Some of her Favorite Prayers


Intentions to pray for

Prayer is the best gift of love you can give anyone you love.

- Saint Teresa of Calcutta

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A man is a alcoholic. Prayer requests, that he be free and that his life be all right.


Prayer Request for the R & R Girls

May God help these prayer warrior girls get order in their homes. They have lost ALL motivation. May God bring them into light, love and this badly needed order in their homes…it has been such a heavy struggle for them lately. So for motivation until they can get all done and for no desire to shop unless absolutely necessary. They are desperate..thanks so much…they will be so thankful.

Also for the one who appears to be hording things, but is not. She sees how out of control she is with her “comfort food” so can we pray too that she stop shopping unless its for something she really needs and will use. Its to the point she is not comfortable in her own home because she literally has no place to lay her head. Her only comfort in the moment is that she can relate to Jesus knowing full well his reasons were different and she is thankful for his Mercy and patience until she gets back to her normal self which she is not doing to good on her own. So thanks much for prayer help for this as well since she desperately wants to get “there”.

May they both come back to life.💜

PS These are usually very immaculately neat girls as this was also how they were raised but somehow because of tough heavy crosses things have gotten out of control in their homes and they don’t know where to begin.

PS Can we pray also for the one who not only has no motivation at home but at work in a terrible way. All seems gloom to her at work right now. May God bring her light there too.



Please protect & heal my Mummy from all illnesses, accidents, natural or manmade calamities, evil forces (Evil eyes, evil tongues, evil spirits, envy), witchcraft, debts, obstacles & problems. Please bless her with good health, a long lifespan that is 70 times 7 my own lifespan, bless her with immense peace, happiness, prosperity, success in all her endeavours. Please help mummy & me settle down abroad immediately. Please help my mummy win all the court case battles too.


2. Please protect & heal me from all illnesses, accidents, natural or manmade calamities, evil forces (Evil eyes, evil tongues, evil spirits,envy), witchcraft, debts, obstacles & problems. Please bless her with good health, with immense peace, happiness, prosperity, success in all her endeavours. Please help me find a new job in my field soon with a very good pay, work profile, office atmosphere, office, location (now that you know the office has shutdown). Please help me to study and successfully complete every project, certification & academic qualification or personal skill development I undertake. Help me to be personally & professionally successful. Please help me & mummy settle down abroad immediately. Please help me, & Mom travel around the world together and with our loved ones.


3. Please help us sell our properties and buy a new property which is actually good, safe and appropriate.


4. Please let Amalia, & Dechamma understand, support, cooperate & guide Sakshi through her PhD & help Sakshi to successfully complete her PhD & also be granted funding for her PhD all through. Please be with Sakshi, bless her, protect her, guide her and strengthen her always. Please also remove all kinds of blackmagic, evil eyes, envy, evil forces, witchcraft from


Please pray for Theresa very sick dying in the hospital.

For the nurses and doctor that they be guided by the Holy Spirit.



Holy Spirit 2 Guide Teresas doctors and Nurses on Medical 2 regarding the fluid on mum Teresas lung


Please pray for my young nephew that has entered Rehab for Drug addiction!   He’s so scared!

Janet Cox who is facing breast cancer surgery.  Very rare cancer.

Thank you so much!




I am requesting prayers but this time it is for my husband, julian, who has surgery fri.2/2 for an anurisam. he also has a mass on his colon and mass on his lung. this was just discovered last week. He is a devouted catholic and a very kind father and husband. Please pray for him. i love mother and do so admire all the devoted nuns. Thank you fo your time.


My prayers are for full body healing. Healing of body, mind, soul.  Please heal me completely from all the problems and make sure that my health becomes strong and great. Please cure the gastritis, inflammation and make the abdominal pains disappear. Heal everything. I also ask if you can please help me become financially successful as the health problems made it very difficult for me, I need help so much. Thank you!


Tim and Sue Jacobsen in your daily prayers and offerings.  Tim was released from the hospital to a rehab facility.  However, today he is in the hospital with the flu.  Prayers are needed.  Sue expresses her deep gratitude for your continued prayers.  Thank you.



