Some of her Favorite Prayers


Intentions to pray for

Prayer is the best gift of love you can give anyone you love.

- Saint Teresa of Calcutta

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Mother Theresa please pray for me and my family. Pray for My husband for the upcoming colon testing. He has to stop all the herbs he was taking for his pain and health problems. I don't know how he's going to do that. Mother Theresa, please find some natural remedies for him. For his prostate, hip pain, back pain, his swollen legs. Please ask Lord Jesus to deliver Jason completely from demonic possessions safely, peacefully. Ask Jesus to heal him completely. Please Mother Mary, help Jaron and all my children for their better future. Please help our finances so we can do what we need to do. So we can visit Korea to see my parents that we did not see for so long. Please pray for us. We are so burdened with life problems. We are so depressed for so long. Please pray for us so we could get out of this situation. For peace, protection. Thank you Mother Theresa.


Dear Mother Teresa,

You have answered all my prayers. Thanks to you I am able to follow an education to become a nurse. Due to an administrative misunderstanding I risk to lose half of my monthly income. People are looking after it. Please help that they may succeed and that I can continue my education to become your light in the world, among all the other ministers of God.


Prema's husband had a serious stroke but is now back at work. Yesterday I was at  the doctor who said I need an operation on my sinus. Today I opened unexpectedly to this novena. Could you please keep us in your prayers, especially our daughter, Rachel, for a save delivery of her 4th. Baby, that the baby will be well, for our grandson Noah who has multiple disabilities and is having some problems now, for faith and love for all of us, and some healings  Dianne, Joyce, Mercy, Gigi Jean Gaes


The following are two prayer requests from Deacon Gene and his wife, Ruthann.  Please lift these people up in your prayers.       Also, my position (within the company I have been with for 22 years) changed, and I am now a hospice chaplain.  Please pray for all of our patients and those who care for them in many settings. Blessings,

Please pray for a young man in his 20's who was hit by a car who is now in a coma, his name is Ralph Rampart and another man who is also in a coma name George Konan.  Lord have mercy on their souls and their families.


My son is small for his age and this is the cross he carries everyday. His size often makes him a target for bullies and keeps him from doing things he wants to do.  He is often told he is not big enough or tall enough....which translates in his head "I am not good enough."  Please pray for him. Pray that he finds friends to help him carry his cross...or even not see him as small.  Pray that he receives the gifts he needs to walk in this world.  Pray for me to be the Mom he needs me to be.  And pray for those who bully him or do not see him as the amazing talented person he is.

Thanks you.












 Your Son Ch.


Special intention.

Thank you.


Please pray for me and my children and husband Karl and also..


Mother Teresa,

Please pray that my son will find employment very soon, he has been looking for sometime and nothing.  Please let something come up for him and please do not lest him lose hope in that something will come up soon for him.  Amen.


Our friend Bruce had a massive stroke and is in the ICU.  I'm not too sure about their faith walk so pour out your greatest, most powerful prayers for Bruce, his wife and their girls.

Also,  David is doing well and is so VERY, VERY appreciative for your prayers. He was discharged and is back resting at the hotel. They're hoping the doctor will clear him to fly back to Florida on Tuesday.

Prayer request for my family & myself

Blessed Mother Teresa, intercede for me in my job for your uplifting and favors. Pray and stand with me in the fraud case for TC where they did a big fraud that the truth be known and they may commit to pay full amount defrauded.

Hold my hand and protect me that not be involved in this. Amen


For a very special intention.


Dear Mother,

Now a days I am not feeling well at all. My blood pressure is high and not coming down to normal. My eyes get red, soloing & pain. I also have pain on my left side chest & hand, I also have pain in my full body and my head is rotating and I am feel that I will fell down. Nose closed & feeling not good at all, feeling something on my chest, breathing problem. H.pylori infection blood result positive. I am taking medicine for blood pressure & cholesterol, then also no use. Please pray for me to get my health and strength back, to do my duties properly and take care of my parents and family properly. Kindly pray to the all mighty God the Load to take away all my sins and pains from me & give me peace, full health and strength. Thanking you,


Pray for Vinnie. He is only six years old and has a rare inoperable brain tumor. DPIG. There are NO survivors of this type of tumor. He was diagnosed in November of 2016 and has gone through extensive radiation. There is no other treatment and now he is declining quickly. Life expectancy is less than 2 years for this type of tumor. Please please pray for a miracle.


Please place this request at Mother’s tomb.

Mrs. Auddino, mother of my niece’s husband, is gravely sick and hospitalized in a coma.  She is only 56 years old.

We ask for the miracle of recovery for her through Mother’s intercession.


This is Selma with you, As per my previous mails. Thanks for your prayers my son Evan Correa is good now. I need your request for prayers for my job, as am searching the job from October still now there is no progress.

Please pray for me, as i require the job very urgently due to my financial condition.

I'm being hassled at work by a man named P.. who is upset that I have the position he feels is his. And he is causing all types of trouble for me. Pray God deals with him swiftly

For my family's employment, financial freedom and for spiritual enrichment pray for my father Antonio please. Thank you

Thanks for your wonderful prayers. By immense grace and mercy of my dear Lord Jesus I got a project in Melbourne. It was Lord's doing that I cleared the interview.

Today I am traveling to Melbourne and I have to report to work tommorow. Please do pray for me for Lord's wisdom and knowledge to do the assigned work well in the new project. Please pray for my daughter Jessica, my wife and the baby in my wife's tummy ( my wife is pregnant - 5 weeks) for Lord's protection, strength, health and His guidance.


I would like to please request for your prayers for my daughter Amelya.  She is being bullied in school and forced to do things she does not want to.  I would like to pray for her be strong and able to overcome this situation.  I have requested for the teachers help but hope that this does not become a big issue.  Please pray for my daughter.


Dear sisters – I would like to please request for your prayers for good health and happiness of my family.  I would like to be more financially stable so I could help the family and get provide the required support to our parents.  Help us in this need.


Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his conversion to faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray for the salvation of his soul. Pray for God's grace and mercy to heal his soul!!

Pray God to WAKE Eric Up-Wake him up to his need of a savior-Wake him up to Jesus!!!

Thank You,


I ask for prayer for my birth giving which is planned for March, 12.Thank you.


Please pray for my son Daron for salvation and deliverance from alcohol. I'm so desperate to see change in his life. God bless you who pray.


Kindly keep on praying  for

my husband: Healing, mandates and retiment

my slightly autistic son: vocation, healing, studies (MASTER IN INFORMATICS)  and jobs

my slightly autistic daughter: vocation, healing, studies (MATURITE SPECIALISEE) and jobs

and myself: healing (ANXIETIES, HEART) and duty

Thank you in Jesus and Mary,


Thanks for all prayers and pray for my sister to be confident to face all her life problems and gain her confidence towards the life and also the same to my wife for her confidence to face a normal delivery of my first kid to be normal on or before Easter. At the same time, my parents have to confident and peacefulness in their old age and their intentions, in total pray for peacefulness of our family and family members and all their good intentions.

Thank you


Here is a prayer request seeking Mother Teresa's kind and most valued involvement in granting me a grade point of 9.9 for my third semester degree examination which was very hard for me. I found inspiration in the numerous ways people preach the blessings they received through prayers and I have heard similar kind of blessings granted for pupil and I earnestly wish for divine involvement in my life at this point when I need it the most. Expectations of my loved ones have burdened me and I am worried about the result. Kindly help me and let my faith in Jesus be strengthened.


Please pray for Jordan who is pregnant & being life flighted to Hershey Medical Center because something is terribly wrong with pregnancy.

For Georgette who is in hospital with severe allergic reaction to bee sting.

For Betty who can’t straighten up and is having stomach problems.

For Gloria who is having trouble walking because of gout, arthtitic inflammation in feet, ankles & toes and needs help to lose l5 pounds. For all family, relatives & friends who are sick, suffering or dying. In thanksgiving for St. Teresa and graces received.


Dear St. Teresa and Sisters,

Divine Mercy Prayers for our sister in law Joelle, who is at the end stages of cancer. May God’s will for her in this time bring comfort and love to those around her.

Please pray for the complete healing from cancer for our friend Drew.  May the love St. Teresa had for the sick touch and heal is body, mind, and spirit.

I am also asking for conversion of heart prayers for another young man, Jacob.

Special Prayers for Pope Francis, Fr. John Riccardo, and all priests to lead us all with a heart of Christ through the guide of the Holy Spirit.

May the prayers placed on St. Teresa’s tomb and the silent intentions be heard for the through Saints Teresa, Immaculate Mary, and St. Joseph's intercession, in Jesus name I pray.


Please keeping Cecelia and Mary Ellen in prayer.  I also received a prayer request for Shauna, who has a brain tumor.  She is the daughter of one of our employees whose mother's Mass of Christian Burial was yesterday.  Marguerite (the employee) is a faith-filled woman, but has a difficult task of grieving ahead, as her husband died just a few years ago, and she is on her own.



Our dear brother in Christ, Bruce, needs our constant and fervent prayers. The doctors  are very concerned because  he has developed very severe pneumonia.  Unfortunately this is very common within a very short period time of becoming ventilator dependent but he is in a coma and they don’t have any choice but to place him on a ventilator.  They are giving his brain the opportunity to rest and recover before trying to bring him out of the coma.  Also a great concern is that he is developing kidney failure and has developed clots in his arms from being non-ambulatory. The doctor seems more concerned about the complications now than the brain bleed but Bruce has also developed a spastic diffuse in his brain.  As you can only imagine how incredibly concerned and stressed Bruce’s wife and daughters are. They just really really need to see a positive  shift in Bruce’s recovery to carry-on . They are pulling 24/7 shifts with him .  I shared with Bruce’s daughter last night that our God is a mighty God and He is still in the miracle business.  Please help me pray for a miracle of biblical proportion for Bruce.  Pray that the family’s faith would be strengthened and that they would see the hand of the Great Physician upon their father and husband. Pray that Bruce receives  the very best and most advanced care possible to bring healing of his lungs, kidneys, and brain. Pray that the Lord would bring the wisest of all physicians, therapists, and nurses  and that the Lord give them each an anointing of wisdom and compassion so that they can be His hands and feet on earth to bring healing to Bruce. I cannot possibly thank you enough for your intercessory prayer for brother Bruce and his family.



We seek the kind prayers for our two sons, Marcellus and Mostyn.  We are ever thankful to sisters

for praying for them.

Marcellus our second son is soon completing his Foundation  Year 2 as a medical doctor in UK.  He has applied to work in Singapore this year and still awaiting an interview for the job.

He is worried as he has to move after FY2  by June this year from UK and with no firm place to go next.

Mostyn our elder son, working in Australia also a medical doctor is still unable to get on a training programme this year though trying and unsuccessful in his attempt for so many years.  He will apply soon this time again for the next year programme.


We desperately seek your kind prayers so our Lord will grant Marcellu and Mostyn their wish and answer our prayers.


Please pray for my brother to stop drinking.

God Bless


Please say a prayer for my daughter taking a midterm test right now that she is afraid of failing.  She needs this course to start student teaching Music next semester.


Could you please pray for my grandma Flor who is dying?  She is a Jehovah's Witness and her heart is hardened against conversion. Please pray that Our Lady of Sorrows pull my grandma under her mantle...even if it requires some force. May Mary intercede and show her the light before she dies so that she may not be lost.


Dear Sisters and Brothers of Missionaries of Charity / Mother Teresa please pray for my following urgent petitions: Dear Blessed Mother Teresa, Please heal my Mom of whatever physical sickness she may have. Heal her of all her physical and spiritual sickness. Make her a positive person. Keep her in good health, peace of mind and body; and give her a long life in the land of the living.

Protect her and make her hail and healthy again.  Thank you Blessed Mother Teresa! Amen!!!


