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The Sacred Heart of Jesus:

It is "near the Heart of Christ, the human heart learns to know the authentic and only meaning of life and of its destiny, to understand the value of an authentically Christian life, to be removed from certain perversions of the heart, to unite filial love of God with love of neighbor," Read more>>>


St. Paul:

“Not I Live, but Christ Lives in Me”

“Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I complete what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the sake of his body, that is, the Church.” These words describe well the reality of Mother Teresa’s union with God: Christ was indeed living and acting in her, spreading His love in the world. Read more>>>


The Priesthood:



Meditations on the Prayer for Peace:



Mother Teresa a Model of Divine Mercy in action:


At the time of the Inspiration (1946), Jesus gave to Mother Teresa the name of the religious community He was asking her to begin: Missionaries of Charity. Mother Teresa “translated” this to “carriers of God’s love.” In this too, she was following Jesus directions; He had invited her: “You come - go amongst them [the poor] - carry Me with you into them.” Thus, she would exhort her religious family to be faithful to the mission entrusted to them: “Carry Him and His light into the homes of the poor, especially to the souls most in need. Spread the charity of His Heart wherever you go.” Read more>>>


Mother Teresa on the gift of Life:


"Life is the most beautiful gift of God. " Read more>>>


Mother Teresa on the on the Family:


“Love begins at home, and destruction and hatred begin at home also.”

"More and more people realize that unless we bring back prayer and love into the family we will never have peace." Read more>>>


Mother Teresa woman of faith:


The Holy Father Pope John Paul II has given voice to what so many people of every condition have seen in this woman of unshakable faith....The story of Mother Teresa's life is no mere humanitarian exploit, as she would be the first to declare. It is a story of biblical faith. ... . In silence and contemplation, in prayerful adoration before the Tabernacle, she learned to see the true face of God in every suffering human being. In prayer she discovered the essential truth which underlies the Church's social teaching and her religious and humanitarian work in every age and in every part of the world: Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word made flesh, the Redeemer of mankind, has wished to identify himself with every person - especially the poor, the sick and the needy - "you did it to me". ..."The fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service and the fruit of service is peace". Let us begin to change the world for the better by turning in humble prayer to God, the Creator of all that exists. Let us be renewed in faith. Read more>>>









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