Pray for my husband plaqued with cellulitis & staph

Pray for Mr Jones who has cancer in his mouth

Pray for Mickey Lejeune who died of lung cancer

Pray for lil 4 yr old Hunter who had to see a urologist today & has to return soon


1. Please pray for Lori, had breast cancer surgery and now has a really bad case of the flu. In her weakened condition this is not good. Please pray for total healing for her. God is able and faithful. God bless. Love, Ja.

2. Please pray for this flu season to end quickly, 100 people are dying per week from it and they are expecting 2 more different kinds of flu to join in. Reports say that the flu will be around for another 13 weeks. Please pray no one else gets it. ALSO we have to go out to dinner tomorrow night, please pray that we don't get the flu while eating out or any other time. God is able and faithful. God bless. Love, Jay

3. Please pray for Vivian, my best friends daughter. She is in her late thirties and is dating a man who is 66, her mother is worried about her being in this relationship. Vivian says she is in love with him. Please pray. God bless. Love, J.


May I ask that Pierre-Marc be in your prayers He just stopped his relationship with the person he was with I think it’s for the best Will you pray that the separation and closure be  smooth And that he finds a person with our values Please Mother T give him strength insight and courage to go through Hope Sister Eli you are fine my husband had trouble with his thyroid but he’s better now


Please pray for Leslie.  She has undergone many surgeries as a result of breast cancer.

Things were looking up until this week. Her latest reconstructive surgery has failed.

 She has reached the end of her rope emotionally. She says she hates God. Please ask the Lord for healing and especially for a renewal of her faith and peace of heart and mind.

Thank you again for all your prayers and especially for the relic that I just received. I will be giving the relic to Leslie as soon as I can so that she may touch it.

In the meantime. I am holding it and praying for Leslie.


Again I can't thank you enough for your concern and your support.

Bless you, C


May I please request the healing prayers for my life, loved ones and entire both lineages families. Included my Mom and loved ones in heaven.

Healing as appropriate for each person. Giving my love and gratitude to God for all the blessings in my life.

Healing my relationship with Jerry soroosh and my self-Asking God for miracles, blessings and love to move forward in my life. Asking for support and guidance to all opportunities for my life. Feeling lost and not center at this time. Requesting God intervention, guidance, support to all open opportunities coming my way .Feeling alone, frustrated, confused about my future.

Thank you

Love and gratitude



Please pray for my baby girl Mary Jessica for her good health and strength. She is getting sick often, suffering from cold and cough. Please pray for Lord's healing in her life. Please pray so that my Lord fills her with HIS wisdom and knowledge.

My company has given me Australia work visa and i am attending various project interviews to get me placed in some good project.Please pray for me to get a good project that my dear Lord has planned for me. Please pray for me. Lot of obstacles and tension because of interviews. Please pray for Lord's mighty hand to be with me and help me get a good project.

Please pray for my wife for good health and strength. Please enable us to grow spiritually in Lord's wisdom and lead a loving and peaceful life.

Please pray for me for a good project.

Thanks and Regards,


Please help me to change my job, please create a new opportunity in esareeff where I can still serve.  Please hear my prayer, please hear my prayer.  I need your intervention. please help me immediately.



Pls pray for my husband William, a good health. Please take care of his job, in his office many of his Indian old staffs are being harassed by the GM. He is working in gulf .He is a heart patient, sometimes his BP go high n cold cough sinus very often he has .having urine scanty problems. pls pray all this sickness to be healed completely. Now end of this month he has medical checkup. pls pray that all his reports to cum good. In Jesus name I pray Amen.


 Please pray for the following people and their requests: Emily St. Pierre - she was told by doctors that her little baby will not survive Peter Stiller - brain mass is back Carlos (my dad) - Doctor is worried about his heart and is running some more tests Thank you SO much for all your prayers of past as well. God Bless each and every one of you. Carla


Mother Teresa,  Please continue praying for my son this week so that he can get some job interviews, please let something come up soon for him, I do not want him to lose hope that something will come soon for him and he can get on with his life.