My name is Gladies.  My husband is Walter. He lost his JOB. He is trying for a JOB  please Pray for him to get a good JOB. Thanks, I become pass in supplementary practical exam in the name of Jesus Christ Amen


I have driving learners license test tomorrow. Please pray that I will pass exam. I am so scared of driving. Please pray that I can overcome my fear and can drive with confidence and without making any accidents. Previously I tried to learn driving twice and both times I could not complete learning due to fear.

The reason I am writing is needed prayers and help very-very badly where I facing financial problem & difficulties.

Fathers, I need urgently cash for my own expenses, pay-off loans and debts. Please in God name, help me with prayers. Everyday of my life feel down, sad, scared, tired & worries. I pray that God in His love will free me from all this bad experience of my life. Please, I beg you to storm heaven on behalf of me. Thank you Fathers, Your brother in Christ,


Mother Teresa I  am praying for a quick and profitable sale of my house and to get a reasonable house to buy also.

Thy will be done amen


Urgent prayers needed for maria my daughter in law . She is pregnant and falling because of low blood pressure . Also valerie needs deliverance from drugs and bad friends and Alex And Ani have cancer. you prayed for a woman named Bonnie who was critic


Thanksgiving –for all the grace, blessing and love receive throughout the last month from the Holy Trinity and the intercession from mother Mary, all the saints and the angles

Pray for my father in law for early recovery of his sickness and god grace to resolve the land issue owned by him.

Pray for All the DENGUE victims in sri Lanka

Pray for Shaven continue good health.

 Please pray for my daughter Shelomi for good health and for her studies.   Please pray for her future

Pray for Gods guidance/protection and blessings to do the job. It is a challenging and difficult assignment. I offer my job to God and let his will happen to me.

Pray for good health for, my wife, me and my sister’s two children’s. (11 and 4 years old)Pray for my mother and aunty for good health.

 For some time different kind of sickness bothering me .please pray for me for good health Pray for my studies

Remember all the people who have ask prayers from me and praying for my intentions all over the world.

Please pray for my sister Surani. Pray for Suwendi my sister in law. She is 33 and single. We are finding a partner for some time. Please pray for god’s plan for her to clear in her mind.

Pray  for Kanthi,Roland,Malsha,Thiwanka,baby Anne Suwendi,Sudesh,Annete,Rita,Surani,Rangika,Suranga,Shamini and family  Samanmali and family  and her mother,Priyangana and family,Nirmala and family,Bernad Mendis and family,my staff and their families,my customers ,Deepika and family,Shanthi aunty and family , all my relations , neighbors and friends ,Gamini uncle and family ,Kapila and family, Nishani and family,nishantha and family  all the people and their families  praying for my intentions.

Pray for release from our sicknesses, fears, weakness and addictions. Pray for peace of my mind and release form our sickness in the mind. Pray for our family tree and departed souls in the family tree.

We pray for protection for our family, relations, friends, neighbors and all the people in the hold world from the Natural disaster/calamities

Pray for Fred for continues good health and receive the healing from God. Pray for Mark, his family and extended family. Pray for Our Pope, holy Catholic Church and all the Christians.

Pray for all the sinners. Pray for all the sick people. We should lift all the people in the hold world in all our prayer intentions.

Pray that GOD raise necessary people in whole world to counter Evil in the world and let our mission in the world to be cleared and empowerment of the HOLY Spite upon us .

As a nation we are going through a great trial. Our parliament trying to pass the new legislation on Abortion .which relaxes more than the catholic rule. God the father we pray that you raise an Army to fight against this new development through prayer



May I ask for your prayers regarding Special Intentions for my Son, Luke please.

Luke needs the Love and Precious Pure Blood of Our Lord in his Heart and Life.


Could you please pray for Jenene who has just had a double mastectomy due to grade 3 cancer, that she will be completely healed..For Jane who has pancreatic cancer and 3 months to live., for peace in my family and for all to return to the teachings of the catholic church and receive the sacraments. I have distributed the relics you  sent to me . Would it be possible to send me more relics so I can continue to distribute them to those in need.


The following are two prayer requests from Deacon Gene and his wife, Ruthann.  Please lift these people up in your prayers.

      Also, my position (within the company I have been with for 22 years) changed, and I am now a hospice chaplain.  Please pray for all of our patients and those who care for them in many settings.

New development...They found a hematoma in David’s neck last night. So  there is bleeding from somewhere in the front  of his neck.

 Please, please, please, please,  help us pray it doesn't  get any bigger  because he would have to go back to surgery to remove it.

4 pm (EST) is the next CT scan let’s pray  that the Great Physician would miraculously dissolve it or that it be any bigger.

 Another urgent prayer request is for Joseph. One of Joseph‘s mighty prayer warriors, Angie, found a stem cell study at Stanford University that she contacted and had them send us a questionnaire to fill out to see if Joseph would qualify for the study. They have been implanting stem cells directly into the  affected parts of the brain which has always been Rob and my hope.  Rob has always said and held onto the hope that one day science  would finally catch up with Joseph‘s injury if we could keep him healthy that science would finally catch up.  Please pray for Rob and I to be given divine insight into how to word each and every aspect of the questionnaire and that Joseph would meet all of the protocol for being a study participant. It would be a giant process for us to physically manage this but hoping with the worlds largest medical center 20 miles from our house that they could also run some of the tests and such that Joseph would need  in order to further qualify to be one of the study subjects.  They don’t list an exact date but they do say the deadline is in March so we need to complete this application ASAP but we didn’t want to do it without all of Joseph’s prayer warriors joining us at the foot of the cross asking for our Lord to pour out his greatest mercy and grace upon us as we sit at the computer and complete this  process.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,  we could not walk this journey without you,


I sincerely ask that you pray and place my petition on her tomb. I ask that through St. Teresa's intercession that Jesus give me a pure heart, let me receive him in the Eucharist daily, and give me strength to pray in temptation.


