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Prayer is the best gift of love you can give anyone you love.

- Saint Teresa of Calcutta



Mother Theresa,

Please i beg u to help pray for me to induced/ labor my fetal death baby in tummy for almost 3days now..

Please pray for me..

Thank you!


Mother Theresa I earnestly implore of you to grant my son the grace to clear his SEM 1.  Mother grant my son the grace to clear his BEE, Engineering mechanics and Maths 1 and emerge out successful and proceed further in his career.  Mother I urge you to bless my son and keep him sage under you loving care.  Amen


Joseph is very critical and continues to decline, blood work in crucial areas are getting worse. Besides that he has developed pneumonia and the respiratory team or whoever is in charge is not getting metaneb treatments started that I asked for on admission at 5 PM last night. He didn't present with any pulmonary issues but now has developed them. The worst part is that his sodium level has risen to 174 and Dr. Nunez is worried that the hospital won't allow him to scope Joseph. I contacted Joseph's endocrinologist who was the one who discovered the entire problem through routine blood work. He said sodium has always been a chronic problem we have battled but it is not an option they HAVE to scope him to find out where the bleeding is and stop it!!! Please pray that hospital politics don't play a roll in their determining whether or not Joseph can be scoped. He's on the ventilator and it should not present any problem. It is critical that they stop the bleed and put Joseph on critical and aggressive pulmonary care. We've not had very good luck at KMC battling pulmonary infections so PLEASE PRAY! Dr. Or.gingerly is trying to prepare me for the worst. Please pray for a HUGE MIRACLE!


My name is Jordan. Please bless me and pray for me for Emotional and Spiritual healing especially for depression. Please also pray for me to overcome my anger issues because of marriage and financial problems. Thank you


I am a fellow student from Kerala pursuing my graduation in Bachelor of Arts. I am a student of average academic excellence. I could not go through the exams easily. Expectations of my loved ones and the effort they have put in educating me is furthering my tensions and mental conflicts. At this moment, I cannot do anything but to implore the blessings of the Almighty in the name of Lord Jesus through St.Mother Teresa. In this note I was told to let you know my earnest desire to be a permanent part of Missionaries of Charity for the which I receive hardly any encouragement from my family. I seek your prayers for the same. Kindly guide me in the journey to be a better half of Jesus My Savior. Requesting to keep this confidential, I conclude.

Yours faithfully


I request for your prayers for my father in law.  Please pray for his speedy recovery.  May his health be restored and may he be back home well again.


Request to please pray for my mother in law, Julie who has alopecia. To gracefully accept her condition and to free her from depression.


Please pray for my health, widespread pains, constant ringing and blocked ears, discomfort in my throat, swollen lymph nodes in neck, chronic sinusitis and allergies.

For my finances to improve and a home of my own.

I plan to take a cruise in July this year, pray that there will be no problems and I will be able to keep my personal information private to myself. I am travelling with a friend who wants to know everything.

Thank you God Bless


I just received a very scary call from my mom that Joseph's doctor called with his lab reports noting that all of his levels are off and that he's bleeding internally. His belly is distended and needs to be rushed down to Houston Methodist Hospital immediately. It's been nearly a year since my poor brother has had to endure a hospital trip, but anytime there's internal bleeding you have to act quickly.


Please please join our family in lifting up my brother in prayer during this extremely critical time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Please pray that I will be promoted to a Band 8 this first quarter. It has been 10 years since I got a promotion and everyone agrees that I should have been promoted already. Last year was an exceptionally good year at work, so please pray that the progress I made last year will get me promoted this first quarter. I work from home to take care of my 3 kids better. Please pray that I will be able to continue to work from home and that it will not be an issue with my promotion.

Thank you for your prayers.


Please pray for my son to find employment soon,  He has been applying daily at companies and nothing.  I just don't want him to lose hope in trying to find something.  Please let something come up soon for him so he can get out on his own and start enjoying life.  Please let some company just give hi a chance for an interview.  In Jesus name I pray.


I would like to ask for Blessed Teresa's intercession.

Please pray, may she intercede for my grandmother Marta, mother Jana and me. May God heal our bodies and souls. May the Lord bless our lives, take care of us and protect us. May He give us everything what we need and ask for if it is His will.

I would also like to ask for Blessed Teresa's intercession, may God give me a good husband.

Thank you.