Please Pry for me and my family my dad and mom expired we 5 children my elder brother got married and 2 elder sisters got married but one of my  elder sister is widow she had one  girl and i had one your brother brother he was working in Bangalore but he lost his job and looking for new job  kindly pry for him to get a job and i am  now 40 year old recently i got job in Dubai by the grace of lord Jesus Christ . i had one problem some  years ago i got one bike accident and i got head injury  but i am ok now     but some time    my face is looks like  tense mood  desperate and my be i am thinking something most of the people told me about this so i am desperate kindly pry for me , i am unmarried now i am looking for marriage proposal  for my self but unfortunate i didn't  get any proposal please pry for me  to get a suitable marriage proposal and and kindly pry for my brothers and sisters


oh divine Mother, hear my prayer. Please help me reassure my heart today regarding work and all those that I work with, my family, friends, and home.  Please surround me with love.  I am lonely and I need a real family life too.  bring to me joy and love divine, in my heart and soul and mind, and in my activities.  Creativity.  hear my prayer.  let me know you have heard my prayer dear Mother. I miss You, I miss having a Mother.


I have asked you for prayers in the past and am very grateful for your kindness.  I am once again asking you to now pray for my husband, he will be having surgery on 2/2/18 for a abdomen aneurism and he is showing possible cancer areas o his ct scan, especially large mass on the colon. Please pray that he does not have to suffer, God willing, he can be treated and overcome these issues.


Please pray for my recovery from this horrible cold


Please pray for my niece Debbie who is experiencing financial difficulty in paying off her college tuition debt. Thank you.


Mother Mary thank you for all graces blessings and prayers answered I pray for Michael’s soul, healing of my family tree living and dead families conversions, the souls in Purgatory, healing Mass Friday Jesus please send Angels to protect us that your people are prepared to spend time with you, increase of members for our Prayer Group, for all the sick who have asked my prayers for my own health to improve Jesus to fall deeper and deeper in love with you, to be a magnet that will bring others to you. Mother Mary love to Jesus & St Joseph. Your loving daughter.  Rose

St Teresa please intercede for me that all I am doing for the Kingdom of God, I ask Jesus to draw me closer and closer to Him


Please would you pray for my daughters Victoria and Elizabeth.  I am in the middle of a violent abusive marriage. My husband has done everything he can to "get rid of me" in his words.  He has even tried to poison me. He has put me in hospital more times I can count but my darling daughters are as badly affected by my husbands verbal physical and emotional abuse towards me as I am.  My husband is Italian mario. A former alter boy. His uncle was a priest.  Mario often goes to mass and always has done then come home and destroy me!! I've found that difficult to understand and sometimes it's made me question my faith.  I've often wondered why God allows his alter boy to do so much damage to another human being!


Please for healing of myself and diagnosis   Healing and health of my family. Job security   Success in school and work. Thank you so much


Greetings ! Please pray for a miracle healing of my stomach, stamina, health issues so I can get out of bed. For a financial miracle as I’m in bad shape in health and finances. Pray for my daughter’s heart problem. My children to return to church, their health, finances, good grades, grandchildren’s health especially Olivia’s stomach. Thank you and God bless you !


Please include the following people in prayer:

Alex  17yr. old w/ Hodgkins lymphoma

Enzo P. jewelry maker, in surgery now for broken wrist/needs 9 pins to hold together

Mother of Jason L.  long rehab ahead from heart surgery

Tammy recovering from blocked heat artery.

            relief from addiction to cigarettes.

Can't tell you how at peace people become when I say

that your order is praying for them.


For Barbara peace on vacation. (Her return to Caribbean w safety

where she lived).

Margo Family peace

W Barbara Caribbean (Possible visit

Next year to Caribbean w Barb) if circumstances permit w prudent planning.

Chris. Wants a baby can't conceive baby Fertilization Medical treatment Jan 30 2018 w husband Randy in


J. M. Family peace Chris father (sis Carol) parents ill.

Erick CUFI Israel correspondent. His travels to Israel bring peace. Also for his safety in working for peace safety from ISIS

 Peace w. Erick's (his / my Cousin) Tony



Joe Man is holding the course. We do feel like we are at a good place with his G.I. system. He is tolerating feedings. He's now at 55 mL's of food/hour and 30 mL's of water/hour which is a considerable increase. He's not quite at his norm for either but close. His sodium levels are still high but they're going down with added fluids. The HUGE challenge is his chest right now. The chest films aren't really improving and he's still receiving supplemental oxygen. He was on 65% but is now down to 50% which isn't great at all but it is an improvement.  Please continue to pray for Joseph's chest to completely clear. That is our most needed prayer right now.