Dear Mother,

Now a day I am not feeling well at all. My blood pressure is high and not coming down to normal. My eyes get red, soloing & pain. I also have pain on my left side chest & hand, I also have pain in my full body and my head is rotating and I am feel that I will fell down. Nose closed & feeling not good at all, feeling something on my chest, breathing problem. H.pylori infection blood result positive. I am taking medicine for blood pressure & cholesterol, then also no use. Please pray for me to get my health and strength back, to do my duties properly and take care of my parents and family properly. Kindly pray to the all mighty God the Load to take away all my sins and pains from me & give me peace, full health and strength.


Please pray for my wife Louraine  and unborn baby.  We have had five miscarriages and she is pregnant now for the sixth time.  We are hopeful that God will help Louraine to carry this baby full term and give birth to a healthy baby.

Thank you and God bless!


Dear mother,

Please help me overcome my sex addiction.


Thanks for all your prayers to our family, Pray for us again to all good intentions of our family and family members especially my parents, sister and wife and all of specially and peace fullness at our home.


Prayer for Broken Families

Here is an intercessory prayer for all families struggling with difficulties. May the Lord hear our prayers and heal all families and bring them closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, please intercede for all families here on earth.

Lord, wash all broken families in your precious blood and remove all negative feelings they have for each other and fill them with your constant love.

Lord, take away from them all bitterness, anger and the desire to hurt each other. May they grown strong in your love.

Lord, have mercy on those families where they have no time for Prayer. May they come closer to you through daily family prayer.

Lord, have pity on families where they live only to gratify the flesh. May they grow spiritually.

Lord, have mercy on families who live in selfishness and pride, and where there is no real sharing of all that you have given to them generously. May they live their lives for you.

Lord have mercy on families who suffer because of alcoholism or drug addiction. Lord touch them and heal them. Give to all who are affected, strength and the courage to accept their and to wait patiently for deliverance.

Lord have mercy on couples who do not have a child, a good job, a house to live in. Lord bless them in your kindness and mercy.

Lord we pray for all those who are struggling with sickness, financial problems, and other sufferings. Lord, be merciful to them and help them in their needs.

Lord, we pray that all families may give the first place to Jesus in their hearts and thus become your witnesses.

Lord, give us real sorrow for all our sins and give us the strength to live a virtuous life and to always glorify you. Amen.


Hi my name is Natalie Phillips. My boyfriend is Bradley. We have struggled with a medical issue for a long time(2 years)and after surgery’s and multiple doctors we still do not know exactly what is wrong. The pain resides in his lower stomach area on both sides and could possible be the mesh they put in to help hernias in the past; but the surgery is way out of price range! I pray it’s not that and I hope it’s something that can be cured and fixed with steroids and medication to eventually one day just have him healed. I’m a very Spirtual person and so is he! We have prayed and he poor baby has prayed so much please help us in praying for him. He is a 35 year young man.. with his whole life ahead of him. Asking God to heal him and to help bring him back to his full self to play with his daughter his nieces and nephews, be able to keep in shape for the future and just enjoy life being healthy again. Please pray to have a miracle-to have him healed just HEALED! No more doctors no more searching for answers no more depressing moments and discouraging thoughts!! Pray for an absolute MIRACLE! I hope having all of us pray will increase our light towards this situation and the intention.. to let God see how much changing this for him will save him! Thank you so much! And may God bless you all as well!


Prayer Request for the R & R Girls

May God help these prayer warrior girls get order in their homes. They have lost ALL motivation. May God bring them into light, love and this badly needed order in their homes…it has been such a heavy struggle for them lately. So for motivation until they can get all done and for no desire to shop unless absolutely necessary. They are desperate..thanks so much…they will be so thankful.



Also for the one who appears to be hording things, but is not. She sees how out of control she is with her “comfort food” so can we pray too that she stop shopping unless its for something she really needs and will use. Its to the point she is not comfortable in her own home because she literally has no place to lay her head. Her only comfort in the moment is that she can relate to Jesus knowing full well his reasons were different and she is thankful for his Mercy and patience until she gets back to her normal self which she is not doing to good on her own so thanks much for prayer help for this is well since she desperately wants to get “there”.

PS These are usually very immaculately neat girls as this was also how they were raised but somehow because of tough heavy crosses things have gotten out of control in their homes and they don’t know where to begin.

PS Can we pray also for the one who doesn’t even have motivation at work?


Mother Teresa

Please pray that my son will get a job and soon, he has applied at lots of places but just seem to not get an interview, please let something come up soon for him and please do not let him lost hope that something will come up soon for him.


Vicki has been diagnosed with a fast growing brain cancer. She, her husband, children and family are in need of your prayerful support. My brother, Jim, is struggling with liver cancer, which cannot be arrested. He knows his time here is short. Prayers for Jim, Betty and all those who love him. Peace and Much Gratitude


Dear Saint Mother Teresa,

I ask you for the family of Rita and especially for her son Duarte, that you may carry them and show then the way.

I ask you also for Kairos and that Henry and myself may have the strength to continue this journey if it is the Lord’s will.  In Love for God,


Hi Could you pray for complete healing of my mind heart body and soul! Thanks J

 Special intention. Thank you.


Lord God help Dustin find gainful employment. Because he's having a hard time finding work he's testing medicine for companies who make medicines. He's currently testing blood pressure meds and today his blood pressure was 93/50.  Please Dear Lord help my Dustin.


Please continue to keep her mother, Maddie, in prayer. She has cancer.

Dawn asks for a special intention for herself.


Dearest St. Teresa of Calcutta, please pray for me that I will successfully perform well in my job interview on Thursday, February 22, 2018. I hope I will be able to fully prepare for it. I hope the interviewer/s will be considerate and will be able to see my worth - my strengths, abilities, skills, work ethics. I hope my age and race will not be an issue not to hire me. I hope they will accept my references without any issue - they are the only persons who are willing to vouch for me. Please give me a chance to get hired in the government. Please don't put me in a humiliating situation, I beg you. I hope i will not encounter any distractions or any impediments or any problems as I prepare and undertake the interview next week. Thank you so much for whatever help you can extend to me. Amen.