- I would please request your prayers for my nephew Carl and his wife Sam.  Please pray for them to get well soon.  Carl is very nervous about his problem affecting his job.  Please bless him so he may be healed completely.  May the Lord Protect them both and so that no illness may come in their way.  Sam is also unwell  may the lord place his healing touch on her and give her health and strength.

Thank you


Dearest Mother Theresa,

I pray to you from the bottom of my heart for my daughter’s good health that she is free from sickness.

Keep her healthy and strong and heal her from her cold, cough, bronchitis, child asthma sickness.

I pray to you for my daughter’s good health, husband’s good health, both my parents especially my mother

who is not well, sisters, brother and nephew’s safety and good health. I have fully trust in our

Lord Jesus Christ that he is always with me and gives me blessings from above, guides me and protects me

from every difficulties,.

We had put in investment in a builder for extra area in a flat which has not succeeded. We paid the

builder 50% amount, I pray to you that the builder refunds the amount to us back as we have to pay the

amount borrowed from relatives. Please help the builder to be honest and give back our money.



I am writing to you to request you for prayers for the following intentions

1) that Ancy the 10 year old girl who was kidnapped on October 7, 2017 be found soon. The parents are feeling extremely desperate. The police have not found any clue as yet. The police feel that she has been trafficked. Please pray that Jesus and blessed mother keep her safe and bring her home soon

2) For my friend AC who is suffering from Bipolar disorder. That the family reaches out and seeks appropriate treatment and provides her all the support she needs. For the family to also find the strength to cope in constructive ways.

3) For my daughter and son who will be receiving the sacrament of confirmation on February 11 - that they may be filled with the Spirit. That the Sacrament brings them closer to Jesus.

4) For my daughter Nadia who is struggling a great deal in her new job - that she is able to carve out a niche for herself and contribute to the company - that she gets opportunities for meaningful work where she is able to use her talents and skills. She is currently very demotivated

5) Elizabeth to be healed of the bad cough that she has...all reports have come clear

6) For me to prepare for my classes excellently well so that I give my bes to my studies. To all guide my students excellently well in their proposals/research projects

7) To pray very specially for discernment about the Global Fund issue - about whether I should take up the issue with the Governing Board

8) Discernment about my PhD

9) For my friend Smitha - safe delivery


Thank you


Please pray for Laura who has many psychological problems that she will attend the healing retreat given by Fr. Macaleer this month.


Special prayer request for my brother, Delfin, he has been diagnosed with rectal cancer and will start aggressive chemotherapy January 16. Then he will have surgery in 6 months, may St. Mother Teresa intercede for him.

He is a very devout, good man, husband, father, and to everyone, we need him. TY


May I please request the healing prayers for myself to Healing the anger, emotions , disappointed about the people and the county affecting my life with ignorance, and lies . Tired of always Feeling taking advantaged. Feeling overwhelmed by how other are non-respectful to my life, privacy, and space. Feeling challenge to be a peace and calm.

Asking God for protection, safety, and miracles to find the right opportunities , people and blessings.

Giving God my love and gratitude for all miracles and blessings already in my life .

I'm very grateful

Love and gratitude



Please pray for my husband.  He has been sick for three weeks.  We have an appointment with Dr. Pickul tomorrow morning then for a chest X-Ray.  THANK YOU!!!


Pls help my son Flavian to find a sharing room for him n his friend.. At present they r doing Master in Australia university. This is his second year, he has to look for another house. pls pray that he should get a house near to his university at reasonable rate.. Also pray that he should be blessed with wisdom knowledge n understanding ,do well in all exam n test

Pass with flying colour. His face is fill with pimples to

--heal .keep him in good health


 I would like to request for your prayers for my father in law who is in hospital recovering from stomach illness.  May he get well soon and also be willing to accept certain changes in his routine to be healthy.  Also please bless my husband who is currently very stressed with multiple things going on.  May he feel the guidance of the lord and trust that all will fall in place.  May he have a safe trip and be well.  May the lord always guide and protect him.  May mom also be strong to help Dad recover soon.


Please pray for Dawn.

She is disabled and lives with her mother. Her mother, Maddy is in the hospital undergoing tests to see if she has leukemia. Please pray for her healing and that she would be able to take antibiotics and tolerate them.

Dawn is with her brother. Please pray for him and Dawn's intentions. She prays that they would all be reunited.

Thank you.