Please pray for Saint Teresa's intercession for the health of my daughter Jennifer Schubert and her family. My daughter has been diagnosed with incurable bone marrow cancer.

Her husband, son and daughter have serious health problems also.

Please pray for grace and spiritual and physical healing for them all, according to God's will.

Thank you. May God reward you.


Denny was hospitalized today. He has a irregular heartbeat.

Please pray for my cousin Terry. He’s in ICU in Lake Charles. He has sepsis., pneumonia, & cellulitis.

Daniel, Bernadine's niece’s husband. He had a clot in his heart the other day.

Bernadine suffers from bad depression.


Pray for me. I had lice even in my eye lashes. My pulmonary system has given me problems. I had pleurisy from Oct to New Years. My bladder has given me problems & cultures show I have ecoli.  I'm already tired from taking care of my husband. He's been fighting cellulitis since before Christmas.

Thank you for your prayers.


Fr. Ben, pastor of St. Mark's in Boise, Idaho. Recovering from brain injury.


Dear Saint Mother Teresa and Staff:

Here in the USA we have to bill's in front of the Senate.  Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and HR 4712 Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

I am a Born-Alive Abortion Survivor and my medical records can prove that I also felt pain In-utero.  Once I survived the abortion they left me to die on a table for forty two minutes just days' before Irma I found hidden in my mom's  medical records of my birth and being laid on the table.  She had told me they had laid me on a table and that I looked like a baby bird blue with gunk on it.  It never crossed my mind to ask how long did they lay me on that table?  I have forgiven my mother and that is because of Jesus, Holy Spirit, Word of God , Mother Teresa, and Saint Andrew.  Those two Saints enabled me to forgive my parents.  I have Christian pioneering grandparent's and beyond in the family.  Like Saint Andrew say's the enemy is everywhere waiting.

I want to be in front of Congress and I want them to know that to God I matter and all babies matter to God and these laws need to pass without any resistance.  I have fought multiple cancer's and lost nine organs, been blind twice, heart defect, throat and brain all due to the toxic cocktail Eli Lilly created in 1959.  I have found they also took apart of the cocktail DES to Convents supervised by Roman Catholic Nuns for unwed mothers and told them it was a vitamin for the new mothers.  It was poison and we have the documentation.  I need guidance because now at fifty eight years of age this journey can be the win we need for the Roman Catholic Faith.  I was called to by Jesus at around five years of age to the faith.  I would sneak out very early on Sunday mornings and sit on my neighbors steps and wait for them to leave for Mass and beg to go with them.  I converted officially at eighteen years of age.  Please I have no idea what direction to take with this effort.  I have no family and I can move to any location that God wants me to go.  What is most upsetting is that this cocktail was used to then create Agent Orange and that really breaks my heart.

My Priest does not know how to guide me other than continue to pray.

I live at and belong to Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Church in Tampa, FL.  I lost everything with Irma and so I ended up Epiphany because I was going to leave the faith and become Protestant.  I encountered Father Edwin Palka in the park a Priest I had not me in Tampa and he convinced me stay in the faith and heal.  Without his prayer and kindness I would not have made it because I cannot live not being a Roman Catholic that practices the Latin Mass.  Photo My mom at the bar and I am distanced from her and red glasses is at neighbors, recovering from what I realize was a child abuse incident.  Look at right arm and hand I vaguely remember the incident but my neighbors always saved the day and took me to mass. I am in the white dress pretending first communion.


For my son who is seeking employment to obtain an interview and be awarded the job.  St Teresa of Calcutta pray for us.

For my continued growth in holiness as I enter my third year of formation. And for the grace of study.  So much reading.  St Teresa of Calcutta pray for us.


Maddie is suffering from low blood levels and will need a transfusion. She also needs healing from cancer and be able to tolerate chemo.

Dawn asks prayer for a special intention.


I have a prayer request for Vickie, who was diagnosed hours ago with a brain tumor. Doctors imply  does not look good for her, but we know Jesus, the Healer, is in charge here.