Requesting for prayers to discernment


Healing for joy BRAUER many brain lesions. She went on hospice today.


Saint Mother Teresa

We request for Mother Teresa's Intercession with prayers to St.Teresa of Calcutta & the purpose is miracle 100 % cure immediately of my Husband Mr T Vijay from his feet problem operated today & kidney problem and he is on dialysis . He must totally come out from kidney problem and dialysis should be stopped & must ease him self naturally without any dialysis. I am confident that my prayers will be heard by saint and bless Vijay with 100 % cure .They are at Hyderabad and i prey that saint teresa must answer my prayers and my wishes should be fulfilled.

I am a consultant by profession & commenced a new activity of funding and some hurdles preventing success in 1 st assignment I request Saint Teresa’s blessings to succeed in 1 St assignment  and grow further in future.


Bless you for praying for us when we are in need.

I am a single mom and I’ve started looking for a job to support my family. I’m filling out the applications and calling back to check on the status but nobody is calling me back. My bills are coming due, rent, power and groceries and I need the money for these things. Please pray that someone will call me back for a job. Please pray for me to get a job soon and be able to feel some relief. This has been a very stressful time. I have to take care of my three children.

Thank you, I believe in prayer and know things are going to turn around for my family.


Please Mother Teresa continue praying for my son to get a job and soon, please let him not to lose hope in that something will come up soon for him and that he will start to get some job interviews.


Please join me in praying for the following intentions

1. That 10 year old Ancy who was kidnapped be found found soon. It will be 7 months now and the police have no leads. Her parents are beginning to feel very desperate.

2. For just resolution of the present student crisis at the university where I teach.

3. My daughter to get a professionally satisfying job soon. She is getting very , very demoralized

4. For friends who are undergoing treatment for cancer -their quick recovery

5. A young lad who met with a train accident and is in coma. that he recovers soon and that people will come forth to support the family with necessary resources as the family is very poor


Could you please pray for my friend Charlotte? She is 26 and lives with her parents. Her mother Pilar is playing with tarot cards secretly and she just discovered this. Charlotte cannot move to another place. Please pray for Pilar to stop invoking the demonic with tarot cards. I believe this may be contributing to the spirit of lukewarmness in the faith for their family.


Please pray for my father who is not a Catholic and who is a fanatic of yoga.


Please pray for Muriel who has Hindu art in her house and who is a liberal Catholic. Her brother is a Freemason.


Please pray for Katherine who had a high ranking Freemason grandfather. She defends her grandfather even though she is a practicing Catholic. She has many health problems that may be a result of her grandfather's evil involvement with the occult.


I am sick hearted. We sold land to three people to pay debts. Each built a home on their land. We have a small strip of unsold land next to us, next to the land we sold. A grandson wants to live there. He & his family will be given that land. They will build then take care of us as we are more needy in our old age.

One of the neighbors is angry. She wants to sell her home & land because we didn't sell the land to her, the land we gave our grandson.


My sons (twins) are entering high school next near. We have two different high schools to choose from and we need to decide this week and register for a career pathway. Please pray that we select the right high school for them and their educational, spiritual and emotional needs. Please also pray that they pick the right career pathway and clubs.  Please pray that they step into the vocation God wants for them, are protected from evil and grow in faith.

Thank you for your prayers!


Please pray for Erica who has depression and  panic attacs


I have e-mailed you before about asking for prayers for my Uncle Michael who has glioblastoma. I wanted to ask if you could please continue to pray for him. My uncle will be having an MRI on February 19 to check the brain tumors. Can you please pray that they have shrunk and have not grown; maybe ask God to take the tumors away completely. Thank you. We will get the results of the MRI the next day and I will e-mail you want the radiologist says. Thank you so much for your prayers. We Trust in God's Mercy. I also wanted to ask if you could please say a prayer for my mom, Donna. She will be having colon surgery on March 21. The surgeon will be removing some of her colon. She has been taking care of my uncle so much. Thank you for listening. You are very kind and thoughtful. Thank you again.


Please pray for the healing of David G


Dear Lord Jesus,

I pray to bless my works and my dealings especially my real estate deals.  I specifically ask to bless my  real estate deal with Mr. Q  our buyer for shell arcenas property may you fastrack this deal and become more fruitful Lord. Also bless my deal with Millenium Pan Asia Development and Resorts Inc for the demolition of CICC Buildings may this deal become fruitful. . I also ask Dear Lord to continue bless my customs brokerage may you shower me more shipments and transactions.


I especially ask to bless my real estate deal with Mr. Raul regarding L property. Also bless Lord my deal with KFF lending property the 750 square meters property may i find a buyer who fastly decide the purchase of this lot. Kindly don’t forget also Lord to bless my deal with p lot with Mr. R also with the SRP lot the 2.4 hectares property.

Lord I ask you this to become successful in Jesus name . Amen,


We Beg Prayers for the following:

 I am recovering from a cyst on back. After surgery, it is paining. I beg your prayer for curing this.

 For Managing the extreme climate and situations in Kattappana house till the completion of our stay in Kattappana

 For managing our jobs successfully without affecting Kids education, Preethy’s Job and for a peaceful, happy and healthy life.

 For getting 100 % marks for Dea in her CBSE class X Exam. Excellence of our ANNMARYS  Studies.

 For getting comfort in Preethy’s and My Job . For improving the recovery to 100 % in KSBCDC, Idukki Office.

 Getting increase in salary and proper appointment order for me.

 For curing preethy’s DVT, Amma’s Knee Pain, Eye related issues and Breathing Problems, My Varicose vein, irritation at anus, Dea’s and Annmarys teeth alignment, Hyperactivity of Annmary and Backpain of  Dea, Reena’s Stroke related problems . Paul Chettans Heart Problem. Mummy’s Vertigo, Pappas cough & Body pain.

 Curing of Baju’s and Shyju’s problems.

 Andrews and Nickies return to Belief in Christ and for attending a retreat.