Adorable Jesus, present in the Most Holy Sacrament, we love You, we praise You and we pray You for all vocations and for the sanctification in the Divine Will of all priests, nuns and friars. Lord we pray You of to Help all families, and those who are looking for a home, specially the most poor. Mother of the Divine Will pray for us and for the peace in the world. Luisa pray for us and for the Church.


Please pray for John, the son of Ida, who makes and donates rosaries to the cause office for our poor.  John needs his job back (he was laid off), or another job soon.  She writes:  “This is very sad also he is not so very young.”


Praise God.  Kindly pray for my brother Hilary who got involved in a road accident which left him paralyzed from the chest down. Mother Teresa through the immaculate heart of Mother Mary please pray for my brother Hilary to be healed and restored back in Jesus name Amen.


Please pray for Sr. Doris Recker OFS who is in the hospital with pneumonia


Please pray that God will bring good health, love, peace, happiness, prosperity & abundance to my family & myself.

Thank you.


I am praying for help getting plane tickets to get too a funeral tomorrow for me an my two kids. In faith Michele


Dear Mother Theresa Prayer Request

Please pray for protection and the blood of jesus over Colleen L D a minister of holy communion at St Pius x

Catholic church Plumstead cape town south Africa. Need protection and blood over property 49 Gougem Road Southfield cape town

South Africa. Mary Theresa you know my heart fill me with more love kindness and compassion and more knowledge wisdom and

Guidance please pray for protection over my two daughters two grandchildren over their flats place of work grandchildren schools

Our cars.  I lift up my heart to jesus God Mary and Mother Theresa I consecrate my property my home myself my heart and I asked

God to hear my cry he knows the situation I am in I ask for his angels to surround me and keep me covered under the blood. I had

A calling in life to serve communion in church and was obedient to the holy spirt in a storm at the moment for God to calm the

Sea if he could open up the red sea and perform miracle in the bible which is the living word of God and there is power in the

Eucharist and blood and his protection. I pray that the holy spirit moved before me I had over this petition in total faith as small

As a mustard seed. I call upon all the saints that passed on before to intercede on my behalf. I pray for a complete healing of

Body soul mind and storm heaven and open up my heart. I was promised to work with young people whatever God wants me

To do his will let it be done I pray that he put a sword between me and all those against me for doing God work by sowing

Seeds of love kindness and compassion Jesus suffer and I consecrate my suffering I consecrate my self my family who are

Sanctified thru me as I love my God mother Theresa was a great example. Let me be an example to others.


God Bless


We need prayers for a friend SAVIO who has had a brain hemorrhage and is recovering very slowly.

We need prayers for a friend  NISHA who is depressed

We need prayers for ANNE and KENNETH to come back to the Lord.

We need prayers for a friend to get pregnant


Please pray for my mother Felicia M.s age 76. She has got a cancer recurrence in her neck area.

Doctors have said that chemotherapy or surgery cannot be performed. And that only pain relief can be given.

Request the prayers of you and your team for my mother. I am hoping for a big miracle and that my mother is completely healed. But his will be done.

Thank you and best regards


Thank you Jesus

Firstly am giving thanks to loved mother Theresa.. 2 years before i prayed mother Theresa  prayer and requested to give me a gift from god. and my sister got baby boy .and i believe that he is a gift of god..thank you mother Theresa for your kindness and prayer...

Sorry for delay...

Now my prayer request is that  i applied spouse visa  for my husband to get visa to canada.and we want to live together. And we are   praying  to get child. Please pray for me..

Thanking you



Please pray for my mother name Maria F. from Goa. As is operated for gastric cancer and now she is having pain and her treatment is going on.

Please st Mother teresa bless my mother Maria and cure all her sick and bless her with Good Health from now on. Please pray to Lord Jesus for my mother Maria amen.


St. Mother Teresa, please help my Mama right now. She is not feeling well - she is throwing up every now and then. I hope my brother can make the right decision to get her to the hospital. Please bring some good natured people to help them and don't take advantage of them. Please give solution to their financial concerns too. I can not help that much because we live very far apart except for prayers so please listen to my plea by helping my Mama recover and make her healthy and live longer, I beg you. Thank you for whatever help you can extend to us. Amen.


Please pray for the complete healing of Maxine


Please pray for my son to find a job and soon, he needs to get out on his own and make new friends.  Please let something come up soon for him.  Thank you.


I most humbly seek the blessed Saint Teresa's intercession in helping me in a very tense and stressful situation.







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