Please remember Vickie and our trust in the Healing Power of Jesus, while in prayer today.




I have two prayer requests today.

One is for my brother, Jim, who has liver cancer and his life is truly diminishing before our eyes. Prayers for a gentle, peaceful exit from this world and return to God's.

2. Paul, who I met yesterday. His 4 year old grandson died on Christmas morning due to complications of the flu in San Antoine. Paul is beyond the description of grieving. His heart is totally fragmented and plans for his future with his grandson, Leon, have evaporated. I pray God's comfort hand rest on Paul, his wife and family.

Peace and Gratitude


My neices baby continues to make small gains, marked by small setbacks. His eyes are being operated on in January.

I also have a friend who has colitis and is incredibly ill. she is a colleague who married a fallen away Catholic whose marriage was not annulled. Her entire life has been cast into darkness. I have learned that Christ meets us at illness and pain and this could be a time of immense spiritual growth for her and her family. She is a good person.  an you ask the sisters to pray for Anika...


Prayer Request for Chris & Elva

May God clear up the misunderstanding between Chris and Elva so they can pass this hurdle and move back into the bright Godly light they started in.


Prayer Request for Special Relationship

For Robert to treat the new girl in his life well. May his shyness and loss of confidence not get in the way of this special relationship. May God help him to behave the way he should because she is taking his loss of confidence and lack of social skills personally (what I believe is part of a painful shyness and a fear of rejection). Al though this is endearing to her on one end its hurting her on another and she’s  losing her confidence with him too. Its like a little roller coaster. May they be comfortable with each other again, understand each other and remain consistent so they do not sabotage what God has already begun in this beautiful blossoming relationship and guide their every word to each other. Also for God to keep those that are jealous of this special relationship at bay as far as possible. They have had numerous people (both female and male “friends”) trying to get in the way of their communicating. May God send their “true” friends to help if needed and May God always be in the center of it all.

Thank you so much for the prayer help…

PS Also, I don’t think he realizes that he is the one she truly cares about. She gets a lot of attention and pursuers she has to run and hide from. So he may be feeling insecure about how she feels about him. If he only knew…may Heaven reveal this deep truth to him.


Dearest Mother Teresa,

My daughter and I are going for tests concerning our eyes. I ask you to put your healing hands and eyes on us. We have been have been having some health and family problems, and I've been praying to you day and night. I know you have been watching over us.  Would you please continue.



Please pray for myself my husband our two little children

& our future & future children ..The council are making a decision soon please pray that we will be finally offered the home that we want.. please pray for my sister & her husband & their unborn baby that she is due to give birth to any day now pray that she will have a good labor & good birth that she will have a happy healthy baby..Also they live in a home where they have wicked neighbor’s they cannot live happy there their in fear going back to their pray that they will be set free & granted a home where they can finally live happily & in peace & enjoy their life's with their baby.. thank you


you please give us your advice with this matter that we are in so much fear of we don't know what to do ,We have two beautiful children a 4year old girl and 3 year old boy ,my son was diagnosed with a genetic disease but my daughter does not have any disease.. So we received our genetic tests and found that myself and husband are both carries for my sons genetic disease and also a muscular dystrophy genetic disease but clear from other diseases thank god.. the genetic councilor told us its 1 in 4 25% chance of having a child in future with one of these genetic disease and 75% for a healthy child could you guide us or give us advice we are in total fear to have another baby but we really love children please reply god bless you


pls pray to me for the wisdom the problem i m suffering. Also pray knoledge & grace more & more.

   also pray for breaking of every evil habits, i m struggling& also for physical-spritual prosperity.

also pray for loved one salvation & salvation to relatives-neighbors.


my husband will be going thru a ct for the upper body, please pray that they do show why he is having problems and how they cn be corrected.  I am always requesting your prayers and always appreciate them.  Bless you, M


Joseph's respiratory condition has worsened considerable and Rob fears we're going to be facing ARDS.


 Please pray for Rob's wisdom in seeing the full scope of each and every problem and that he be blessed with insight into helping solve the mysteries of why certain therapies aren't helping and what the doctors can do to help heal Joseph.