For the marriage of Nickie, Ponny, Jerry, Jyothy, Dominic and Cousin of Sr. Dais.

 For getting an ideal job for Arun and My students.

 For the progress of MIIM & KSBCDC

 Getting Sufficient additional compensation for canal land and land value for small area of our land

 For getting sufficient Income for Andrew’s

 For a healthy, peaceful and a happy life of My family, Amma, Andrew’s Family and   Reena’s Family and All at Edathil Family.

 Blessings for the studies of  Dea, Annmary, Twinkle, Arun and my students

 Blessings for the publication Case study and other articles and a book

  For getting a convenient new  house.

  For a happy and pleasureful family life.


I pray for the intervention of St. Mother Theresa for getting full marks in all the 6 subjects of my class 10 CBSE board exams. i also pray that i will be able make use of the remaining time in a productive way for exam preparation. i beg your prayers for the cure of my back pain, and the problems of my mouth.


Dear Mother Teresa,

Please totally heal me of my illness.may the mass shrink and the bleeding stops.please pray for me also that they will not do surgery on me.please intercede for me Mother.pray for me to mama Mary and Jesus.Thank you Mother Teresa.


Please pray for Rosalind Fleurs’s dental surgery & billing. Please pray for the integrity of Veronica Perez & staff. Thank you.


Dear Mother Teresa prayer request

I want to give thanks and praise to Mother Teresa prayer request and to God Mary Jesus for prayers answered.  The lord opened up

A door for an aupair job collecting kids from school. Thanks and praise god for prayers answered my home has been restored with

Peace and my spiritual life has been restored.


Please pray for deliverance of the following two people Bronwin Pearl Lawrence 55 years old and Eileen Ruth Sampson Lawrence

81 years old from deep hatred unforgiveness spirit of control deep jealous deep jealousy. They are both catholic need to be

Delivered from their unhappiness they hate to see people happy as they are both unhappy. Causes flights on the property

49 Gougem Road Southfield Cape Town South Africa. Causes car accidents for a person’s face to change they caused job

Losses traffic fines cars to break all comes from their harden hearts. They both have cold love they need to be delivered from

Witchcraft black magic Satanism and they  both worship satan. For God to touch Eileen Ruth Sampson Lawrence heart at

81 years old you should set an example to your children and grandchildren my late dad always said Eileen Ruth Sampson

Lawrence is a very wicket person she went to fortune tellers and went to the wrong places when her marriage was in

Trouble instead of going to God for help.


Please pray for protection and the blood of jesus over Colleen Lawrence Daniels a minister of holy communion my two

Daughters Rene & Nicole Daniels two grandchildren SarahMoss Jadyn Naude husband Shaun Charles Daniels for a healing

He turned 60 years old and fell over twice this morning for a complete healing of body soul mind. We pray for protection

Over Jadyn Naude 12 years old went on a school camp for 3 years protection over  all the school kids the teachers the bus

The campsite the roads they will be travelling on.  We pray for all the hundreds of ants and flies on the property . We

Deliver Eileen Ruth Sampson Lawrence of throw intestines in the drains of the property and it makes us all ill they cause

Flights marriages to break up relationships to break up friendships to break up as Bronwin Pearl Lawrence and Eileen

Ruth Sampson Lawrence is unhappy and they hate to see people happy and prosper they drain us financially thru their deep envy

.  We pray for protection and the

Blood of jesus over 49 Gougem Road Southfield and for protection over the girls flats their place of work cars and

The grandchildren’s school my partime job husband’s self employed job his van.


Dear Mother Teresssa,  My brother in law Mr Vijay Kumar is suffering from Kidney diseases. And ffrequently infection. Please help us to find kidney donor as sooN as possible. Kindly pray for a speedy recovery.


My dad is old and sick, he has all the complication there is when you get old, and he is suffering.

Please let him rest in peace


I have e-mailed you before about asking for prayers for my Uncle Michael who has glioblastoma. I wanted to ask if you could please continue to pray for him. My uncle will be having an MRI on February 19 to check the brain tumors. Can you please pray that they have shrunk and have not grown; maybe ask God to take the tumors away completely. Thank you. We will get the results of the MRI the next day and I will e-mail you want the radiologist says. Thank you so much for your prayers. We Trust in God's Mercy. I also wanted to ask if you could please say a prayer for my mom, Donna. She will be having colon surgery on March 21. The surgeon will be removing some of her colon. She has been taking care of my uncle so much. Thank you for listening. You are very kind and thoughtful. Thank you again. God Bless,


Please kindly pray for Gerardo who is going to be operated and is very seriously ill. Thank you!


Pray that the law for non-commercialization of rest areas does not go through.

Thank you,


Please pray fir  maria now in court regarding custody of her kids  thank you


I am a devout Italian Catholic loving Mother Teresa. I would be most grateful if you could place this request for intercession to Mother Teresa on her tomb so that she can pray for me during this year 2018. I am requesting her intercession in particular for a very important intention of mine, for which I have been praying for long time.


Request for special prayers for my daughter aged 17 Verushka to study her grade 12th successfully and to accept life in a positive way with hard work wisdom and faith. everyday


Thank you for praying  for David Rich. The doctors have finally given him the "go ahead" and he will be having the very serious back surgery tomorrow (Monday) morning at 11 AM in New York. They are going to fuse C3-4 and it will take 4-5 hours. He has had a ton of back surgeries and suffers so very, very much. Please help pray that THIS SURGERY will be the surgery that ENDS all need for ANY OTHER back surgeries!


I want to ask you to pray for a family that is in "evidence" of breaking; the father works too much, and his wife and his children don't have the attention they deserve. The family told him, but it has been difficult to solve the problem.

Thanks for your prayers!


My name is David from Malaysia, the reason I am writing is needed prayers and help very-very badly where I facing financial problem & difficulties. Sisters, I need urgently cash for my own expenses, pay-off loans and debts. Please in God name, help me with prayers. Everyday of my life feel down, sad, scared, tired & worries. I pray that God in His love will free me from all this bad experience of my life. Please, I beg you to storm heaven on behalf of me.

