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Prayer is the best gift of love you can give anyone you love.

- Saint Teresa of Calcutta

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My sister Carole recently had a hysterectomy, her appendix and some fibroids removed.  Her appendix has about cancer plus some suspicious tissue!  They are going to operate on part of her colon in 6 weeks! Please let her know you are praying!  God bless you.

My wife's friend albert was taken to the hospital with chest pains(maybe heart attack).  God bless you.


Mother Mary I surrender Father Y's Priesthood to you correct in him all that is not from Jesus, may his Priesthood come fully alive that he would come to know who is His Lord and Master revive him with a Mother's love I also offer to you Michael's soul, all the recently deceased and the souls in Purgatory, those suffering with cancer for all who have my prayers, love to Jesus & St Joseph. Your loving daughter Rose Dear St Teresa I ask your intercession in all I am trying to do for Jesus


Please pray for me for Lord's strength and forgiveness. Please pray to my dear Lord Jesus Christ to lead and take control of my life every second.

Please pray for my career and work at workplace. My company has filed US visa this time. Please pray for Lord's will and for getting the visa.

Please pray for my wife and my baby girl for their good health and strength, let the mighty hand of my dear Lord lead us and protect us from all evils. Please Sister, please pray for us. Thanks and Regards, Doyle Wilson



Please pray for my son Joseph that he passes all his classes this semester.  Thank you


Joan asks for prayers for her brother, Mark, who is dying of cancer. He's homosexual. Please pray for her daughter who has left the Church after losing 2 brothers. Please pray for her husband who needs conversion also, and strength for Joan in all this.


Please add to the prayer list Marianne parents. Her dad is in the hospital with Parkinson’s and lung cancer. Her mom Rae is failing after this very difficult year. Dear Lord, we lift this suffering wonderful family up to you. They have been faithful to You Lord, family and their community .We know your plans are love beyond our understanding. Thank You Lord for the gift of Your Word and speaking to us through the Holy Sacred Bible.


Please pray for a special intention regarding Luke and may the precious blood of Jesus heal him. Thank You


Please pray for myself my husband our two little children

& our future & future children. The council are making a decision soon please pray that we will be finally offered the home that we want. Please pray for my sister & her husband & their unborn baby that she is due to give birth to any day now pray that she will have a good labor & good birth that she will have a happy healthy baby. Also they live in a home where they have wicked neighbor’s they cannot live happy there in fear going back to their pray that they will be set free & granted a home where they can finally live happily & in peace & enjoy their life's with their baby.. Thank you


I am asking you for real estate sale and successful sale of my listings before the end of March.


Please pray for me and my whole family and all those entrusted to us and all our intentions in your daily prayers I ask especially that we all make it to Heaven Thank you Mother Teresa, pray for us


Please pray for me nick that I get a good report from the doctor

Thank you


Prayer request for a young couple, who adopted a little girl, Rosalyn, 2 1/2 years ago. Little Rosalyn died unexpectedly in her sleep from a seizure, which never happened before. Her parents and grandparents along with the entire family are in need of prayers. The searing pain they know needs prayers for help, as only God can send


I would like to yet again continue to request for your prayers for my husband Terence.  He is undergoing a tough time with his financial situation and is very stressed and disturbed.  Please pray for the intercession of St. Teresa and Mother Mary so that he might see some relief and be rewarded for his hard work and diligence.  Please may his faith in the Lord and His wonders never waver.  May the Lord keep him in his loving care and protection.  May he have the right guidance and strength to get through this trying time.  Thank you sisters... I really appreciate your help in seeing us through this tough time.


We have searched for weeks for a house to rent that is warm, dry and secure and we can afford, but none of the houses on offer are suitable.

We have less than 2 weeks to find a house now or we are homeless. Please pray for God's favor, that we find a house to meet our needs, that the people like us and that the paper works goes through without any problems. That we can move out of this house, this week.


Please pray.  An old whip- lash is tormenting me again with continuous pain in my neck & shoulder. Nothing I take helps. It leaves with prayer & returns periodically, staying for weeks at a time. Eventually, confining me to bed if it stays long enough. The constant pain becomes unbearable.  Sometimes sending pain to the base of my head & spine. It's like having a migraine in my neck & shoulder.  Thank you & God Bless.


Hebei (China)is a province that has rigid control from the government, but the church has grown and is now needs to mature and disciple it's members. Please pray that despite persecution. Indeed because of it, the church would grow and mature. Please pray that the focus of the church would be on bible study, prayer and evangelism.


Please pray for my sister, Mary Ann, and her son, Ron.  Mary Ann has physical problems, and has her ups/downs with them.  Her son, my nephew Ron, also needs prayer. Also, my son's wife is still in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and they both need prayer to help them as there are so many things going on.  Your prayers for me and my family are welcomed and appreciated. Thank you all so much.


1.  Please help cholo find a job that will make use of his talents and one that he will love and make him fulfilled.

2.  Our pray that he will respect me.

3.  Our pray that we will get a visa to America.

4.  Our pray that our law office will be successful and that we will have more clients.

5. I pray for peace, good health, for the sick and the dying, for the souls in purgatory.  All these I ask in Jesus name. Amen.


Dear mother Teresa please intercede for me to get a new car immediately so I can be safe on the highway. My present cat is in bad condition and I can't afford to keep replacing parts its and old car please bring me a new and safe car paid in full with no car payments thank you mother Teresa thank you God thank you Jesus and mother Mary your child a



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