Joseph's chest films look terrible. He has 2 different bacteria growing in his lungs. The IV meropenum is being administered every 6 hours but he doesn't seem to be responding very well. The severe anemia and severe electrolyte imbalance is not helping matters either.

-- Please pray that with baby steps that Joseph's bowels will start to function again and that he can return to his full feedings soon.

 Please pray that the autonomic storming will stay FAR AWAY and that we don't have to battle this issues as well. I believe if we could get him back on all of his medications it would be a HUGE help in controlling the storming.


please pray for Alexander

He is a young man struggling with depression and has had those guts if taking his life


1.Mrs. Ann,[elderly about late 70's] with cancer.

2. Bridget [60 ish] cancer

3.William [mid 50's]brain cancer

4. Randy [40ish] cancer.

5. Fr. Francis [67] cancer


Kindly keep on praying  for

my husband: Healing, mandates and retiment

my slightly autistic son: vocation, healing, studies and jobs

my slightly autistic daughter: vocation, healing, studies and jobs

and myself: healing and duty

Thank you in Jesus and Mary


Please pray for my disability claim and expeditious sale of my home. My family desperately needs financial stability! Thank you for your love and blessings!


Praise Jesus for the HEALINGS. David Craig has had the flu with fever for two weeks. During that time a spirting artery was found in the stomach. That was repaired. A suspicious polyp was removed & they await the results. But this morning he woke up with no fever. Praise God.

A cyst behind my left knee made walking a struggle. Today I woke up able to walk. Thank You Jesus.

Ronald has recovered from cellulitus caused by residual MRSA staph in the blood. Praise God for all of his "recoveries.

Allen had heart failure a couple of days after his wife Joan was buried. Allen was able to attend Ronald's 80th bd celebration.

So thank You Lord for answered prayer.


Dear community, it is not easy but I would like to ask you to keep me still in your prayers.. You know well my long-lasting intention.. many years after conversion I have been painfully tormented with deep guilt, very strong diabolic opressions and false image of God very deeply rooted in my heart, it is so exhausting.. I know I cant look back anymore, but the enemy has been tempting me so strongly with guilt..I cant describe the strength of these oppressions..Please pray, that I may know Gods unconditional love in every moment of my life, esp. in my past sins and for total trust. Thank you very much for all your prayers! May God bless you for everything!


Please pray for Ruth who has an acute e-coli bladder infection.

Please pray for Dillon Pousson & his fiance' who are expecting a baby. Dillon is unemployed & they aren't married.

Pray for Stephen & Gennifer married out of the church-on a cruise for their honeymoon. He is Catholic. She is Jewish.

Pray for Ross & Adam who are in college.

Pray for Mickey who has lung cancer.

Pray for Alton Primeaux & Verda Fruge whose death anniversary it is.

Pray for the many who have the flu & strep


Maddie - battling pneumonia - pray for healing and being able to tolerate the antibiotics


Request you to please pray for me, that I may do extremely well in my interview and get selected on Monday 29/01/2018 and I may be blessed with an excellent top salary,  post, management and day shift job.


On Feb 16 to 18, my parents, kids, husband and I plan to attend retreat by Father Dominic. Please pray that nothing will prevent us from attending this retreat and we will be spiritually blessed by it. Please pray that my husband and father will be complete born again through this retreat and will start leading the family according to God's plan. Please pray that my kids will be healed from ADHD and aspergers. Please especially pray for healing for my son Joseph who has additional problem of slow process and stuttering. Please pray that my brother who cannot come for the retreat will also be completely healed from demonic bondage, mental/emotional problems  etc and be able to step into the vocation God has planned for him. Please pray that God grant this blessing through our united prayer during this retreat.












 Your Son



Mother Teresa,

Please pray that my son will get a job soon, please pray that he will get one of the jobs that he has interviewed for.  Please do not let him lose hope in that something will come up soon for him.  Amen.



Dear Mother Teresa,

I am suffering greatly in mind body spirit emotions financial relationships losses...I am fighting a war within myself.  Living with my mother is extremely sick toxic abusive...my brother Steven and his wife Erica hurt me greatly...they are to much.  I lost myself and my family friends finances and so much time. I want to marry in the Catholic Church. Adrian is not healthy for me. Help meeting paint.