Thank you Sisters,  Your brother in Christ,


Please pray for Arlene who has complications after surgery

Please pray for George who has cancer


Request for prayer for job confirmation

I request your prayers for the confirmation of my job. On Friday 16th 2 pm to 5 pm management committee meeting will be held wherein the members discuss my job confirmation. Hence request you to pray that my job may be confirmed.


Dear Mother Teresa,

I am asking for your prayers to please help me financially. I have back due rent and need to pay upcoming and future rent. I need someone or something to pay my rent for me for the past and for upcoming as I heal physically and emotionally.

I also, need your prayers for help with income overall. I don’t know what to do. Please help me with your exquisite prayers.


I am suffering from Kidney cancer since January 2017 and right kidney has been removed.  I have metastasis in liver, lungs and right side near my stomach.  Since last four months I am suffering from severe unbearable pain near the right side bone near my stomach and taking many pain killers.  I have also taken two weeks radiation treatment but the pain is still the same.  I humbly request everybody to please pray for me to Mother Teresa to cure me completely and permanently at the earliest from pain for which I will be very much thankful to each one and also to Mother Teresa.


Mother Teresa...Pray for my dad, Abraham Orta, may Gods healing hand stop and cure my dads cancer. Also, pray for all who are battling this dreadful disease. Each day is a blessing  to spend time with our loved ones who are battling for their lives. Amen



I silva will be joining the ship very shortly, so I humbly request to pray for me to reach safely on the ship and to complete my voyage successfully


Prayers for Israel Peace With Iran to prevent war. Mr John 93 Sepsis ICU Thank you


Mother Teresa I have a small prayer request and it's about my mind. I need help with being able to stay clean from medicine abuse and addictions. I need the confidence and power of mind to control myself and to say no to harming and bad activities. I want to have good and strong health and also strong mental health. It is very important and I count on your help. I am sure you help those who turn to you, please think of me too. Thank you so much.


Please pray for Diane that her husband is more understanding about her depression. That her husband Jose is supportive and not mad at her and they can work things out. Thank you


pray for ‘Christyn’’, a PK who’s backsliding into the New World Order ...

and for ‘’Tammy’’, who’s witnessing to her


I would like to ask for prayers because I have a black nail and im scared it will be cancer. I hope mother Teresa can help with her intercession and help my nail heal and not be cancer.


For Jesus sake please pray for my brother

Tahsin R for healing of mind, memory, hip bone, cholesterol, blockage in heart artery, heart, stocmach, and all kinds of healings and for his conversion and salvation with all his family members. And for me M. Mary and all my dear family and special intentions. God Bless. M. Mary


Thanks for all your Prayers, Please pray for the following intentions of our family members specially at the lent season.

1. A fair compensation from the Government to my father M. FARANCIS xAVIER for the loss of our 2500sqft home and land of 31cents to the new NHAI.

2. A good job to my sister for her studies and physical fitness without any sickness and successful completion of Ph.D 3. A normal delivery to my first issue of child to be expected in Easter 4. For all good intentions of my family members.

Thak you for all your prayer indeed.


I’m asking for prayers for myself. I’m a single mom of three and I’m trying to get a job to support my family. I’m having a hard time finding a job. Please pray that someone calls me soon. The bills are due and I don’t want to get evicted from our home. Please pray I get a job soon.

Thank you so much,


Please storm heaven for Marian Luis who came to our pregnancy center wanting to abort her baby this morning.

She is only four weeks pregnant and really has no legitimate reason, other than having other career plans and having to tell her parents.


Kindly keep on praying  for

my husband: Healing, mandates and retiment

my slightly autistic son: vocation, healing, studies and jobs

my slightly autistic daughter: vocation, healing, studies and jobs

and myself: healing and duty


I feel so helpless and lost. I pray and ask for intercession that my relationship with Goh Meng Yong will be strengthen and that we will remain faithful to one another and grow in our spiritual faith together.


Dear Mother Teresa

Pls pray for my brother Dominic n his family a good health. This day he is not well, he got high fever n his BP is high(150). pls pray for him to get healed soon. My mother is not well, she is suffering from Alzheimer ..past 3yrs.He is taking care of her, sometimes she troubles them allot n they find difficult to handle her. We feel very sorry to see our mom suffering. And also feel very sorry for my bro . N his wife they are care of her. I am very worried of my brother, he started to drink alcoholic. pls pray that he should give up drinking ,later he will find difficult to stop. pls pray abundantly for my brother n his family to be blessed. In Jesus name I pray Amen


Alex  17yr. old w/ Hodgkins lymphoma

Enzo P. jewelry maker, in surgery now for broken wrist/needs 9 pins to hold together

Mother of Jason L.  long rehab ahead from heart surgery

Tammy recovering from blocked heat artery.

            relief from addiction to cigarettes.

Can't tell you how at peace people become when I say

that your order is praying for them.


Mum passed on Fri, 3 feasts, please just keep Cunningham family in prayer


Please Mother Teresa, pray for my son to find employment soon, so he does not lose hope in that something will come up soon for him.  He has been applying daily but no interviews let something come up soon.  And for me so I can quit worrying for him.


Please Mother Teresa pray for my son to find a job and soon, please do not let him lose hope in that something will come up soon for him.  He has applied at lots of places please let someone give him a chance for an interview.


Dearest Mother Teresa

Please pray for my husband Zaid and don’t let him go to jail. He did mistake by watching wrong things at his computer. He regrets it and he is asking God forgiveness ever since.

He is a good man and never hurt or harm any person in his life. Please mother Teresa ask Jesus for a miracle and don’t let the feds or any one take him to prison. Give the wisdom and the strength to our lawyer so he can defend him well. Please mother Teresa save him for me and my family.


