the Mass.  The Children from
 the Home in Oropouche showed their expression of appreciation and love as
 they gracefully danced dressed in Indian attire leading the procession at the
entrance to the hymn Glory and Honour carrying 100 candles and flowers which
they offered to Blessed Mother Teresa signifying her as being a child of the
light who was a shining example of Christ, the light reaching out to people
all over the world no matter what race, religion, culture, and nations.

The introduction to the Mass was done by Father Shijomon Zacharias, who
quoted from Mother Teresa words and gave a brief message from the
Missionaries of Charity on Blessed Mother Teresa life and service.
In attendance con -celebrating were The Abbot John Perreira, Monsignors
Jason Gordon, Esau Joseph, Cuthbert Alexander, Michael Stuart,
 Fathers Clyde Harvey, Ronald Quesnel, Dwight Merrick and Kenneth Assing (Cathedral

Monsignor  Christian Perreira homily was very inspiring as he described
Blessed Mother Teresa  life of love and service embodied into the Gospel

It was a great feeling of love and compassion to have all of the handicapped
children with their smiling faces following the proceedings with great joy
and veneration. The elderly ladies from the Laventille home were also
present and they enjoyed taking part in the ceremony. 

The Choir was beautiful as they sang and accompanied the Missionaries of
Charity Sisters during the Mass.

The Centennial celebration was attended by many religious, the wife and
member s of the Indian High Commissioner  and their families, friends,
co-workers and benefactors of the Missionaries of Charity.

Beatriz R.
Missionaries of Charity