Speak to me St Teresa please...deliver and protect me from evil sin and Satan. Please bless me with a humble spirit and new job big income...debt free. Please protect me from being homeless and alone.



Please mother Teresa pray for me Jacquelyn Campbell and Angel Gomez that God help me protect me from evil and please open my boyfriend of 11 yrs See clearly what his Mothers intentions are. Please protect and shield him from her manipulation and especially her black magic.   Please fill his heart and mind with love for me again and in do the evil work she has done to separate us and control his heart and mind   God please take this pain away forgive me for . My past anger tword you because of this. Please help me do and change the things I need to to have him back on my life forever loving me as he would’ve before she interfeared. I’m sorry God for my broken promises n for self medicating to avoid the pain and for falling weak.



Please pray for me I have lost my engineering job and in need or another one so I can support my family


Please kindly pray for my brother's father in law, Peter, who is undergoing brain surgery this morning. (in about 30 minutes).  Also please pray for my dear aunt Milu for her health and healing.

Thank you so much. Your sister in Christ,



Pls pray for my husband to be delivered frm drinking gambling no pray life only friends  wasting time not providing money for the fly spending money on frds especially  when  he stays home I'm  too worried  n prays 4 my son n daughter 4 their exams  they


Dear Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta,

I am writing is needed prayers and help very-very badly where I facing financial problem & difficulties.

I need urgently cash for my own expenses, pay-off loans and debts. Please in God name, help me with prayers.

Everyday of my life feel down, sad, scared, tired & worries. I pray that God in His love will free me from all this bad experience of my life.

Please, I beg you to storm heaven on behalf of me.

Thank you

Your brother in Christ,



Please pray for maria  who is 6 months pregnant and has to go to urgent care because she is very ill . Also for ivan her husband who tests show he has an illness that can destroy liver . He is 38 thank you .


Please pray fir Maria my daugherlaw  pregnant and very sick



Prayer Requests for  Kit & Ella, Raquel, Daniel & Elva and Robby


Prayer Request for Kit & Ella

For Kit and Ella's future wedding. May everything be blessed…go smoothly before and after. And May God guide them on how to love each there now, before and forever.


Prayer Request for Raquel

For Raquel’s hope in her relationship. She is struggling. May she not be overtaken by her fears knowing that God is working on things. May God lift her heaviness and turn her sadness into joy. May he reassure her with love.


Prayer Request for Daniel

For God intercede to alleviate some of Daniels impossible workload so he can spend much needed quality time with Elva for their relationship’s sake.


Prayer Request for Robby

For God to touch Robby’s heart to see how RA is feeling.  He has been overly focused with work at the expense of making her feel very unloved and unappreciated. May he pay attention to how she is feeling so she doesn’t shrivel altogether.


He doesn’t realize there is someone lurking behind the scenes trying to take his place. May God open his eyes and help them.


Prayer Request for Vincent

For the light of God to flood Scott’s heart. He’s in a really dark space right now. For his marriage also…for its purity.





My sister Carole recently had a hysterectomy, her appendix and some fibroids removed.  Her appendix has about cancer plus some suspicious tissue!  They are going to operate on part of her colon in 6 weeks! Please let her know you are praying!  God bless you.

My wife's friend albert was taken to the hospital with chest pains(maybe heart attack).  God bless you.


Mother Mary I surrender Father Y's Priesthood to you correct in him all that is not from Jesus, may his Priesthood come fully alive that he would come to know who is His Lord and Master revive him with a Mother's love I also offer to you Michael's soul, all the recently deceased and the souls in Purgatory, those suffering with cancer for all who have my prayers, love to Jesus & St Joseph. Your loving daughter Rose Dear St Teresa I ask your intercession in all I am trying to do for Jesus


Please pray for me for Lord's strength and forgiveness. Please pray to my dear Lord Jesus Christ to lead and take control of my life every second.

Please pray for my career and work at workplace. My company has filed US visa this time. Please pray for Lord's will and for getting the visa.