Please pray for Evan’s health. He is a young man who has a lot of health problems and a 4 year old boy called basic who has leukemia and for our family and friends. Thank you and God bless you


I Tom Jose have requested for a mediation and Counselling in the Court for settling the family issues with my wife Ann Mary. The case is posted in the Court for 9 th Feb for knowing the Interest from both the Parties for Mediation and Counselling. Wife’s advocate has indicated that, she and her parents are not interested for mediation and Counselling.  I request you esteemed prayers for her cooperation in Mediation and Counselling, so that issues can be settled and life of my 2 kids aged 9 years and 6 years will not be spoiled.


pls pray for me jesus wisdom more& more,.spritual & physical prosperity.

also pray every relatives

&neihbors as above my-self.also pray for everybodys salvatiom.

                    in gods love




Our son has had blood clots in legs and now has had to go to emergency 9 times because of serious stomach problem .  Pray for rest of our family and friends . I pray for you too . God bless you . His mother


Carmel has asked us to pray for Charlie an Liam.

prayers for 13-year-old Charlie.  He's frequently bouncing between his parents - who live on opposite sides of Australia.  Both parents are in new relationships, and their new partners haven't embraced Charlie.  Understandably, he is beginning to show signs of rebellious behaviour due to so much uncertainty and lack of love in his young life.  These are Charlie's formative years, so I'd be grateful if we could include this boy's uncertain future in our prayers.

I'd also be grateful if everyone could pray for Liam, a guy in his mid 20's who will be encountering some life-challenging situations this week.  His concerned mates have asked us for prayers.

Please heal Jamie Moore who has end stage liver disease. She's 33 yrs old and a mother of a 4 yr old boy. Thank you and God Bless.


Mother Theresa I earnestly implore of you to grant my dad the grace to have a successful TURP operation. Mother help him not to have any complication and get a speedy discharge


It is with a heavy heart that I write you again to request Intercession from Mother Teresa for my dear friend Phyllis.  Phyllis has just been informed she has Breast Cancer.  Please pray for her.  Phyllis is a young woman and lost both her Mother and Father last year.  I am so saddened by this.  Phyllis will need surgery and I am praying she will heal completely.  I would be very grateful if you could as for Mother Teresa’s intercession.


Thank you for all of your prayers.

Susan Kile


. Please pray  for our son ivan who has had 8 blood clots in legs and has gone to emergency ten times in Hawaii, calif, Florida, Guam and in Japan  with horrible stomach pains and the doctors do not know why. Monday he will have another test. He is an identical twin and his brother is fine except for other minor problems.. A   priest emailed me a few years ago and wrote that he thought his ex Susana who was into occult had done a curse and Ii am sure of it. Pray for this and for her too. Ivan is supposed to travel to Florida next week to go to court with his present wife Maria who has to settle the custody issue with her ex-husband. Pray her kids Jonathan and ray jr will be able to move to Hawaii and that they will adapt. Maria and the oldest ray jr have sickle cell anemia.  Pray that the baby girl she is carrying and will be born in July will be healthy and no have this illness. Pray also for the mother of my grandson Andre jr. Ivan's twin brother Andre is his father. She has a serious drug problem so pray for her deliverance. For my husband Jim to be healed of emotional problems and lack of faith in God. For our daughter Monika who is 34 to meet a good Catholic man and get married and for Andre our son to succeed in business and be responsible with his money. Pray for him to be healed of foot, back and prostate problems. Also for me to be able to do business with a man named Don so i can produce multicultural films for kids so i can make money to help the poor. Continue to pray for all my family and friends


Pls remember Chrissy  she goes to Phila again on  Tuesday infertility clinic.

She wants a baby.  She is getting medical help with  80per cent chance fertility.


Thanks for all your prayers and I request for all the good intentions of our family members and the peacefulness of mind in the family and also good job and research work of my specially my sister and good health to my old parents and also my wife expecting her delivery in Easter.


Add Brian to your requests for intercession-help him know his next step in his process –let him have an answer for his place in school so that he not worry any longer.

Add Kevin to your request so that he may find his teaching position and find favor with his position.

Pj that there be no more traces of cancer in his body when they check him.

Thank You


Please lift up in prayer those families that are walking a journey with a cancer diagnose.  Especially Carter and Dwayne r.


Please keep in your prayers my family especially my husband who is really not happy with his work situation.  Truthfully he is just not happy period these days.

Help me to get happy with where I am or please open door for me to know it is time to try something else.


May I please request the healing prayers for my self , and loved ones for my entire families both lineages in Earth and heaven.

Healing as appropriate for each person . Giving my love and gratitude to God for all the blessings already in my life . Asking God and all my Angels to be by my side, protecting me , with guidance, love and caring for me .

Healing my relationship with Jerry soroosh and my self Asking God for miracles , blessings and love to move forward in my life . Receiving and claiming all opportunities for my self. Healing my confusion, fears, ego, Ignorance and low self confidence. Requesting God his divine intervention for guidance, support, opportunities as well healing as appropriate for my self . So greatful for my birthday this month. Happy Birthday to me ! And thank you Mom for being my Mom. I love you


1.) that i will successfully get the project for CICC demolition from Mellinium Pan Asia Hotel and Resort Inc.

2.) That i will successfully sold the Lozada causing lot in Plaza Independencia with my buyer RAUL RECTO

3.) That i will successfully sold the Estancia Property with my buyer Michael Cosiquien

4.) That i will successfully sold the Medelin Property with your buyer Lord.

5.) That i will successfully sold the property in Pajac with the buyer of Azze Hsu.

6.) That i will successfully sold the A.S Fortuna and T. Padilla shell lot with my buyer Stephen and Rober ty.

7.) That i will successfully sold the property in Naga with the buyer of Edwin.

8.) That i will successfully sold the SRP lot

Please ask St Mother Teresa to continue to intercede for my 19 year-old grandson Kayden so that he recovers from his suicide attempts. May he no longer take drugs or use alcohol. May he find a good place to stay and friends to support him. May he have help with his vocation. May I continue with my sobriety and celebrate 24 years today. (with the help of AA). May Monica and I grow together in God’s love. Please help Sue with her operation today. May the library find a suitable person and help me with retirement. May university studies go well this year.













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