Sr. Prema's message for Mother Teresa’s 99th Birthday



Sr. Prema, MC

(Sr. M. Prema MC (Superior General) of both the active as well as of the contemplative branch (Sisters), she succeeded Sr Nirmala Joshi as superior general of the congregration founded by Blessed Mother Teresa.)


“God created us for greater things – to love and to be loved.’’
                                    -Mother Teresa


Next year, on 26August 2010,we will commemorate the centenary of Mother Teresa`s birth. On the 26 August 1910 Gonxha Bojaxhiu was born. She became Mother Teresa of Calcutta by dedicating her whole life totally to God in the service of the poorest of the poor. She did small things with great love. She recognized and loved the dignity of a child of God in every person.


“God created us for greater things – to love and to be loved.” When we experience the love of God for us and the loving care of others we know that we are unique and special. We are loved. And we want to share this love with others. We show our love by giving a smile, by extending a helping hand, by lending a listening ear, by saying a kind, encouraging word. The call for every human being is to receive love and to give love to others.


Mother Teresa opened her heart to love all peoples. She continues to inspire us all to open our eyes to see the dignity of a child of God in the poor, and to bring peace and joy to them through our humble services. Maybe there is someone in my own family who is feeling lonely, unloved, in need of acceptance, forgiveness or a kind word. Love begins at home, and I can be a channel of love for this person today.

May Mother`s message of God`s tender love for each man, woman and child make us aware that God created us for greater things – to love and to be loved. Our sincere endeavour to be channels of God`s love and peace to the poor will be the best gift we all can prepare for Mother`s 100 birthday.


May God bless you
Sr. M Prema, M C.
Superior General.


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