Please pray for my wife and my baby girl for their good health and strength, let the mighty hand of my dear Lord lead us and protect us from all evils. Please Sister, please pray for us. Thanks and Regards, Doyle Wilson



Please pray for my son Joseph that he passes all his classes this semester.  Thank you


Joan asks for prayers for her brother, Mark, who is dying of cancer. He's homosexual. Please pray for her daughter who has left the Church after losing 2 brothers. Please pray for her husband who needs conversion also, and strength for Joan in all this.


Please add to the prayer list Marianne parents. Her dad is in the hospital with Parkinson’s and lung cancer. Her mom Rae is failing after this very difficult year. Dear Lord, we lift this suffering wonderful family up to you. They have been faithful to You Lord, family and their community .We know your plans are love beyond our understanding. Thank You Lord for the gift of Your Word and speaking to us through the Holy Sacred Bible.


Please pray for a special intention regarding Luke and may the precious blood of Jesus heal him. Thank You


Please pray for myself my husband our two little children

& our future & future children. The council are making a decision soon please pray that we will be finally offered the home that we want. Please pray for my sister & her husband & their unborn baby that she is due to give birth to any day now pray that she will have a good labor & good birth that she will have a happy healthy baby. Also they live in a home where they have wicked neighbor’s they cannot live happy there in fear going back to their pray that they will be set free & granted a home where they can finally live happily & in peace & enjoy their life's with their baby.. Thank you


I am asking you for real estate sale and successful sale of my listings before the end of March.


Please pray for me and my whole family and all those entrusted to us and all our intentions in your daily prayers I ask especially that we all make it to Heaven Thank you Mother Teresa, pray for us


Please pray for me nick that I get a good report from the doctor

Thank you


Prayer request for a young couple, who adopted a little girl, Rosalyn, 2 1/2 years ago. Little Rosalyn died unexpectedly in her sleep from a seizure, which never happened before. Her parents and grandparents along with the entire family are in need of prayers. The searing pain they know needs prayers for help, as only God can send


I would like to yet again continue to request for your prayers for my husband Terence.  He is undergoing a tough time with his financial situation and is very stressed and disturbed.  Please pray for the intercession of St. Teresa and Mother Mary so that he might see some relief and be rewarded for his hard work and diligence.  Please may his faith in the Lord and His wonders never waver.  May the Lord keep him in his loving care and protection.  May he have the right guidance and strength to get through this trying time.  Thank you sisters... I really appreciate your help in seeing us through this tough time.


We have searched for weeks for a house to rent that is warm, dry and secure and we can afford, but none of the houses on offer are suitable.

We have less than 2 weeks to find a house now or we are homeless. Please pray for God's favor, that we find a house to meet our needs, that the people like us and that the paper works goes through without any problems. That we can move out of this house, this week.


Please pray.  An old whip- lash is tormenting me again with continuous pain in my neck & shoulder. Nothing I take helps. It leaves with prayer & returns periodically, staying for weeks at a time. Eventually, confining me to bed if it stays long enough. The constant pain becomes unbearable.  Sometimes sending pain to the base of my head & spine. It's like having a migraine in my neck & shoulder.  Thank you & God Bless.


Hebei (China)is a province that has rigid control from the government, but the church has grown and is now needs to mature and disciple it's members. Please pray that despite persecution. Indeed because of it, the church would grow and mature. Please pray that the focus of the church would be on bible study, prayer and evangelism.


Please pray for my sister, Mary Ann, and her son, Ron.  Mary Ann has physical problems, and has her ups/downs with them.  Her son, my nephew Ron, also needs prayer. Also, my son's wife is still in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and they both need prayer to help them as there are so many things going on.  Your prayers for me and my family are welcomed and appreciated. Thank you all so much.


1.  Please help cholo find a job that will make use of his talents and one that he will love and make him fulfilled.

2.  Our pray that he will respect me.

3.  Our pray that we will get a visa to America.

4.  Our pray that our law office will be successful and that we will have more clients.

5. I pray for peace, good health, for the sick and the dying, for the souls in purgatory.  All these I ask in Jesus name. Amen.


Dear mother Teresa please intercede for me to get a new car immediately so I can be safe on the highway. My present cat is in bad condition and I can't afford to keep replacing parts its and old car please bring me a new and safe car paid in full with no car payments thank you mother Teresa thank you God thank you Jesus and mother Mary your child a



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